Beyoncé: The Extreme Diet She Went On To Recover From C-Section

in good health and hope she gets back to doing what she does best, get back on the stage.>>Exactly.>>>Beyonce knows how to own a stage. She released her epic Netflix documentary in the wee hours of the morning, midnight to be exact. The beehive is a bit sleep>>I’m tired already. I told you this film is a fan of her or not, you’ll be blown away by what she and her team were able to pull off the it’s not just the Coachella performance from last year, but the physical toll she endured to give birth to her twins.>>My body went through more than I knew it could. I was 218 pounds the day I gave birth. I had an extremely difficult pregnancy. I had high blood pressure. I golf toxemia and preeclampsia. In the room we have my babies’ heartbeats paused, so I had an emergency c-section.>>Beyonce jazz Mitts she got pression Nantz unexpectedly and having twins was a shot. Joe levy tells me that the glimpses into her personal life were not totally expected. Were you surprised by some of the personality bits she gave about her life?>>Yeah. You know, Beyonce is so controlled, and at this point we only learn what she wants us to know.>>This is true.>>She was letting us in on these very personal details was a a little surprising.>>Here we go. First combination.>>The performance was even more of a feat. She gave birth on June 13th, 2017, and six months later she was in grueling dance rehearsal. She even admits I had to rebuild my body.>>In the beginning so many muscle spasms. Internally my body was not connected. My mind was not there. My mind wanted to be with my children. What people don’t see is the sacrifice. I would dance, go off to the trailer and breast feed the babies. In order for me to meet my goal of limiting myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no alcohol he, and I’m hungry.>>Learns what it took for her to recover from that c-section, she really had to regrow muscle and retrain her body. I thought this was very honest. When she talks about what it took to get that body back, this is not some magazine feature about your post-pregnancy body. This is about healing, about getting whole.>>Okay. This is seriously a huge accomplishment. I did not think I would ever get back in my old costume. I’m actually in it.>>There’s a great moment when she celebrates fitting into an old costume. And they face with Jay-Z and they cut him off, and they’re like, why don’t men ever care?>>Why are they not as excited as we are?>>Another big surprise. Rare glimpses at rumi and sir. There’s a scene-stealing moment when ivy.>>You want to do it again? You’re like mommy?>>I want to do it again. It feels good.>>I like mama Beyonce.>>I have to agree with you there. But there’s also a 40-track live album with two new songs, one I’m calling the new cookout anthem. But we’re not even — we all know she’s stupid talented, but

46 thoughts on “Beyoncé: The Extreme Diet She Went On To Recover From C-Section

  1. No sugar, no carbs, no meat, no bread, no diary, no fish, no alcohol.

    I always thought she had an IVF due to the twins. Ain't it weird how many celebrities have twins.

  2. Can't be more extreme than her liquid diet when she did Dreamgirls 🤷🏽‍♀️ it sounds like a lot but I survived off of 300-500 calories a day when I had an eating disorder. You can train your body to ignore hunger pangs and cravings until you no longer think of it . Getting your body to accept food again is the hard part . The first thing your body will do when you start to refeed is make you eat tons of food and get sick because by that time your stomach has shrunk and literally can't hold it . I know her diet wasn't as serious but 😌happy she's happy with her body again after embracing her FUPA

  3. What about the bombings in shri lanka are all of her "workers" ok??? A person with a soul would care about that

  4. her voice sounds soooooo different. When I was watching this, I was confused who was talking because it did not sounds like Beyonce.

  5. If they weren't so greedy for money she'd go sit down somewhere and take care of her 3 kids. She is no different from any other woman having a baby. She has made enough money… Greed will kill some people.

  6. She’s full of shit! She couldn’t get pregnant and she did ivf! I can’t stand her fake ass! She always acts like what she does is so difficult like if other artist ain’t doing the same shit.

  7. When having a c-section doctors can tighten you up. She wasn't no 200 pounds. This woman always finesse y'all foolish people. But I don't buy as my of her lies.

  8. LOL! Extreme why? She went vegan and stopped eating sugar, how is that extreme? She clearly ate carbs from veggies and fruits, she was ok.

  9. This shows you people are sheep and have noodles for brains , why would any one try this diet she said her self she would never do this diet again, funny they left that bit out .. she had too for her show …so why promote this 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  10. We all thought she was being secretive about her life because she's a queen lmao turn out bitch was sick AF LOL POOR GURL VEGAN DIETS HELP ANYBODY

  11. I sure hope people do not try and do this shit at home, it was unsafe and unhealthy. Because Beyonce said it herself that she would never diet like that again so this must have been beyond just being a Vegan.

  12. Why not have a woman talk about what Beyonce went through and her health? Why have a white man mansplain her story??

  13. I watched my the homecoming.. I have never been a fun of Beyoncé but this documentary.. just made me to loved her .. it’s so touching .. you can see the passion, love omg 😮 ❤️❤️❤️💪🏾😆.. she made me feel proud of being black woman

  14. I'm not gonna lie, I was low key sad when she talked about her weight loss diet. When I first saw her Coachella shape I was like "wow, now that's the body of a healthy mother of 3, curves and definition" and to think that came from basically starvation… makes me sad. For her and for the rest of us. I know she was in a time-crunch and that's why she had to up the stakes but I would love to live in a time where that's just not a thing anymore.

  15. Stupid talented is right😂😂😂….Beyonce is a killer performer but everything else is average…Im sorry i just don't get the hype

  16. In Vogue she said she took it easy with the weight after this pregnancy, not forcing herslef to loose it fast. Now she says she starved herself. She is as coherent as ever ( rolls eyes).

  17. What did she eat then? She named entire good group geesh
    Also she herself is pretty "stupid"…. She is talented but not very bright upstairs.

  18. So, this is all white media took from Homecoming
    Video. Her diet!!Of course because they do not understand the HBCU tribute and do not want to understand it. Trifling beings. What about all the anorexic white women walking around looking like toothpicks or the lip filler white women looking like blown up condom lips, or the frozen botox faces. Talk about that!!!

  19. I find keto is the best way to retrain you mind and body for optimal muscle and performance. I'm glad she pushed through and hopefully her journey can help other women who want or need to reshape their bodies.

  20. Sounds like all she can eat is a bottle of olive oil a day i mean no carbs and no protein that excludes every food out there but fat lol

  21. No sugars or carbs yet shes munching on an apple 😂😂😂 this is why celebrities need to stay the fuck away from giving nutrition advice on anything lol

  22. I like Beyonce very much but i think it is a pity that she is also indoctrinated as a lot of woman are (me included) to be slim again so quickly after giving birth. Why is it so important to lose weight in such a short time and not give your body the time to adjust slowly. Why is it so important to be slim for a festival and be perfect again! Why are we looking up to something which is not that important at all……..being very slim and have a perfect body! I think the trick is to stay calm when things are not perfect and still remain happy. What is the added value of being so slim? Is is to have power or is it ego? It is a pity that woman are so influenced by it even Beyonce. I hoped that she wouldn't need this exaggerated way of living like a lot of woman think they have to live. Why is perfection so important? I think maybe because of other people who are gonna blame you if you are not on social media etc. Being afraid of not being able to meet the picture anymore of other people. That is sad because you can't be the one you want te be. I really can imagine that you want to lose weight after a pregnancy but why must someone go through such a heavy taks to fulfill? I Love all woman who dare to be themselves and who are not afraid of gaining some more weight and are in panic. Love yourself the way you are and embrace your body which does so much for you and has such a self-healing ability. Your body can make children and give birth to them. Look at your beautifull body what it needs not what your ego or something else does!!

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