Blind Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste Test

– Today, we pick the
ultimate chocolate chip. – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat theme music) Good Mythical Morning. – Big news, our studio is frozen. And our first-ever live tour special is available now for pre-order
on iTunes and Amazon, and it’s gonna hit YouTube
and most cable TV providers on Saturday, December 22nd. So, this is our stage show,
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of our creative process and our travels on tour. It’s called Rhett and
Link’s Tour of Mythicality: Live in Los Angeles, pre-order it now. – Yes, now my favorite food is peanut butter on a spoon buried deep in a glass of chocolate milk. Rhett’s favorite food is
whatever he’s currently eating. – Can’t argue witH that.
– But the only person who matters this month is Santa Claus. And his favorite food is cookies. – Yes, and he works so
hard, the least we can do is give the man the best
cookies on the market. It’s time for, ♪ I did it all for the cookie ♪ ♪ Come on, the cookie, come on ♪ ♪ So you can take that cookie
and rank it one to 10 ♪ ♪ Rank it one to 10, rank it one to 10 ♪ – Here’s how it works,
we’re gonna blindly taste six rounds of store-bought
chocolate chip cookies and then rank them on a scale of one to
– 10. – We’re gonna take the
average of our two scores to determine the best one.
– Best one. Alright, we’re also gonna be
playing against each other to see who can accurately
guess the cookie by brand. And whoever guesses the
most brands correctly will become the Captain of Cookies. The cookies that we’re
gonna be tasting are Keebler,
– Pepperidge Farm, – Chips Ahoy!,
– Famous Amos, – Mrs. Field’s,
– And Kroger ChipMates, a popular generic brand of cookie. – Alright, let’s chocolate them chips. (rock music)
– Round one. – As you can see, we can’t. – And all of our chocolate
chip cookies will be being brought to us on the patent-pending Santa’s Sweet Sleigh of Surprise. – Bring in the first one, Santa, Rudolph, run, run. I’m smelling cookie. – Mmm, a sleigh of cookies. – I’m eating like napkin. Oh wow, that’s a tall cookie. Oh, I got, I had two in my mouth. – I’m gonna try to talk
with a cookie in my mouth, ’cause I can’t use my hands. I don’t know what why
we can’t use our hands. – Well, you don’t wanna
have finger information. – Finger information.
– Only mouth information. It’s a crunchy cookie. – It’s a crunchy cookie.
– It’s not too crunchy. – Well, now you’re not a fan of a crunchy cookie, you
complain about how dry it is all the time, but I think that’s gonna happen over and over again. – I mean, I like cookie dough. If I had my way, you
wouldn’t cook a cookie ever. You would just tub it up and consume it. That’s not a bad-tasting cookie, though. And I’m trying to factor in girth. – You always gotta factor in girth. – ‘Cause some, you know,
some are smaller than others. – That was a good mouth width. – This is tough, I have a
guess, but I feel like I’m, – Well, we gotta rank ’em first. – Flying blind, oh okay. – It’s a good cookie,
I like a crispy cookie, I like a soft cookie, I like
in-between, you know me. That’s a pretty solid cookie, not great, not horrible,
I’m gonna say seven. – Six for me. – [Stevie] Ready to guess? – Yep.
– Three, two, one. – Chips Ahoy.
– Famous Amos. – Chips Ahoy, that’s way
too big to be a Chips Ahoy. – Really?
– Yeah. – When was the last time
you had a Chips Ahoy? – Stay out of my business. (rock music)
– Round two. – It’s not that I don’t
like a crunchy cookie, I just prefer to soften it
in milk before eating it. – I popped that one right in my mouth. – Much smaller cookie. It has a signature flavor. It’s very, hold on, there’s
a hair in mine, what is that? – There’s not a hair in mine. Maybe that’s not intentional. – It’s a Keebler elf hair, I bet. – I could see the logic in that. That’s a better cookie In my mind, that’s a better
cookie, still crispy. – It’s got, the chocolate
doesn’t overwhelm, and so the cookie part
actually makes it taste better. I agree, I’m giving this one a seven. – I’m going up, but not
too far, to an eight. – Yeah, it’s a smaller
cookie, but it’s taller than I would have expected, hmm, man. – Smaller but taller. – [Stevie] Ready? – Alright.
