Best iPhone Battery Health – How I Do It

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech
and I want to show you how I maintain my battery health as close to 100% as
possible and of course you’re going to say you’ve got an 11 Pro Max it’s going
to be as close to 100% but I wanted to show you how I maintain it on phones
that have been used for as much as one year all the way up to three years of
regular use and so here I have four different phones and I’m going to go
over each one of them their usage and what their battery health is like then
we’re going to talk about the things that you can do to maintain that battery
health there’s a lot of different information out there and I’ll just show
you what I do and you can read all of these different papers about what they
tell you to do but with an iPhone it’s much simpler than I think you realize so
you cannot maintain 100% permanently while you’re using your phone and that’s
just the nature of lithium-ion batteries they have a set number of cycles before
they’ll actually degrade an Apple actually says that after two years you
can expect about eighty percent of your battery health remaining 20% should be
depleted at that point or close to that but you can do better than that as well
so here I have an iPhone 6s plus and you’ll see it has some usage it’s got
some staining around it in fact the front has some scratches on it and this
particular phone has been used at least three years full time and if we go into
the settings and go to battery you’ll see this one is the only phone that is
not currently in full-time use but the battery health on this one is 85% so 85
percent is pretty good Apple says 80% after two years is the expected usage on
these phones so let me set this down and we’ll move on to the next and the next
one is a jet-black iPhone 7 I’ve shown this in my videos before some people
have said it’s an iPhone 8 but it’s actually jet black and it’s a seven and
this came out a few years ago in 2016 this is an aluminum surface that’s
painted so let’s go ahead and take a look at the battery health so if we go
into settings will go to battery we’ll wait for it to load and you’ll notice
that it has a sim card in it it’s got signal and it’s been used over the last
10 days or so we’ll go to battery health and this
one is at 87% so that’s pretty good it’s in full-time usage in fact this was used
full-time by my wife for a couple of years and then it was used by other
people after that until the iPhone X came out now if we look at the iPhone X
that we have here you can tell that by the different speaker holes on the
bottom we have the XS over here but the iPhone X will go into the settings will
go to battery and we’ll wait for it to load again it has normal signal and
you’ll see it was used regularly over the past 10 days or so and it has
ninety-one percent battery health so this one’s doing pretty well after two
years of full-time use after two years and then finally we have the iPhone XS
this is the most heavily used phone out of all of them and if we go to settings
we’ll go over to battery here again you’ll see the usage here four hours of
screen on time or four hours and 15 minutes of screen on time the battery
health is 94% and like I said this is the most heavily used phone of all of
them and so I wanted to show you how I keep these as good as possible when it
comes to battery health and the first thing you need to understand is heat is
your number-one enemy of battery in fact maintaining a regular temperature of
around 75 degrees Fahrenheit or about 23 degrees Celsius is really the ideal
temperature for lithium-ion batteries and if you are in a climate that’s 100
degrees or very very warm all the time and you’re charging it and using it it’s
going to degrade the battery more quickly than it is in a climate that is
always mild or moderate and unfortunately in some areas you just
can’t do anything about that where I live thankfully most things are
air-conditioned and most places are anywhere between about 70 to 80 degrees
Fahrenheit at any given time between cars or homes and things like that so
that is going to be your number one factor and if you’re using a phone while
charging it that’s absolutely fine in fact this iPhone X was used while
playing games and charging at the same time but again if you’re in a warm
climate take the case off of it because you may have a lot of heat buildup
behind and it will get very warm however Apple
is very aggressive in actually managing the battery temperature and the heat so
they’ll actually pull the voltage down and actually slow the processor down to
keep the phone from overheating so that’s some of the things you can do so
if you’re using a case that’s completely sealing the phone off maybe a lifeproof
case or something like that consider removing it while charging it so using
it while playing games is completely fine as long as it’s not a hundred
degrees all the time so just keep that in mind and then the other thing is this
is going to be more controversial because a lot of people say keep your
phone between 20 and 80 percent well every one of these phones was charged
all night long every single night and the reason I normally say to do this is
because keeping it closer to 100% and keep in mind you cannot overcharge your
phone once it hits 100% the iPhone will actually pull the voltage down and just
trickle charge the phone so keeping it at 100% is actually not cycling your
battery when your battery is cycling up say down to 10% and then back up to 100
it only has a certain amount of cycles that it can handle so keeping it closer
to 100 is actually cycling it less or for example the other thing is now that
we have optimized battery charging this is even better so this will charge it to
80% hold it there until it normally senses movement in the morning when this
feature is fully working that’s what it does so when it senses movement it knows
I need to be fully charged by say 8 a.m. so I’ll charge to 80% hold it there
until we get close enough that I know I can maintain that charge and then charge
up to 100% by the time the phone is in use so as long as it’s doing that that’s
even better because to keep it at 100% is not as good as keeping it below that
but trying to maintain that it’s really not worth your time because you’re only
going to save one to three percent of this battery health over the period of
two years so trying to manage all of that I tell
people charge this overnight and in fact this chart this phone was in the case
and charged on this Samsung fast charger every single night that’s Wireless so I
use a wireless charger charge like that and this has 91 percent
battery health after 2 years of usage and then finally the last question is
should I fast charge or not it doesn’t matter if you’re fast charging it I
actually use a MacBook Pro charger on my phone all of the time on my iPhone 11
Pro Max my XS Max it’s not that much voltage in fact if you compared it to
say a car such as a Tesla they’re pushing 40 to 60 amps into the car at
once and these are nowhere near that so they are maintaining the temperature of
the battery and that’s the key my iPhone XS Max which I actually have only used
for six months until the newer phones came out this one has 100% battery
health and this was my everyday phone for six months so if we go to the
battery health it’s at 100% and this was my main phone for the past six months
until the 11Pro Max came out but if you have a phone that came to the five watt
charger use that or use an iPad charger and while this was being played with
games such as Mario run while charging it was being used with a iPad charger so
you really can use whatever you need to like I said Apple is very aggressive at
managing the heat within the phone so I tell people don’t worry about it and
that is how I’ve charged every one of my phones and the other thing is I charge
this throughout the day when it’s in my car it’s plugged into a charger so I
have carplay in some of my cars or I used to and in other cars I just have a
charger I leave it on the charger all the time when I’m driving because I’m
using those features if I’m using navigation that uses a lot of power so I
leave it on the charger there’s no harm in doing that and in fact like I said
unless you’re in an environment where it’s very hot all the time just enjoy
your phone and use it all of these phones have never had their battery
replaced and they’ve held up this well so hopefully that helps you maintain
your battery health just enjoy using your phone charge it when you need to
and that’s it if you’d like to get your hands on this
wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the description as I always do if you
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please give it a like as always thanks for watching
this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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  1. *Time Codes**
    00:00 – Start
    00:45 – Battery cycles and normal battery health
    01:08– Phone overview and battery health on each
    03:25 – Battery Temperature
    04:12 – Using iPhone while it’s charging
    05:00 – Charging the iPhone
    05:16 – Can you overcharge on iPhone?
    05:30 – iPhone Battery cycles
    05:45 – Optimized Battery Charging
    06:30 – Wireless Charging
    06:45 – Fast Charging
    07:13 – iPhone XS Max after 6 months
    07:31 – iPhone chargers to use
    08:00 – Charging during day
    08:30 – Conclusion
    08:38 – How to get the Wallpaper
    08:50 – Outro
    09:02 – End

