Best chair based exercise for Type 2 Diabetes: GLUCOSEZONE

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to get stronger? To lose weight? Are you willing to put in the work and
do whatever it takes? Are you ready to let go of the past? Are you ready to take the fight to diabetes? If so, you’ve come to the right place Welcome, I’m Charlie O’Connell. Congratulations on joining the fight against diabetes We’re here in the Fitscript training studio This is strength training level one I’m here with Deb and Sharon They’re going to be showing you guys some variations on the exercise that we’re going to be doing today Now for this workout, you are going to need some dumbbells I would recommend, if this is — if you’re beginning
— starting with two to five pounds If you’re ready to pick it up a little bit,
moving up to eight or ten pounds Now remember, if at any time this feels like it’s too much… …just go ahead and stop, do a test if you feel like you have to, and join us when you’re ready go get back into it Okay, you guys ready? Great. Alright, so I want you to come
seated in your chair, sitting up nice and tall… …and the first thing we’re going to do is go ahead and start with just some shoulder circles Okay, now in this workout, this strengthening workout, we’re really going to be focusing on the core and the upper body Specifically our lower back, engaging the muscles to support our entire upper area I want you to start right now by sitting up as tall as possible Now as always, this workout is gonna be 40 seconds of exercise followed by 20 seconds of a small break An interval break Taking a nice big deep breath Four Three Two One more Great job. Okay I want you to adjust yourself if you need to and bring the hands up right here And we’re just going to reach forward and back Ready, go Excellent, sitting up nice and tall Now, I want you to notice how this workout
affects your blood sugars differently… …than either the yoga workout that we’ve
done or the on-our-feet aerobic workout Sometimes, people with diabetes, their glucose levels change if they’re using their upper body for exercise only So I want you to be aware of that Don’t be surprised if your glucose level
does something that you’re not expecting That’s why it’s so important that we test each time Five more seconds Five Four Three Two One more Great job, go ahead and relax Maybe stretch your neck out a little bit Take a nice big deep breath, sitting up tall again, engaging that lower back I want you to come out here Bring the hands here, fists together, I’m going to reach out Good job, extending those arms as wide as possible Really flexing your tricep muscles This is gonna be such a fantastic workout Even though we’re seated, we’re still gonna be working our entire upper body, really building muscle, building strength There you go, you’re doing good If you’re feeling a burning sensation already in your shoulders, that’s okay Five seconds Four Three Two One more Okay slowly let them down I’m feeling a tingling sensation That’s exactly what we want; that means we’ve started the process of emptying those muscles of their glycogen stores Alright, now, let’s bring those arms up again right here And now we’re going to reach up, down, up, down Good, I want you to reach up high, hold down low So when we’re pulling down… …we’re actually really engaging those lat muscles, the muscles that are in the shoulder and the scapula You don’t need to be doing chin-ups or you don’t need any fancy weight equipment to work your back muscles Just doing this movement and squeezing back down and pulling those elbows down low… …is a great way to work those back muscles Four seconds Three Two One more, really pull Great job, slowly come down, a couple more shoulder circles Taking a nice big deep breath Sitting up nice and tall. Next one, just put your hands wide out, as wide as possible And now we’re gonna chest fly squeezing together Ready, go Squeezing those chest muscles Hands meeting right in the middle Still sitting up nice and tall If you bring your arms out to parallel with your body… …you’re also going to be working the back shoulder I want you to notice, when I squeeze my arm together this chest muscle is engaging and flexing I want you to keep focusing on that Four seconds Three Two One more Okay, great job Wow, I’m already feeling a tingling sensation Make sure that you’re stretching your neck out Okay and now I want you to scoot back into your chair a little bit I’m going to work the abs Starting with this leg, we’re going to extend our quads, extend our legs, flexing our quadricep muscles Ready, go Sitting nice and tall; don’t slump Squeezing the quadricep muscle every time, flexing your toe back For those of us that may have knee issues, this is one of the best exercises you can do You don’t need any weight, just flexing that
