Beef Wellington Recipe

hey everybody I'm chef Tom with all things barbecue and this is beef wellington alright so beef wellington this is a recipe I've been wanting to tackle for a while now so I'm excited to bring this one to you guys what we're starting with is a beef tenderloin that we're gonna break down and we're gonna take that filet mignon section where you'd normally cut those steaks out of we're gonna wrap that up in some prosciutto some mushroom duxelle and a bit of pastry and then cook it all on the grill so this is a whole beef tenderloin if you just buy it all intact you can get it just from your butcher if you go to the butcher counter at your grocery store and just let them know that you want a cut of the tenderloin they'll give you something from probably right in here this is the center cut tenderloin now on the side here we have this chain we're not gonna be using that today although it's great meat for you to throw into a burger or even saute it up put it in some stir-fry if you like can also make for great stew meat but we are gonna separate this from the main bit of the tenderloin one quick and easy cut there and down here at the tail end it just peels right off so we'll set this aside for now now what we have at the other end is this fatty end where the Chateaubriand can comes from the thick end of the beef tenderloin we also don't need that today so we're gonna follow that seam and remove that bit right there now this by itself can make a great little roast that's a great meal for two or you could slice this into steaks as well now cleaning this thing up tail end again this is great stew meat great grind for your burgers on the outside we want to get rid of any excessive fat and for sure we got to get rid of the silver skin all right so this is the silver skin this is the really tough stuff that you don't want to chew on it's not gonna break down in the cooking process so what I like to do is cut myself a little tab insuit your knife facing up and then go ahead and make your slices and you want to leave behind all of the meat and just take that silver skin with you so what you're looking for is something like that where there's very little meat left behind now I'm just gonna clean this thing up on the back side take any big chunks of and get rid of those soft fat like this that has a little bit of tissue a little bit of muscle still on it you can use in your grind as well all right so here's the cleaned up tenderloin but we're not going to need all of this for our beef wellington I'm gonna choose a section from the center probably about six to eight inches here and then the ends this will make for some fantastic steaks vacuum seal that and throw it in the freezer for later but you can see out of that entire package we're gonna be able to utilize all of this except for this little bit of silver skin and tough fat so that's a pretty good utilization a pretty good yield on this piece and that's the cut we're gonna use today now the next step is to get this trimmed up bit of tenderloin season with some salt and pepper and sear it off in a skillet I'm gonna start with a thin layer the vegetable oil just to get our salt and our pepper to stick this is some of our smoked salt so that I'll add a little something extra on the inside here and some fresh cracked black pepper I'm gonna get you a skillet smoking hot we're gonna do a quick sear we're not cooking here we're just looking to get a nice crust and some good flavor on the outside of the beef just a little bit of oil in there and when you've got good color on the sides don't forget to get the ins as well all right when you're happy with where the color is go ahead and remove this and set it aside now immediately after you get this seared you don't want to brush it with a layer of mustard in this case we're gonna be using the house of Q slow-smoked gold and I'll get this table cleaned up so we can get into our mushroom duxelle there are just a handful of ingredients in this duxelle the base is mushrooms of course we've got some shallots we've got some garlic we've got some thyme but all of its gonna get minced up in the food processor before we cook it down so we're gonna start with a pound and a half of baby portobellos you can use your favorite mushroom I'm gonna pulse this just to make a little bit of room so we worked these mushrooms down till they're nice and fine I'm going to chop up some shallots and some garlic to add to this all right so that's about a 1/2 cup of roughly chopped shallots and then we're going to get a couple tablespoons of roughly chopped garlic in there as well as well as some fresh thyme leaves we'll shoot for about a teaspoon all right we have mushroom paste now which would not be great just like this so what we're gonna do is cook it down and there's a couple reasons for that first of all there's tons of water tons of moisture inside those mushrooms so if we spread this out on top of our pastry or on top of our prosciutto in between the meat it's gonna make everything soggy in the end so what we've got to do is get that moisture out of there and the only way to do that is to cook it down and to reduce it but what happens when we reduce things down well that's the second reason we're going to be cooking this to concentrate the flavors everything gets intensified when you reduce something down the moisture is gone all that's left behind is the flavor you want to heat your skillet over medium heat and add a couple tablespoons of butter