  2. I got my iPhone XR this March and we in November and my battery capacity is still 100% I appreciate your videos i always charge it consistent to 80% and ones in a while to 100%

  3. Heat is bad, but is cold good/better? Because I use Apple Maps when I drive and the phone holder is directly in front of the driver-side AC, so when I arrived at a location and take my phone off, it's really cold. Is that good or bad for it?

  4. Hey Zollotech you need to do a video on bringing an unlocked iPhone 11 Pro Max and an Apple Watch series 5 that’s not bought from an Apple store or Verizon and bringing the phone over to Verizon.. for some reason certain newer Apple products aren’t allowed to be activated on the Verizon network because it’s not in their database.. I’m not sure if you know about this but I was having a problem 3 weeks ago activating an iPhone 11 Pro Max unlocked from AT&T onto Verizon using eSIM and a week ago I tried again and they were able to activate it just fine.. but the Apple Watch series 5 from AT&T will not activate on Verizon it only can be activated on AT&T and T-Mobile.. Verizon told me 3 weeks ago that as of right now only iPhones they are able to activate are only if you buy them from Apple or Verizon.. same goes for the Apple Watch

  5. Mine grandmas from Greenville Tx is at 94% mine grandma in mesquite Tx is at 90% and mine dad is at 99% last time I check.

  6. I have followed his suggestions from prior videos and using an iPhone XR heavily over the last year, I am at 96% battery health. Keep up the great videos.

  7. Should i remove my phone when it reaches 100% or i should keep it charging for extra 10 minutes after reaching 100%?

  8. For some reason (according to coconutBattery and 3uTools), my XR battery is bigger than it should be. The actual capacity is bigger than design capacity. I’ve maintained 100% over 11 months.