quadricep muscle, tightening the muscle Three Two One Great job, sit up nice and tall Take a nice big deep breath, shrug those shoulders again And let’s come over to the other side, doing the same exact exercise Three Two One Extend out Great job, you might be feeling or hearing a cracking Flexing that ankle This is such a great exercise for a number of reasons Not only are we working this quadricep muscle… …which is gonna help us in our strength and increase our ability to do some of the other more challenging workouts… …we’re also really stretching out our hamstrings You might be feeling that all the way right into the lower back If you are, that’s okay, I want you to keep going Three Two One more Okay, excellent job Now, take another big deep
breath I want you to sit up a little bit… …to grab underneath your chair Then we’re gonna lift this knee up as high as we can… …keeping our core engaged, sitting up tall Ready, go Lifting, great job If you really focus, you really feel the hip flexor, the abs engaging Keep the foot flexed This is a fantastic exercise to do if you have a day job where you’re sitting at your desk a lot You can do this at any time It’s a really, really fantastic way to get the blood moving when you’re sitting for too long Last one Place it down, excellent job I know a lot of us will sit four five, six hours at a time Okay, and what happens is you get very stagnant So these chair exercises you can do right there in your office at any time Okay, let’s go to the other side. Flip up, down, sitting up tall Keeping the lower back engaged Great job, you’re doing great Now, if you’re starting to feel a tingling sensation… …maybe that burning feeling that we
talked about Remember, that is the muscles emptying of the glycogen that’s stored inside of them Glycogen is the energy inside the muscle that enables our muscles to perform activity Three Two Last one Great job When we drain those muscles of glycogen… We create the space for the glucose that’s circulating around our blood to go where it’s supposed to go Alright, you did fantastic there Now I want you to sit up nice and tall again Keeping the abs, lower back engaged, we’re just going to twist Looking to one direction, come back to the center, twist There we go, coming back to center Twist Back to center, twist Now I want you to really suck in that stomach This is one of the best ab exercises you can do This is a bodybuilder’s trick exercise This helps to skinny your waist Create that nice “V” shape Sitting up nice and tall, last one Great job, okay Place those feet back here. Come back more to the center of your chair Sitting up tall. Again, I want you to let those arms hang And now we’re just going to lift those shoulders up as high as possible, scrunching our shoulders Ready, go Down, up. Down, up When you go down, I want you to pull those shoulders as far away from the ears as possible When you go up, I want you to lift them up as high as possible Not shoulder, these are not shoulder circles — these are straight vertical up and down When we’re pulling down, you should be engaging this chest muscle Here you go, you’re doing great Five more seconds Five Four Three Two One more Okay, fantastic job Alright, so that was a nice little 10 minute warm-up Now we’re going to go ahead and pick up the weights Pick one weight up, both weights up I want you to sit up nice and tall And the first thing we’re going to do is the same exact exercise we just did: shoulder shrugs But now we’re holding onto a weight Excellent job, now we’re really engaging those trap muscles Those are the muscles that connect your upper back muscles The muscles that connect to your neck, to your shoulder Sitting up nice and tall There you go, you’re doing great Ten more seconds Excellent, starting to feel that tingling sensation… …through the whole upper neck, upper back area Last one Excellent job, bring the weights right here Okay, let your arms rest for a second I’m going to start off with alternating bicep curls So let both arms hang down And we’re gonna go one, one Ready, go Sitting up nice and tal Curling, turning the hands in There you go, just like that You want your palm to be facing your chest at the top The old-school classic body-building exercise, right here By alternating the twist, we’re really engaging that core Here we go, you’re doing great Five Four Three Two One more Great job, place them back here, just take a rest Again, sitting up nice and tall, not slumping down Now we’re going to go both arm bicep curls at the same time So let the arms hang down flat Three Two One Go Up…down….up…down Great job Breathing Bicep curls, using the biceps We’re using our lower back, engaging our core We’re working the back muscles, especially the muscles in the upper back and in the front shoulder Sitting up nice and tall, I want your chest open You’re doing great Five Four Three Two Last one Great job Okay, now we’re going back to alternating curls and we’re gonna do it a little bit differently this time this This time we’re going to do a hammer curl So what a hammer