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Nearly every week the Ask Teal episode that I select is where I pick a topic and then I go as in-depth as possible to increase the awareness around that subject. But today, I’m going to do a little something different. It’s been proven that if somebody talks, meaning somebody is learning auditorily, they only retain a very small percentage of the information. When you add sight to the experience, they retain more and each subsequent sense that you add, Increases a person’s capacity to retain information or learn a lesson. It’s with that in mind that I’m going to tell you, today, instead of teaching you something, through my voice and through visual images, I’m going to teach you through an experiential exercise. So here’s the exercise that you’re going to be doing for this week: I want you to go out into town or some place that’s crowded and for 10 minutes, walking slowly or sitting somewhere that people pass you, you’re going to do the following: First you’re going to focus on each person that passes you. As each person passes you, think of something you see that you don’t like or hate about them. You’re specifically going to say it in your head like this: I don’t like, fill in the blank, about you. Time yourself, do this for 10 minutes. Notice how you feel in your body. How do you feel about yourself and about the world? How do people react to you? Then you’re going take a ten minute break. You’re going to drink some water. Then, timing yourself for another 10 minutes, you’re going to focus on each person that passes you. But this time, with each one, you’re going to think of something you see that you like or love about the person. Say it in your mind like this: I love, fill in the blank, about you. Notice how you feel in your body. How do you feel about yourself and about the world? How do people react to you? You may be tempted to do this for less than 10 minutes, but I’m going to tell you, doing the full 10 minutes and timing yourself is what’s necessary to understand the full impact of this exercise. So that’s the exercise for this week. All that stands between you and the awareness of what this exercise shows you, because I’m not going to tell you, you’re going to figure it out for yourself, is actually doing the exercise. Which really boils down to your level of commitment to your own awakening or lack thereof. Have a good week.

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  1. Feels like Teal is taking me off my training wheels. A little nervous but also excited! Best of luck on this exercise everyone!

  2. For a moment i was all excited to go for a walk and try this out right away. Then I remembered it's 40 below outside. Gonna have to wait a few months lol

  3. One of the first things I learned from you. It makes you feel so good when you find something you love about someone. It's all a new perspective. When I find myself judging I turn it around to find something I love about that person and judgement gone.❤ Thanks Teal ❤

  4. Seeing things you dont like about people is going to make you feel like crap. And the other will make you feel better and stronger.

  5. I feel physically ill when I think negatively about the people around me. My stomach tenses up and irritates an ulcer I have. My heart feels constricted and I lose energy. I feel great when I think positive thoughts about the people around me. I feel like dancing. And a warmth in my heart.

  6. I did the full exercise and actually I did not expect what happened it's not what you think it is. I suggest you all try it and you won't hurt anyone lol

  7. Staring down people and judging like that, will likely have a police officer showing up. But sure I will give it a try.

  8. I think everyone does this on a daily basis subconsciously, just shorter than 10 minutes. I already know the lesson you are trying to teach us and that is that we see people the way we see ourselves.

  9. That which we hate in the other person is really what we hate within ourself, the divine mirror is always reflecting ✨

  10. ⛅Hi Sunshine; I have AADHD learning has been extremely difficult for me. For memorizing I need to associate a picture in my mind for me to remember. This is not however photographic memory it's a picture memory there is a difference. I don't mess with how I retain knowledge at this phase of my life. C-ya beautiful people. Namaste.

  11. What if you don't find anything you don't like? To me, each their own. It's their journey and what they are experiencing is what needs to be experienced. I love diversity. Only thing that I don't like in this world is when people try to push/force their agendas on others. I love freedom but also commitments, growth but also peace, play but also study/tasks, love but also self indulgence. Life is a balance. So if I can't find anything I don't like, what would you say to me? I'm not sure how this is an exercise in retainment, more of an exercise in judging others. Have you been doing this? Does it make you feel better about something going on? Worried about you Teal. I hope you aren't giving yourself hell, you seem like someone that is tough on themselves at times. If so, I just want to you to know that when I used to do that, it was realizing that I'm human, be humble (I know you hate that word) but bear with me please, when you don't expect and just flow with life it makes things easier to see that it's all good. You are amazing and that is probably why it is hard to see this in yourself. Anyways, love you Teal. ♥

  12. While she was telling the first part, thinking about what you don't like for each person, I felt a lot of resistance to the idea of doing that. I don't want to. Just the thought of it makes me feel bad. But thinking about what I like about people sounds good. I like that idea. It feels good, and I felt much lighter just considering doing that.
    Now I don't know… She said it's about noticing how you feel during those ten minutes. I already know what it feels like to focus on things I don't like about others, having to live with people I hate. I much rather think about the people I like, I'd be fine just doing that all day. It does seem nice to be able to think nice things about every stranger you pass, though.
    I'm not sure if I wanna do this, mostly because of the thinking negative stuff part.

