BIG Mistakes I Made with Fitness – 3 Things I Wish I Knew

100 thoughts on “BIG Mistakes I Made with Fitness – 3 Things I Wish I Knew

  1. هلو متابعه من العراق 🇮🇶 اتمنا تكون ترجمه بلكتابه اسفل الفديو

  2. I completely agree on the abs. I been doing everything right in the kitchen and exercises without ab work and that pudge won’t seem to go. I guess I will start training them often. How often do you think I should train them?

  3. My belly looks just like that and I never had a baby! And I get fit everywhere, except the low belly. Someone told me maybe I have weak pelvic floor. I used to weigh 95lbs while in highschool, but the belly kept looking the same

  4. Will definitely follow you.Its the first time I ever hear someone else storing fats in those random body areas.😊Now I’m curious about your workout on a most personal level

  5. I'd be waiting for a follow up video telling us what worked for you and also suggesting to us what to do to keep the extra fat off even in pregnancy. Yea I know ur not pregnant but I just want to know plss…🙏

  6. Yes! Currently sick! Didn’t know it was a thing🤷🏽‍♀️. I haven’t taken a day off yet, except my 1day no exercise day. I’m going to keep going with my workouts because, I’m just simply proud of getting out of the house pushing myself going to the gym!

    I love how I could relate so much to you, I store fat in all of those places. And I too have to be weird when it comes to snacks, I get a small portion of 1 snack to eat in one session instead of buying boxes of the snack items, it helps me with not over eating a snack❤️

  7. Getting the flu after working out sounds like you had a deficiency in L Glutamine. Congrats on your weight loss, it's an inspiration 😊

  8. You are right. I'm trying so hard to get back a reasonably fit body. I'm mom to a toddler too and she climbs all over me exactly as your little one. I so love your sense of humor.

  9. Thank you for sharing your experience with HIIT workouts. I am a fit person and had been regularly taking these types of classes for a few months but felt a huge decline in my energy and was always feeling “on the verge” of getting sick. I’m happy to know I’m not alone in feeling this way and feel better about my decision to stop doing these workouts that don’t suit my body. I love your energy and enjoy your videos!

  10. Omg i thought I was crazy, and it was just me!!! I DO GET A COLD AFTER MANY DAYS OF HIIT!! What the hell, why?! Someone tell me why! XD

  11. VEEERY glad you didn't exclude the bonus tip sinces i also struggled with snack time. It was helpful, so thanks for sharing. And Yah bless you to know him <3

  12. Yo I thought I was the only one who got the flu after working out with HIIT. Feels good to know I'm not alone 😀

  13. Omg that walking one was the truth i didn't stretch the other day n walked on the treadmill for 35 minutes at a 15 incline at 3mph my feet are killing me im recovering before i work out again

  14. Me too! I thought it was just me . . . I just figured out what is best for my body and it is not high intensity. I use to run and now I'm into walking – which is much better for weight loss (at least for me). I do Barre, yoga, etc and have been seeing results. Thank you for this video!

  15. Omg this video makes me so happy! Coz I do weight training and cardio regularly but I can’t get myself to do HIIT and it really bothered me. But now I know everything is not for everyone. THANK YOU

  16. I would get the flu like symptoms after HIIT in the beginning as well. So I switched and went to strength training and little cardio. Gradual increases in both helped a lot.
    Everyone’s different.

  17. I totally believe you with the HITT flu. I am getting knee and wrist pain every single time after that that I can hardly move for 5 days. And then comes the next workout.

    Pilates is the way to go.

  18. Were you mad? Cutting your own hair? I don't care what race you are, if you don't know what you are doing–leave your bloody hair alone

  19. Girl I was about to expect you to start roasting the way people work out. But I really love this video! Instead of saying "dont ever do this" it's "if it works for you that is great, but it's not for me". Everyone is different!

  20. First time watcher here. I don't like being critical but this is the internet so here we are… you don't sound very educated in your area of fitness. That's a no for me dog. PEACE ✌

  21. I usually do 15 min of HIIT with no issues. Did an 1hr HIIT session after a Thanksgiving binge and now I'm lying in bed sniffling and sore throat, thought it was a dusty carpet 😂 but now I'm suspecting it could be this.

  22. Even though the video it's 10mins long I didn't feel like you were just talking and talking like other youtubers, I actually liked it and your voice is so relaxing! Also I didn't know about these 3 things, so thank you very much!

  23. I noticed the scene with milk warming in a pan. Some people exclude dairy products from their weight loss journey. You showed this, but didn't say if drinking milk was a mistake you made too; or, did it help you get toned?

  24. My boyfriend totally did not believe me about the HIIT flu but I stopped doing it too for exactly that reason! What's weird is I can now do long aerobic workouts a couple of times a week and feel fine but the intensity of HIIT seemed to really stress my body out.

  25. I’m a delicate flower too. Gradually increasing my walking. Bought some sketchers and it felt like walking on a cloud! New to your channel but this whole clip was so refreshingly honest that I immediately subscribed. 🥰 oh my god! The snacks! They’re dancing in front of me!

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