– Three, two, one. – Chips Ahoy. – Kroger. I think this is a generic Kroger. – I think I’m gonna say
Chips Ahoy every time. – You go for it, I’d
love for you to do that. – I’m gonna get one right this time. (rock music)
– Round three. – What I’m learning is that, I’m not good at identifying cookies. I need to eat more chocolate chip cookies. – Maybe they both were Chips Ahoy. See, this is a bigger cookie. – These are oriented differently. I’m gonna have to use my tongue. – It did all fit in my mouth, though. (Link mumbles over cookie) What’s happening? (Rhett mumbles over cookie) This is not a good tasting cookie. – You don’t like it?
– Nuh uh. I’m down in like three territory. – Really?
– Mmhmm. It’s a bigger cookie, so I
don’t think it’s generic, but it tastes like generic, what I would think
generic would taste like. – I can taste something in the consistency that reminds me of something else. – I don’t like this cookie, but I am gonna be a little more generous. It started to taste better,
I’m gonna give it a four. – It has a really good aftertaste. – Yeah, it got a little better for me. – Think about the way it tastes right now. – It’s gone. – I’m gonna say a seven, I
don’t mind this cookie at all. – Really? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – We differ, man. – Ready for the guess?
– Yeah, I think I’ve got a strong guess on this one. – It’s a big one. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – Pepperidge Farm.
– Pepperidge Farm. – Yeah, I feel good about
that, because the packaging of a Pepperidge, – I know what
– Pepperidge packing. – The farm looks like, but not the cookie. (rock music)
– Round four. – I think that the deal
is the reason I don’t mind a crispy cookie is because I bring the moisture to the experience. You know what I’m saying,
that’s what spit’s for. – Oh gosh. – I mean, it’s crispy and then it’s– – Well if my spit was milk,
I’d be with you, but it’s not. I’ve tried, trust me. – Oh, hold on, totally different flavor pro-, smell profile. – Well, it’s more than that, it’s soft. Forget your spit, ’cause this one is soft. (Rhett grunts) – Me having trouble. – What’s happenin’, dude? You going full Cookie Monster over there? – Me having trouble getting to this one. – Don’t ever go full Cookie Monster. Now listen, this is my jam ’cause this is a chewy cookie, and I love chewy cookies. In fact, I prefer Chewy
Chips Ahoy, which are weird. They even taste weird, and I don’t care, because I love the consistency so much. – Hold on, but you cannot deny the fact, especially after having tasted some of those other ones, they
use a weird chemical, man. They use a weird chemical
to get it to stay soft. – You’re right.
– You should always be suspicious of
something that stays soft. – My world is a little
shook, because I love the consistency, but, – It does not taste good, man. – I have to be honest. I never thought I would say this, – Three. It doesn’t taste good. – It doesn’t taste good. – It tastes like an
experiment that went wrong. – Yeah, I’m glad I usually don’t eat these with a blindfold on. – Bring the moisture yourself, that’s what should on the side of every chocolate chip bag. – I can’t believe this, but
I’m gonna give it a four. – Ha ha, yes! – And I know what this is. – You’ve seen the light, Neal! – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – Keebler.
– Soft Batch, Soft Batch from Keebler. – Yeah, bro.
– My whole childhood I was eating these things. – I know about dems. – The elves knew me personally. – I’ve avoided ’em for years. – [Stevie] Link, I gotta say,
you’re coming in a second last in these past two episodes, rounds. – Oh, my guess.
– We gotta, it’s on the one and then we guess. – You’re copying me,
that’s what’s happening. – No, I don’t care what he says. I’m not listening to him.
Oh really? (rock music)
– Round five. – Now I know my answers have been delayed, and they were the same as
yours, but I’m not cheating. – Suspicious.
– I’m just slow at giving answers, but
I’m locked in in my brain. – Well, she’s giving you
three seconds to say it. – Give me five next time.