  13. Hey, speaking of awareness, are you aware that this channel is complete horseshit? What do you think is more likely: that this woman really has some rarefied spiritual knowledge and extraordinary abilities (such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, as claimed on her website), or that she is baiting you with assurances of an unimaginably fulfilling life so that you purchase her premium (which costs anywhere from 13 dollars to ten dollars a month depending on the package), her frivolous merchandise, or go to one of her live events (which cost around 1,100 dollars per ticket)?

    Before you call me misguided (or whatever new-age label pops into your mind), ask yourself: "What do I really know?". Spirituality is such a hazy topic that a charming individual can get people to believe almost anything simply by begging the question. If you are looking for spirituality devoid of any financial motive, I would suggest getting fluent in Vedic Sanskrit or just finding the answers yourself.

    Do your own research on her. See what you find.

  14. Part 1: I was resistant to finding negative things in people. I felt a little ashamed of what I was doing and I felt like the people I chose could read my thoughts. I also felt bad for them after judging them. It got a little easier after some time but I also started to feel sick inside. Like that feeling before you throw up.
    Part 2: I felt like i needed a longer break in between exercises and that it was still difficult to make the transition. I skipped people that I couldn't find something I liked about them immediately. It got easier as I went along and I felt more loving towards people in general.

  15. It's all about judgement, learn how to judge. Other mediums will tell you that judgement is crucial. What to think?

  16. I feel like a lot of people ready look at people with the worst possible perspective, so shes teaches the masses, 1 view at a time how to change their persepctive, and their mind. So she is creating the society she wants via the interweb. I relate to her so much lol.

  17. blessed with the hig healing mantra with the palm of my hand on the screen that all the negativities vanished away and you can have a life thrive

  18. 2018 is sure the year of commitment…thank you very much Teal, I am excited for both halves of this exercise, and will likely give out many compliments while keeping the judgments in my head of course. You seem a little sick there Teal, I hope you feel better always 🙂

  19. Thank you teal!!! This is the kind of stuff I like, experimental stuff, where we gain real knowledge. Haven’t done it but I have some experience with it. I’m speculating and I’ll come back to my comment to write down the real answer once I’ve done it. So here’s my speculation: focusing negative on people for 10 minutes causes you to feel separation, feeling low, powerless, angry, makes you feel negative towards yourself, people respond to how you feel by focusing negative on you, frowning, ignoring, looking down on you, you may spiral into fear because of the negativity you feel, you feel alone, depressed, helpless, tense, maybe even so low you feel suicidal, just generally really low on the emotional scale, the world is a scary dark place. Focusing positive for 10 minutes will cause you to feel this: happy, relaxed, empowered, safe, loved, powerful, beautiful, positive, you feel connected, strong, good about your own self, at peace, people may reflect this by smiling towards you, saying hello, focusing on what’s good about you, the world is a safe adventurous place. Ok will be back for the final result

  20. I felt sensations in my body, different for each. I felt like i didnt want to engage with the world during the things I dont like part. Inwanted it to be so over. The other part was then nice and natural, bug no high like i thought. Just good day.

  21. Also something else. It was easy to point out things I liked when I was doing the I don't like part, and it was less easy to find things I liked when I was doing the second part, haha. I felt love and happiness about certain people even when I was trying to find things I didn't like. during the first part and couldn't wait for the second part. And at first, I couldn't find a single thing I disliked about each person, but then I could. And then the second part was hard, because I couldn't find a single thing I liked about certain people, which was weird cos during the first part I thought that was going to be easy.

  22. The “hate” part was horrible. I couldnt take it anymore and had to stop 6 minutes in. I felt terrible listening to the voices coming up. Whats scary is that I actually do that all the time without realizing.

  23. Ok teal this is frikkkin hard wtf! I became aware that I cannot find something I really hate or dislike about someone by just looking at them I have to interact to actually find stuff I hate about people. But when it came to things I like/love that was easy? This is fucking me up lol I might have to try it again for longer

  24. Consciously picking on what I didn't like turned out to be difficult, and most of those which I said I didn't like were not really based on my own preferences. I simply picked what I assumed society would label as unlikable in any way. I had to even ask myself many times "What's not to like?" and push myself to seriously criticize people that were passing by me. It's not only difficult but it eventually became boring. Focusing on what I like for the most part was effortless and it was fun! It made me feel good. I didn't expect that discovery. I'm glad I did this.