curl means is you don’t twist Okay, you keep it right here the whole time Ready, go Keeping that hand in the same position the whole time Now we’re really working the front shoulder muscle as well as the biceps Because we’re alternating, we’re getting a little bit of a twist going that’s working the abs You’re probably feeling a burning right now I’m feeling a burning, you’re doing a great job Breathing, we’re getting stronger with every single lift here, we’re getting stronger Five Four Three Two Last one Fantastic job Okay, take a nice rest, take a big deep breath You’re doing great, I want you to stay with me here Now we’re going both arms hammer curls In three Two One Let’s go Up, down. There we go, just like that Sitting up nice and tall, exhaling with each raise of the arms You have to breathe when you’re doing weight lifting One of the most common mistakes that people make is they hold their breath when they’re lifting weights Don’t do that, especially if you’re dealing with hypertension, high blood pressure It’s one of the worst things you can do Breathing, here we go Five Four Three Two One more Wow, fantastic job So that was four different exercises
just for the bicep alone Okay, now I’m going to work, move to the shoulders So I want you to sit up nice and tall, as always Let the arms hang down and we’re going
one arm raise, then the other arm raise Ready, go Good Now this may be very challenging for you — go as high as you feel comfortable If the weight is too heavy for you, go down to a lower weight Or maybe not even use weights at all This is still fantastic exercise, just lifting your arms up Sitting up tall There we go, you’re doing great Last one Excellent, excellent job Put those weights back on here, maybe wiggle your fingers a couple times Again, stretching out the neck Now, we’re gonna come to the front of the seat Take a big deep breath and now we’re
doing both arms at the same time This is a little more challenging, here we go Ready, go Excellent You’re doing great this is a very
challenging exercise Again, if it feels like it’s too much, just go a lighter
weight or no weights Don’t overstrain yourself at any time Keeping the form correct Five seconds Four Three Two Last one Great job Okay bring those weights back here I want you to scoot back a little bit to
the center of your seat again Now we’re going to do an alternating front raise Nice big deep breath, let the arms hang down Now, sitting up tall, we’re going to lift up Good Good we’re working the core here Working very specifically the front shoulder The traps, our biceps Going up as high as you feel comfortable If you can, reach up there with me Breathing Excellent job Five Four Three Two Last one Fantastic Resting right here You know what’s next, we’re going to go both arms front raise This is a very challenging exercise If you need to take a break, take a break If you need no weights just put the weights down for a sec Okay here we go Three Two One Lift up Slowly down Now when we go down slowly… …we’re incorporating something called negative resistance Negative resistance is one of the best variations that you can put on any exercise It’s gonna help build up strength, build core It’s gonna increase the build-up of lactic acid Remember what lactic acid is, it’s the byproduct of
spent glycogen Three Two Last one Slowly lower down Fantastic. Great, great job Okay, sit up nice and tall, stretch that neck out for a second Okay, put the weights down It’s been exactly 20 minutes, I want you to go ahead and stop Let’s do a glucose test to make sure you’re still within the safe range Alright, we’re back You should have done a glucose test As long as you’re still within a safe range, let’s go ahead and continue Now what I want you to do is go ahead and scoot to the front of your mat Pick up the weights And we’re gonna do something called bent over lat raises Ready, lift Great job Breathing This is one of the best shoulder exercises you can do for working the entire rear shoulder area Working the traps You really don’t need much weight to work this exercise Three more seconds Two One more Great job, slowly sit back up That’s a fantastic exercise Now come back to the middle of your seat Sitting up nice and tall We’re going to go alternating shoulder press I want you to bring those
dumbbells up right here and we’re pressing Go Lifting, good job You may be feeling a little bit of pain, a little stiffness in your shoulder If that’s the case you can twist the arms here or here See if that makes a difference, it might make it easier for you If you’re ready for a challenge, start here, press and twist Five more seconds Five Four Three Two One Rest, great job Sitting up nice and tall Okay so that was alternating shoulder presses Now we’re going to go both the entire time So I want you to bring it up right here And let’s go Breathing, sitting up tall We’re engaging the entire upper body here Your lats, your shoulders Lower back, the core Again, if you’re feeling discomfort in the shoulders… …lower the weight, change the range of motion You can bring it out here, this is probably the hardest variation with the palms facing forward If you want to get a little twist and really engage all three heads of the shoulder, go like that Three more seconds Two One more Great, great job, put those down okay Place one dumbbell down Now I’m going to work the tricep I want you to grab the weight, hold it just like this okay Make sure we have a firm grip on the weight You’re gonna bring it up here supporting