– You know what, give him five, give him
five seconds, Stevie. – Ooh, uh oh, this is also a soft cookie. – Uh oh. – What is this soft cookie? – Somebody else has a soft cookie. Now I know that Chips
Ahoy has a soft batch. But I think that they went with what was the best-selling ones from each brand, that was my understanding. And there’s no way that
soft batch outsells the regular Chips Ahoy. – Well, let’s rate how good
we think this cookie is. – This is better. – I don’t,
– Distinctly better than the previous soft cookie. Now, it’s still not great. I’m gonna give it a five. I’m gonna go with a solid
five, ’cause it’s not in the crispiness territory. It has a little chemical-y taste to it, but not as bad as the last one. – You’re right, I agree wholeheartedly, but I’m not cheating. I’m gonna give it a
six, ’cause I kinda like all of those things, even
the slightly chemical-y. – You like the chemicals.
– Yeah. – You ready?
– Yeah – [Stevie] Five, four, three, two, one. – Chips Ahoy. – Keebler. – Oh, you went with, you
doubled up on the Soft Batch? – Yeah, yeah, I know
Keebler makes a Soft Batch, I don’t think they put
soft batch Chips Ahoy in this mix, so I’m
just playing strategies. – Nope, nope, nope, got him. (rock music)
– Round six. – Okay, please deliver the
final cookie of Christmas. Wow, we got caroled. We got cookie caroled. – Wow, whoa. Oh, there’s a cookie. – That’s a big cookie down here. – Oh man. – This is the biggest cookie. – I don’t even need to finish that one to know what it is, hello. – That’s a cakey cookie.
– Mmhmm. Is there more, oh, hey. – Hold on, this is a tasty cookie. – That’s a good cookie. – Wow. – It’s got crispiness and softness. – I mean, I’m not gonna
say it’s a perfect cookie, but I’m gonna give it a strong eight. – I’m gonna give it a nine, friend. – Alright friend. – [Stevie] You want
your five or your three? – Probably five. – [Stevie] Five, four, three, two, one. – Mrs. Field’s.
– Famous Amos. You said Mrs. Field’s, Famous Amos, man. – Yeah man, Mrs. Field’s.
– That’s a big ol’ cookie. – Famous, he ain’t that
famous with me, I guess. – [Stevie] Alright, you
can remove your blindfolds. So the runner-up for best
cookie goes to Famous Amos, and your favorite cookie was Mrs.Field’s. – [Link] Ha, that means
I got the last one right. – [Stevie] Rhett, you have two correct. – Oh, okay, that’s not great. – [Stevie] And Link, you have one correct. – What? What? He only got the last one?
– I only got Mrs. Field’s? – [Stevie] Correct. – And here, you’re the Cookie Captain. It’s kinda sideways, man. Now these Chips Ahoy,
we didn’t even taste. Was that even in the batch? – [Stevie] Chips Ahoy, we
can go over it in More. – Alright, we’re gonna go over to More, but for now we congratulate Mrs. Field’s, you got a dang good cookie. – And me, the Captain of Cookies. – Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Chris.
– And I’m Tammy, and we’re at the Audobon
Insectarium in New Orleans. – And we’re about to eat cricket cookies. – And it’s time to spin.
– And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality.
– The Wheel of Mythicality. – That’s the spirit. – Yes, click the top
link to watch us find out which nut milk is the
best for cookie dipping in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] The Tour of
Mythicality will continue in the comfort of your own home. The forthcoming tour special
includes the live performance, plus a never-before-seen documentary film. Pre-order it now on iTunes.

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    4:51 Answer Famous Amos: Guy on left said Chips Ahoy! guy on right said Kroger
    6:25 Answer Kroger's Chipmates: They both said Pepperidge Farm
    8:27 Answer Pepperidge Farm: They both said Keebler
    10:20 Answer Keebler: Guy on left said Keebler guy on right said Chips Ahoy!
    12:03 Answer Mrs. Field's: Guy on left said Famous Amos guy on right said Mrs. Field's

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