Big Mac vs Whopper: Which Is Healthier?

(alarm bell ringing) Welcome back. Of course we wish we could all spend hours in the kitchen slaving away over a paleo, gluten-free, FODMAP-friendly, vegan dish, but sometimes you only have
five minutes to find dinner. You’re caught between a
rock and a hard place. That rock is Burger King, and the hard place is McDonald’s. Hmmm. Today we’re gonna help you make the best five-minute dinner choice by determining which is unhealthier, the
Big Mac or the Whopper. It’s time for Fast Food Faceoff, Whopper Verses Big Mac Edition. OK, right here we have
a Big Mac and a Whopper, and essentially what
we’re gonna be doing is tasting these, and then making
our individual determinations as to which one has
more calories, more fat, and more sodium, and then
by whichever majority we have chosen, which
one is the most unhealthy according to our opinion. Let’s do this. First off, let’s talk about calories. Now, listen. This ain’t the pretty commercial burger. This is just what you get when you just go to Burger King and say, “Whopper.” At least the one close to us. That’s what you get. Oh, and just a note,
when you say, “Whopper,” you do not get cheese. Right. It’s just Whopper. Which is quite a disappointment. If you forget to say,
“Whopper with cheese.” But it also influences things. It does, it’s less calories. I mean, that’s pretty clear. Because when you say, “Big
Mac,” it does have cheese. It comes with two cheeses. Two cheeses? – [Link] Two slices of cheese. – [Rhett] No, it doesn’t. What? The top doesn’t have cheese, man. You’ve been missing out. You misunderstanding a
Big Mac all these years, unless they’ve made a mistake. No, they be givin’ me extra cheese. (laughing) Alright, now I’m just
thinking, right off the bat, that a Whopper’s bigger, more calories. But a Big Mac’s taller. Who cares? Which one’s more volume? Tallness has nothin’ to
do with calories, Rhett. Only bigness. I can eat more calories, and I’m tall. Got a hangy-out pickle, there. Now, I’ve got a sticker with my face on it that represents what I’m voting for as the unhealthiest. Excuse me for talking with my mouth full, but we ain’t got time to chew. (chuckles) Here. I’m just going to swallow this whole. Let me get a bite of that Whopper. (hard swallowing) This will be my side of the Whopper. My side of the whopper. My favorite book growing up
was My Side of the Mountain. So, I am saying that the Whopper has more calories based on bigness alone, and I’m giving you the
advantage of going second. Link, I usually don’t trust
you, but you’re right. – [Link] Let’s move on to fat. – [Rhett] There’s a lot
of mayonnaise on this. I love a Big Mac. I’m not gonna hate on the Whopper, but when cheese is missing, I’m forlorn. Hold on! Hold on! You compromised– Listen, the whole point
was to pick a side. You just went on the same side. Now I’ve got the either side, too. I forgot. No more Big Mac for you. Now, I don’t want the advantage of you going second the second time, so go ahead and vote. What do you think has more fat? And I think the secret,
to me, as you vote, is they like to put a lot
of mayonnaise on a Whopper. I just said that, and that’s
why I’m voting Whopper. Oh, you said that? Yeah. Oh, dang it. Changing my answer. Big Mac has more fat. Two words: special sauce. Mmm-hmm. Now, let’s move on to sodium. I am having a good time with you. We should just hang out
and eat burgers more often. Yeah, man. You don’t have to hold my hand. I’m not holding your hand. I’m giving you a celebratory grip, man. But it was kind of weird. (laughing) It’s like, that’s not how I
want to celebrate with you. I mean, a fist bump– I didn’t even get a bite out of it, man. Mmm. The charbroiled nature
of the Whopper tries to fool you into thinking
that there’s no salt in it, because charbroil cancels out sodium. I taste more salt in the Big Mac. Don’t be fooled by the charbroil, Rhett. It’s got a tanginess to it. Boy, they’re both good, though. Oh, they’re both so good. I should eat more of this. That’s what I’ve learned today, that I should just have
more of both of these, (Link laughing) because I’m happy right now. Alright, so, in summery, you are saying that the Whopper is
overall more unhealthy. Well, so are you. (laughs) And so am I. Alright, so let’s reveal,
category by category. First, calories. Which one is more unhealthy? (timpani ringing) Wow.
The Whopper. The Whopper. We were right. OK, so we’re both correct. (claps) Now, fat. (timpani ringing) Eh, wow.
Oh, the Whopper. By a whopping margin. You’re taking the lead. And sodium? And sodium? Whoa! It’s caught neck and neck. It is more unhealthy in every way. Twenty grams. So, Rhett, I want to congratulate you. I want to congratulate you, Link. Let’s have a burger. I want you to have both of ’em. You earned it. And, click through to
find out how you can turn your pants into a spa. You love to say it, and
now your coffee will, too, with this Boiled for Safety mug, available at

100 thoughts on “Big Mac vs Whopper: Which Is Healthier?

  1. I find it odd that Rhett/Link will eat bull testicles, pig anus, beaver balls, etc. but they won't eat the same part of some food after the other already took a bite of it.

  2. I love Big Macs. I know they’re unhealthy, but that just makes me want that sweet, sweet, diabetes-inducing sammich even more

  3. 2:01 My Side of the Mountain was my favorite book growing up too! and its sequels The Far Side of the Mountain and Frightful's Mountain! Who else read these books?

  4. Calories are a measurement of energy, not some dangerous substance found in foods. A 0 calories burger would be much more unhealthier, not to mention quite useless as food.

  5. Calories, fat and sodium, arguably the 3 most important things in the human diet, now suddenly the less of them you eat the more healthy you are. Why not cut all 3 and just die.

    The Big Mac has more preservatives and more sugar, that's why it's less healthy.

  6. Link: I ain't got time to chew, haha! I'm just gonna swallow this whole! 😎😏

    *Attempts to swallow the burger and immediately gags*

  7. you need calories, sodium, and fat to survive so if both burgers are equally priced then you should buy the whopper because you get more for your money and just eat it slower.

  8. Whopper without mayo has merely 17 grams of fat. It is quite healthy. Big Mac without a souce is…. I have never tried Big Mac without a souce, that would be strange. I personally prefer Whopper without mayo.

  9. My side of the mountain was my favorite book when I was a kid too!! I thought it was the coolest thing ever

  10. But…if one is healthier in one category, wouldn't the overall product be healthier than the other one?

  11. Burger king all day over mcds, mcds portions are so small i need like 2 big macs to fill me, 1 whopper and good to go

  12. The Whoppers more healthy because it's real meat and God only knows what McDonalds is feeding you and where did you get your nutritional facts and keep in mind McDonald's has been busted lying about it in the past.

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