  9. My iPhone X is still at 96% battery health and I got it when it came out two years ago I don’t game I primarily watch a lot of YouTube and I don’t use a life proof case just a thin silicone case.

  10. Mines on 92% on Xs Max, is this good or bad. Just over 12 months old. obsessed with looking at the health, recently I have noticed the phone needing charging more than usual

  11. I have my XR for like 9 months already and at 6 months I started using just a 10W fast charger and I stopped after like a month and a half, it drowned till 95% in just almost 2 months.. now it's 94%, I'm using the 5W now

  12. My iPhone X have 84% battery health after 2 years, the phone give me 5 hours of usage!! I have to buy an iPhone 11 and sell the old iPhone X. (Sorry 4 bad English) saludos desde chile 🇨🇱.

  13. I have a 6s plus. I bought it new in November 2018. Since ios 13 my battery runs down to almost nothing in a day or so and I rarely use my phone.

  14. My 6s plus was always plugged into a charger nearly 24/7 in my mind as a precaution for when, or if I needed to be away from a charger for an extended period. Good/bad ??? I never knew !
    Got the phone when it came out and just upgraded to the 11 pro max.
    The battery life on the 6s plus is at 84%

  15. I still find it strange that having my iPhone XS after 5 months I'm at 96% Battery Health still good but a bit to soon to degrade as it could've been at say 99% great videos Aaron keep up the good work 🙂

  16. I just traded in a 1 year old Xs max (showing 100% battery health) for the 11 pro max. Bottom line, no way was battery at 100% after a year.

  17. I have a iPhone XS Max at 99% battery health after a year. I rarely charge overnight and almost always use the 5v charger (when I can) to reduce heat cause I noticed the phone can get hot sometimes when using the iPad charger.

  18. Bro i literally watched your old Video of this today and thought like we need an Update of it. And now you just did it😂

    Sry for my english, im german

  19. Im a long haul truck driver and I’m an extremely heavy phone/data user for a multitude of reasons. I’m currently using an iPhone XR and my phone is plugged into power at least 80% of the time for months at a time and my phones battery health still shows 100%. And that with screen on time of 13-15 hours every day. My older iPhone 7 recently had the battery replaced but it was at 68% after 3 years of the same usage. Just FYI BBC

  20. Thank you for this video. It has cleared up much of my confusion on charging my iPhone and what to avoid. You're amazing.

  21. I have a feeling this guy actually just doesn’t use his phone that much, doing exactly what he said I lost about 9% battery health in one year. Changing to just keeping the battery between 5% and 90% I’ve only lost 3% battery health after 2 years.

  22. Does the battery optimize actually work? I’ve been using it since iOS 13 came out to the public and it does not stop at 80% for me? Like once it hits 80% it’s goes straight to 81% after like 2 minutes. I’ve never had the phone stop at 80%… it’s always fully charged to 100%

  23. iPhone 6+ in full time light usage four years (September 2015) & still on 90%. Most of the heavy lifting is done on my iPads.

  24. I got my iPhone XR in February of this year. We are now in November 2019 and my battery health is STILL at 100%. It’s amazing!

  25. thanks Aaron for this video so glad to know i can charge it up as much as i like with no worries good video and i enjoyed it

  26. I’ve been using my iPhone X for 2 years in the UK and it’s at 94%. I put it on charge every night all night like you.

  27. My XR is still at 100% health. At night I use the 5W charger. During the day I wireless charge here and there. One thing that helped my phones in general was replacing my windshield phone mount with a vent mount. The phone is away from the hot windshield and in the cooling airflow when I use the AC.

  28. I am scared to leave my phone plugged in because I have done that with a past iPhone and it kept the battery percentage at 98 and when I restarted the phone it was at 100 and then the battery life when from 97% down to 93%

  29. Purchased an iPhone X on December 2017 and by December 2018 was down to 87% when I replaced the battery. Now it is down to 93% on the second battery. I only use either the 5W charger or the 12W iPad charger, with original Apple cables or MFi cables. I do use my phone for video and photography a lot and live in the Caribbean, so I guess the heat might be a factor in my case.

  30. Always great to see your videos on different things for iPhone! I have the iPhone 8 plus and my battery health is at 94%. I've had my phone since February of 2019. I charge my phone when it reaches 20% and charge it up to 100%. I'm not a gamer but use my phone for social media (IG), Messenger (no Facebook), ESPN, and some others.

    Aaron, if I start charging my phone every night instead of what I do now will my battery health go down?

