Benefits of Physical Activity on Mental Health 2019

It is important to care for your mental health,
just like you would any other physical condition. One of the best things you can do for your
mental health is to be physically active. Engaging in regular physical activity can
boost energy levels, relieve tension and stress and promote an overall sense of wellbeing. The 2018 Physical Activity guidelines recommend
aiming for at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week. That may seem like a big number, but remember,
any movement counts, even just a few minutes! Physical activity can be anything from walking
and hiking, to yoga, to gardening, or playing a sport. Whatever helps you feel good! The body and mind are closely connected, so
when your body feels better, it is likely that your mind will too! Need additional help? The Strive Employee Life & Family program
through ComPsych offers confidential counseling, referrals and much more. This program is available to all active state
employees eligible for MCHCP medical coverage and members of their household. Contact MCHCP Member Services at 800-487-0771 for instruction on how to access SELF program services.

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