I know this doesn't look very appetizing but it already smells incredible all right I'm gonna let this work just let this water reduce out until we've got a fine mushroom paste that's reduced down and dried out a bit we start the assembly by putting down a layer a prosciutto that we're kind of going to shin –gel in here so that it overlaps and we're gonna do two rows of prosciutto so that we can fully encase the beef tenderloin so we got our layer prosciutto down this is going to be nice and salty a little bit funky a great little layer and kind of in place of a pate and then we're gonna put our duck cell right on top of here so we're just gonna press this into a thin layer and being that we process this down so fine it should spread out really evenly and really easily and the garlic aroma is just popping out smells amazing already and the goal here is to get this lair as even as possible so it's uniform when we slice into this as a finished product I'm gonna leave just a little bit of a border around the outside this is where the prosciutto is kind of going to seal on itself so we'll place that right in there and then we want to encase this tenderloin by wrapping this around it rolling just right all right so let's kind of fold in the ends here and then what I want to do is try and cinch this down and make it uniform in size so I'm gonna pull this tight and we're just gonna roll it up in plastic wrap nice and tight and then cinch down the ends and start twisting all right so that makes it perfectly uniform in size we're sealing everything in there and now just to help this set up I'm gonna go throw it in the fridge for about 10 minutes all right we let this thing firm up for about 15 minutes and at this point we're ready to wrap it in puff pastry all right so we're gonna start again with a layer of plastic wrap and lay down our puff pastry all right so you want a little bit of overhang on both sides so that we can actually fully encase this and what we're gonna do here is just start by rolling this around I'm gonna make sure that it gets all the way to where it meets and it looks like we're gonna have just barely enough now on the sides will kind of just tuck this together for now and we're going to do the same thing we did before we had the puff pastry which is try and wrap this up nice and tight fully encased and then will kind of just roll to tighten this so that really evens out that shape and once again back into the fridge for about 15 minutes alright once again firmed up nicely so we can go ahead and get rid of this plastic wrap and we are just about ready to get this thing on the grill so we'll go seam side down right here on our sheet pan and then we just need to whip up a little bit of egg wash now this egg wash is actually just going to be straight-up egg yolks and the reason for that is the yolks give a nice dark color we're also going to get some shine out of it and it's going to allow us to do a little decoration on top all right so a nice even layer all the way around and then it's just finishing touches if you want to pretty this up a little bit what we can do is take a knife just the backside of our knife and do a little decorative scoring here and then we're just gonna finish this off a little bit of our smoked salt and this thing is ready to go on the grill all right we're cooking this thing at 425 today we're cooking it on the other smokers why a 640 pellet grill and I'm currently running a mixture of pecan and cherry pellets we come back and check on this in about 25 minutes I think that we'll be getting close at that point what we're looking to do is brown the outside and of course we need to cook that meat all the way through in the middle but we're not gonna go too far we're shooting for a rare to medium rare about 120 125 degrees internal temperature now 25 minutes in we took the opportunity to rotate this thing so it would Brown evenly from left to right we're about 45 minutes in now temperatures around 120 which is perfect so once you guys come on in take a look at this thing see we've got this beautiful brown color nice and crusty I'm gonna come in from the side here to get a reading so right in between 120 and 125 is perfect that's looking beautiful gave it about 5 minutes to rest I think we need to slice this thing open and see just how good it looks on the inside that's pretty beautiful nice rare in the middle a perfect ring of duxelle around the outside super juicy and you'll notice you're dead center you're gonna get your more rare slices right but as you get further out to the end like this slice you're creeping up on medium which is great because you can kind of please everyone that way I'm just gonna dig in and get myself a taste just super savory I love that flakiness on the outside you get from the crust man that garlic and the earthiness of the mushrooms is popping out but the beefiness isn't lost this is such a beautiful cut of meat and I think that everything around it is complementing it really nicely hey thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed the video please hit that subscribe button if you have any questions or comments so there's anything you'd like to see me cook let me know in the comment section down below and be sure to check out HC BB q calm for the products featured in today's video for more recipes tips and techniques head over to the sauce HC BB q calm all things BBQ where barbecue legends are made

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