your arm, the other arm, we’re lifting Excellent, just like that Don’t drop the weight on your head If this feels like it’s too much, come down to a lower weight If this feels uncomfortable, you can
support your arm like this Working the triceps, working the shoulders As always we’re working the lower back,
still sitting up nice and tall See if you can keep those
shoulders square Here we go Five Four Three Two One more Great job, slowly lower it down Wow, that’s one of the best exercises you can do for your whole, whole upper body Now let’s come over to the other side, make sure you have a firm grip holding your arm here or back here for support Three Two One Up…down…very good Good job, supporting that arm If you’re ready for a challenge, I want you to sit up nice and tall, maybe bring the hand here You’re doing great Breathing It’s a very challenging exercise Feeling that burning sensation in the entire tricep, shoulder area Don’t scrunch your shoulders, let the shoulders come down Three Two Last one Slowly lower down Wow Wow I felt that entire tricep burning sensation Okay, now, I want you to grab one dumbbell with both hands, holding it just like this You’re gonna bring it up above your head Now, sitting up nice and tall, lowering it down Press, down, press Excellent, now we’re really working the shoulders and the triceps Make sure you have a firm grip I know you’re feeling a burning sensation,
so you need to breathe Very challenging exercise right here, if you need
to take a break, take a break Sitting up nice and tall, stretch, lift up You can do it, ten more seconds Breathing Five Four Three Two Last one Slowly lower it down Wow Great job Place those weights on the floor Man, total upper body workout right there Now, I want you to sit up, again as
always, sitting up nice and tall I want you to just come right to the front of your chair and moving those arms out here Now we’re really gonna go for the burning sensation Whatever glycogen is left in those muscles… We’re gonna drain out right now Just sitting up tall Circling And reverse Great job Feeling the burn in the shoulders Your shoulders might feel like they’re on fire Don’t stop, you’re doing great Sitting up nice and tall Five Four Three Two One Arms come down, stretch the neck It is so great right there Total upper body workout Just sitting here in the chair, we worked the core, we worked your lower back, biceps, triceps, the shoulder… …the chest muscles, our upper back, our lats, everything You did fantastic Okay, we’re gonna stretch a little bit Take a big deep breath, I want you to reach
this arm here and pull the other arm Sitting up nice and tall Now, if this feels like it’s too much, if this is too much of a stretch for you, just let the arm come down here and just hold it Right here, same exercise If you can, reach it back, slowly let it down Circle the neck again And let’s reach up to the other side Pulling the elbow gently over Feeling that stretch Relaxing the shoulders, relax the neck Breathing Again, if this is too much, just
let it come right here Sitting up nice and tall, you’re doing a great job This is one of the most important stretches you’re going to do if you ever want to play with your kids Playing with your grandkids, you want to play catch You got to stretch that shoulder out Three Two One Slowly let it down Fantastic stretch Now, I want you to bring the arm out, hold across Pulling, so we’re stretching
out that back shoulder You might feel this in your chest muscle Take a nice big deep breath Relax the shoulders, don’t scrunch like this, not scrunching Nice and tall, but keeping those shoulders low Take a big deep breath Slowly let that one down and let’s press the other side Bringing it across, sitting up tall Shoulders low Breathing, breathe, breathe, breathe One more big deep breath Slowly let that arm down. I want you to
sit up, place the hands on the knees Let’s just do one big shoulder
circle back and shoulder circle forward I want you to stretch the neck to the one side Come to the other side Then turn, look one way Big deep, breath turn the other way Come back to center Bring those arms up as high as possible Looking up, exhale, bring those hands
right down here, open the chest up Pulling those shoulders down And we’re done Fantastic job, we’ll see you in the next workout

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