Big & Beefy Leg Workout w/ Antoine Vaillant at Pure Muscle & Fitness

all right so uh I’m about to work out
legs solo this week all my training partners bailed out and for some reason
they always bail out on leg day I don’t know why so I’m just warming up a couple back and
forth of lunges 5 minutes of bike and I get my heart rate up so 125 I try
to get it up to 140 at least once I’m gonna pyramid up like with
warm-up sets aka feeder sets to a weight that I’ve got to do a really hard set with I’m going to go past failure using drop set because I don’t have anybody to
do forced reps right now so I’ll do drop set partials iso-hold I like that style where you warm up with the
sets then you have one where you kind of go pass failure and beyond and then once
you’re done and you max that one out so you go on to another exercise so here I’m doing eight full reps 8
partial more like higher volume and I kind of reach failure almost on all the sets kind of thing but not pass failure so I like to do deadlift barefoot all
the pressing stuff for legs barefoot that would really do lunges if we were doing lunges
barefoot I just like to be grounded be able to move the toes feel the whole
ground you know I feel I got more power like that and I have more control over
what I’m doing I’m gonna go up three plates at a time
see where it goes I’m doing more of a low bar squat you know I bring the bar high on the traps I put it lower and to do that I
kind of need to be like wider so I like to grab on the outside here of the rack I think the best way for me to push my
legs and make them grow is that you’re gonna do higher reps but you’re not
gonna go light you got to keep it somewhat heavy I put my legs up because it helps me
recover faster by laying down I like those cause I go very wide and
I think about Kai Greene when he does his weird
glute thing try to stretch the glutes and squeeze them at the top squeeze at the top kai greene stretch squeeze at the top so to finish it off I do a leg extension four sets of a high reps around 15-20 I guess and I’m gonna use the BFR
so I’ve got to restrict the blood flow back but it’s gonna be tight enough so
it doesn’t go back the blood but loose enough so it goes in you put more blood
in the area more pump more blood equals more growth after your last set or in between your
last sets you just like want to stretch your quad a little bit it’s good to
stretch your muscle when it’s really pumped that’s a good tip from our good
friend John Meadows so he does so that closes it off with this leg workout
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94 thoughts on “Big & Beefy Leg Workout w/ Antoine Vaillant at Pure Muscle & Fitness

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  2. Love your contents always thank you! big guy always has correct form n controls the weight even heavy sets!!

  3. Big fan of Antoine but there’s no reason to be at 330 pounds or whatever he is at. The sport is moving in a different direction then just pure mass, as it should.

  4. So almost every video I watch of leg day, the majority of people start off with leg curls, leg extension, ect then squats closer to last. Why is that? Maybe I should rethink my routine.

  5. I like the way he talks and explain things, on a way doesn't make you feel like a pussy but like even you could do tf he's doing XD ❤️

  6. How the hell do these bodybuilders take these heavy ass sets to failure? I do that for my first workout set half my energy is expended. Why?

  7. antoine bro…only training partners who have a life besides weight lifting will have to bail why not do it on leg day

  8. Great Workout, he trained his hamstrings first, really the toughest workout day is the leg, I personally fear leg day but what to do, u have to train legs otherwise chicken legs ?

  9. Antoine watching Kai Green's "glute" things and listens to the Gainz Professor "MountainDog" John Meadows just became even a bigger fan of him than i was before.

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