  25. Exercise (cycling) has been so important in my recovery from severe anxiety. I find it the single best way for me to get some headspace. The other thing I do is listen to audio relaxation. A few months ago I started creating my own audio recordings and have created a Youtube channel for them. I made them for myself but am happy to share

  26. My mum says that she always notices when people have good teeth. She has good teeth now, but when she grew up she had bad teeth and needed braces and fillings. I think that she feels sorry for people who can't afford the time or money to get their teeth fixed. She still identifies with their situation. She will also be the first to notice someone who has very white teeth.

    I think that we most often see 'flaws' in others that we either have ourselves or we are scared to have, which basically means that we identify with that characteristic to some degree, possibly unconsciously. It's a part of ourselves that we are rejecting. We hold the belief that the trait is not good enough.

    I will do this exercise to get more clarity. I obviously still don't 100% get the lesson hahaha

  27. What this would teach you that you should be a one sided person who can only see certain things in order to create a bubble where you feel better at that day. What is really needed is to see everything. Things that you like and you don't like as well. That is reality and you don't have to run from it. ( Teal talk to me. 🙂 )

  28. I read your book, "Shadows Before Dawn". It's incredibly helpful. Some information on black magic cures or something would help me too if you got anything on it at all.

  29. The more you do this the easier it becomes to create a reality that you enjoy. You start to understand there is a direct link between your thoughts/awareness and the reality around and within you.

  30. What's funny is that I was just doing your "I Love_ about you" exercise this week, before seeing this newer video. ❤️

  31. It is amazing all the things people think it is without doing the exercise. I did it years ago at a sporting event that I thought I didn't like the type of people who liked these events. Found out that not liking thoughts were bad vibes bringing unwanted instability into my very being. The liking thoughts brought pleasure and stability into my very being. Then the big dah! Why would I ever choose not to find what I like in someone and never try and purposely find something negative about someone? Seeking a brighter more pleasurable life.

  32. I'm afraid that in this town giving someone the wrong look could be dangerous. I understand the intent behind this exercise, though, as I have felt the profound differences between what negatively directed energy does to the body compared to positively directed energy. It's real-time karma, in a way. Exude negativity, you feel like crap. Radiate positivity, you feel good. It's basically another way of approaching the concepts that inspired Dr. Masaru Emoto's water crystal experiments. Write "love" on the side of a glass of water before freezing it and the crystallized water molecules form beautiful geometric shapes. Write "hate" on the glass and you get a jumbled mess. Positive and negative thoughts have a similar effect on the body, the mind, and most importantly, the spirit.

  33. I really needed that water in between of the exercises. I so much alienated myself from the world around me it felt so brutal to the body, I needed to sit, breathe and drink. Then the warmth of the other exercise and the closeness I felt and the string that pulled me towards all the people I looked at possitively was so healing. Thank you

  34. I'm so happy that you're teaching exercises on YouTube. Thankyou. I can't wait to see what I can learn by doing these exercises.

  35. Dear Teal, on your video of DEFLECTION everybody is asking the same question…
    what about the child that had the deflection on him/her????

    if you answer one of us, you'll answer many of us… please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  36. Ha, ive been doing something like this for a long time already!!..
    though not for 10 min, but every time i criticise someone, i instantly think of something i like bout them. This is practicing self love, i think

  37. Could you make a video about ‘flexibility’?? As in feeling resistance but still going with the flow, and how to decide and stay alligned… please. ☺️

  38. LOVE this beautiful intelligent soul❤ty for this I'm beyond excited to start!! Getting my answers at precisely the right time😍😍and QUICK. Always now! UghhhhMAAAzingggg
    And I LOVE the teal colour energy, beautiful 💙

  39. Hello! I decided to do this exercise and write about my experience in my blog. I guess my experience was interesting! LOL
    Check it out if you wish at
    The URL is:

    Be well, everyone!

  40. Before doing this I'd ask for divine protection so that you do not receive sensory attacks from wicked spirits or wicked gangstalking groups.

  41. After scrolling through the comments section of this video,
    I got one question for all of you: did any of you actually do this exercise?

  42. Day 1: So the first 10 minute was easy. Mostly I found myself disliking people’s facial expression, their body shape, their face shape, the way they walk, the way they talk, and the way they dress. I didn’t feel much of a difference from before and after the 1st 10 minutes.
    The second 10 minutes was very difficult. I felt like I was lying to myself the whole time. I could only look at superficial things about people or I had to associate personality traits I thought they might have, but really I don’t know.

  43. I have not tried it yet. I live in a very rural area. I will venture into a crowded place to try this.. but in my mental search for my prime location.. I wondered if this would work the same way if the people watching was done in the facebook timeline scroll?!

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