BETTER RESULTS With Compound Exercises?

100 thoughts on “BETTER RESULTS With Compound Exercises?

  1. Notification squad!

    You gunna hit 1 mil soon!!!
    You are an absolute beast Chris. Your vids are so inspiring and have inspired me to start calisthenics <3

  2. Chris i need help. Im trying to do tricept workouts like the diamond push up but my elbows wont bend and it hurts the wrist. I noticed some dont have this problem twisting embows

  3. Its crazy how you just go back to back in tgese works out not even taking rests and when you are y'all still talking crazy stuff man inspiring, people miss these little things but I see you man

  4. Hey Chris wanted to get an update on that rings program you have been speaking about and when you're planning on releasing it

  5. Does anyone know how to fix muscle imbalance in chest,arms and lats with bodyweight exercises only? It would be really helpful !

  6. This is the first time I'm commenting on one of your videos. I just did a workout consisting of a 5/3/1 squat day followed by your beginner Whole Body Day 1 programme on the app. After one round I was battered and the half burpees in particular are a killer! I underestimated the difficulty of the technique involved with the movements because you make it look SO EASY. MY respect for you just sky rocketed bro, you are a monster! I'm motivated to improve and hope you never stop rolling out the content. Massive respect all the way from London. Peace.

  7. Any chance of getting a repeat option for the music player? I love the music you've made, but it sucks to have to stop every 2 minutes to repeat the track I want.

  8. Great content as usual! Would you advise to train deadlift for someone who wants to front lever? I'm not sure whether to start or not. Thenks!

  9. Hi Chris) I'm from Russia, and I want to say a big thank you to you!) You are the one I'm looking for!) I hope the interpreter translated correctly =)

  10. Thank you, Chris! Será que você poderia fazer um vídeo sobre nutrição? sei que não é só os exercícios que vão dá resultados mas, sim a sua nutrição em conjunto que vai te dar resultados.

  11. Not a helpful video. Iso comes before compound in principle. Not everyone NEEDS “compound” movements. For some, “compound” movements start to become CP battery training which will get them ZERO results. Iso Iso Iso before anything. Once you get good here, then progress to something a little more complex.

  12. love your vids, i am a beginner when it comes to body weight exercises. I and i think a lot of your novice viewers would really appreciate a video dedicated to how to properly stretch (full body). I have always had a problem with it, even in hs. TNX and again mad respect for what you have accomplished

  13. can u have a great body by just doing compound exercises? also is there a compound exercise that involves the traps?
    how much days per week should you do these compounds?

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