Bernie Sanders Says His Government Takeover Of Health Care Would Cost Up To $40 Trillion

26 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Says His Government Takeover Of Health Care Would Cost Up To $40 Trillion

  1. 40 trillion is just the start, imagine the cost of copays and supplemental insurance needed to cover what medicare doesnt. Ask any senior citizen how much they pay now.

  2. This is such dishonest propaganda. The proposal costs up to $40 trillion while eliminating the current system, which would cost up to $50 trillion. They cut the video off right before the second bit is mentioned.

    Remember who materially benefits this channel's ideology and propaganda: The 1% – The capitalist class.

  3. Yep but we won't have to pay deductibles, copays, monthly premiums, cobra… Wake the fuck up America, idiots!

  4. Wow you fools are blocking his answer. How much do American people pay NOW for healtcare VS how much will they pay under medicare for all is the right question to ask. Bunch of fools.

  5. Way to cut the video short you hacks. He explained afterwards that the American people would save money with M4A but I know you can’t argue against that.

  6. In 2017 the US spent $3.5 trillion dollars on shitty healthcare, with a growth of 3.9%
    Over 10 years that would amount to $51 trillion.

    Bernie's plan would actually save money and be of better quality to what we have now.

  7. Way to edit the ending to suit your views. The cost under our current plan over a ten year period is going to be about 50-55 trillion. Fuck off.

  8. see you piss ignorant dem morons, I told you no balls Bernie will bankrupt America with his whacked out socialist bullshit, I told you he would need 100 trillion over the next decade but oh no phantom that's just crazy, well what say you now, 40 trillion for just ONE of his commie programs, you dems are idiots, you buy this free shit even when the dementia suffering space cadet tells you it won't be free, and again, we will not give nuclear codes to a pussy pacifist who couldn't even stand up to shit britches 😇

  9. Apples and oranges. Bernie’s talking about the cost of the entire medical system, with all costs borne by DC. Joe’s talking the incremental cost to DC of more limited changes in Obamacare. The big issue, of course is obesity (etc.) and the coming explosion of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and non-Alz dementia, none of which we can afford. Lifestyle changes on a vast scale is what we need.

  10. You know they will cut physician pay. How many doctors will quit? They won't make enough money to pay their nurses. After 43 years in health care, I'm real glad to be out.

  11. Oh, that's it? You can Bill Bernie and his insane followers… they love to help others and have no problem paying for it..

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