  31. Ever since I got my 11 Pro, I’ve been using an iPad charger for overnight charges and the 18W charger in a different room for when I needed to top up during the day (almost never, because the phone lasts all day).

    I’m giving my old iPhone 7 and the iPad charger to my mom, so I was worried using the fast charger every night would accelerate the degradation, but your XSM’s 100% battery health gives me hope.

  32. I stopped caring for batt health on my Xs max the moment I got my smart battery case.
    my xs max is on 94% batt health because I’ve been gaming on it heavily for a year.
    and I stopped now.

  33. Never had a battery issue.
    I live in a much cooler climate.
    I’ve always have had really good battery life. (6S plus at 94%, 10s max at 100%)
    When it gets really cold outside I have to keep my phone warm, or else it will die within 8 hours. With minimal use.

    Is there anyway to check my iPads battery health?

    10.5 pro and 12.9 pro
    I just always kept them plug-in.
    When using them in vehicles they seem to work just great on battery power.

  34. I got my XS a month after release and is my daily driver until today, and I got 85% max capacity battery. Not sure why, probably the heat as you mentioned, I live in Malaysia where it is hot and humid, i charge it every night on an Anker wireless charger stand with a built in fan, got a thin evutec case, maybe a defective batt out of the box? Ive checked with Apple Support and they mentioned that this is normal, but getting to 85 in just over a year of medium use is a bit shocking. Should I get the Smart Apple Battery case to be used for the next 2 years? Or change the XS’s battery, that maybe won’t last even 2 years based on this current battery and perhaps lose the water resistance after they crack open the phone to change the batt? Thanks

  35. My Xs Max after one year is at 99%. Besides heat, I think the next “worse” thing you can do to a phone is let the battery drop bellow 20% on a daily basis. My phone rarely gets below 40% before I charge it, and that has worked for me in keeping the battery health up.

  36. Can someone please explain to me the optimized battery charging feature, I don’t get it and why should I turn it on??

  37. So, the battery health in my XS that I got last October, and use a fair bit, is at 87%, is that bad, and should I get it replaced at my Apple Store?
    Every time I’ve had something like this, instead of replacing the battery, Apple seem to just give me a refurbished phone and I have to go to all of the hassle of redownloading everything.

  38. Biggest tip: Never let your phone go through full charge cycles. Maybe once or twice a month is fine for battery calibration but try to charge your phone before it even goes below 50% and try to keep it in the 50% to 90% area. Works perfect for me

  39. Just a small thing that you didn’t mention is that fast charging decrease your battery health , because when you charge your phone using fast charging the battery heated , so charge your phone with normal charger that comes with the case and you will see the difference, fast charging is a trap to make you buy a phone in two years or less

  40. My old 6s used to get so hot with the iPad changer. I went back to the 5w charger. I just got the XR and im sticking with the 5w

  41. My XR has stayed on 100% after 1 year of daily usage. Now passing it on to my mother and using the 11 Pro Max myself!👍

  42. People don't realize what overcharging is, if it was possible to actually overcharge(put too much currentvoltage into a battery) a phone they would be very dangerous.

  43. Been used iphone x for 2 years. Now 84%. The worst drain from 92% to 84% in 3 months before i use original part. Dont use third party part. It can broke battery health.

  44. I have an iPhone 6s Plus,it’s the only phone I use and after nearly 4 years it’s at 75% battery health ….I think that’s fantastic.

  45. It’s easy to maintain 100% battery health when you have a million phones and interchange the regularly. “Full time use” must be the loosest definition. This video holds no merit. How can we know if you haven’t used a phone like us that has only one phone for 2 or more years. With all the reviews you do it’s hard to believe that you use all those phone everyday for every task. Unless you spread out every single phone use them and have a million chargers to charge them while using them.

  46. Hi Zollotech, your videos are very informative! Thanks for this video on battery health. My iPhone XS has 89% battery after 1year now. It degrades by 1% every month? Can you give me some suggestions on how can i maintain my battery in the future? Thanks!

  47. My iPhone 6s Plus is at 90% battery health and I’ve had it since about 6 months after they came out but have had the battery replaced when they were offering it about a year? ago. It has only started degrading in the last few months, I’m assuming something to do with all of the updates. After the last one, the battery seems to be leveling out & lasting a bit longer, “knock on wood”.

  48. I’d say Apple is spot on with their prediction.

    iPhone X (bought on release day) – currently at 82% battery health.

    Looking into replacement batteries. Do you know if the IP67 rating still remains after Apple replaces the battery? I would have them perform the repair.


  49. I’d say the best way to charge a phone is not to let it go below atleast 50%. By using this method Ive never dropped to a lower battery health after 6 months

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