Body Transformation – FULL DAY OF EATING / What To Eat?: Nutrition Plan (Calisthenics & Fitness)

what’s up gasps welcome to a new video someone’s calling all right so you’re here to know what do you eat from your body okay back to the video but I wasn’t planning on doing this video but since my body transformation gets so much attention so many of us we hit 100,000 views in not even three weeks it’s insane and more than 100 of you on Facebook in the comment section Twitter Instagram everywhere you asked me what do you eat what did he aim to things like that so I’m gonna answer your question I just think it’s insane 100,000 views in such a short time it’s it’s crazy thanks so much for the support 2,000 likes again crazy keep it going make sure to subscribe let’s hit 30 style subscribers somewhere soon let’s get into 2017 with 30,000 subscribers I mean we’re probably not gonna hit it before and December but let’s go for it hit the like button hit the subscribe button let’s go into the video okay so in this video I’m going to show you what I’m eating in a day I’m going to do a full day of eating if you want a really good full day of eating so I’m making the mousse properly so I’m just showing you them right now because I do not have any time left school is it baby okay so I’m going to show you my breakfast lunch and dinner and stuff I eat besides that let’s go I just want to point out that these are my personal preferences and I’m not saying that these will work for you they probably will do something I just really like these products and this is what works for me okay so breakfast first meal of the day these are what I eat for breakfast oats and some milk just really basic and I told this to someone that wants to change and they were like okay that sounds pretty plain pretty boring okay so okay so oats for breakfast and I told someone that that was like my mule and they were like I’m not gonna do that but I think is pretty good nothing’s pretty tasty and they’re just some carbs in the start of the day it’s pretty good and to make it even more tastier I just use some honey some cinnamon most the time I just fill it up with milk and maybe a little bit water just you I know less milk less calories side it I guess what cats we got good chip shoe but all right basically that is my meal in the morning and they’re not a really important thing just drink your water please place your start of the day with at least half a liter of water and you will you will be looking good in a month just drink your water all right so the second meal today this is my lunch yet this is what I eat between lunch and breakfast and I think that first of all something you need to know is that you have to like divide the things you eat in a day but I did I just ate more than three meals a day I ate like five to six meals a day so I like spread it all over the day in five six different meals and the function of that is that you do not start your body your art before you get hungry you eat something so your body is always feud it is good for muscle growth and also for calorie loss because your body is always working so it will lose more calories all right so the second meal of the day what I eat for this meal is just everything I eat fats protein and carbs the boost I use for this meal or cashew nuts or some other nuts just get the nuts just some sort of nuts I use cashew nuts and these are solid but I will prefer nuts all to just unsalted and roasted because that’s better but if you’re losing weight because nuts are a lot of calories if you’re losing weight trying to lose weight I would not recommend using the nuts but the second item on this list is an apple really basic and I’m going to tell you that you will be eating like three piece of fruit if you follow this you will meeting three piece of fruit it is good for you just eat your fruits and obviously do not surf or fats and protein and the Apple for carbs so that’s the second meal and oh yeah drink your water three gears a day to novelty Tuesday you will be good by the way in my last video about the workout I set this also and yeah a lot of friends in school said oh you look at this I got water I brought my water in school okay so in meal number three and all you lunch this is my last reaction for real this will be a part of a meal I would eat if I would not go to school but since I’m going to school like five days a week that would mean that that is what I eat most of the week so this video will be more about what I eat in school days and days like that so this is an example if you want a full day of eating how I eat when I just have like in the weekends then you have to smash the like button you know I would do in a sort of part 2 if you want to if you think this is not good enough then let me know and I will do that okay so on to the real me what I eat on a school day I would eat 4 slices so up for slice of bread and white bread I know where you live but in an Ellen’s here we all basically eat bread for lunch and I think it’s pretty good because they’re just normal carbs basic carbs a little bit of protein a little bit of fats just overall good and on the bread you know you have to do something so what what do you want to breath I’ll put some peanut butter on there just like that like the nuts just for protein and fats pretty good just a lot of calories so if you’re cutting again like I said if you want to get leaner lose some fat then I would recommend some chicken some lean chicken really this is like 21 grams of protein and two and a half grams of fats so that’s nothing and I’m going to use one slice of cheese on two pieces of bread so I’m good and again the second piece of fruit an apple ok so sort of another meal this isn’t really my lunch anymore this is a little bit after this is like 1 hour 1/2 hour 2 hours later 100 grams of chicken I made this free like Mike my mom maybe dip poke available but this comes from freezer I just have 1 kilo of chicken they’re in the freezer and I just grabbed one every day and take that to school and eat it in school yes you want to show them the frigde freezer this is our freezer and in it you’re like it won’t stop there as you can see there it’s the chicken here we have ice cube there no no no you know you’re gonna no no no I’m not gonna hire you as my cameraman anymore ok so I go what are the girls chickens I sort of serves as his own meal and just to get the proteins in you know chicken remember chicken is protein most of the chickens are good just do not eat McDonald’s ones you know okay so after school I go to him work out most time next right away I’m going to work out after the work I do want to get your proteins in because you know you your muscle fibers you destroy them and you want to get them back up and grow even grow even tighter and bigger so that’s what I’m gonna do with proteins and after that I obviously eat proteins and that is – now this is – now I eat one kind of tuna and this is like they’re like in 100 grams there’s a little bit over 100 grams are 23 and a half grams of protein so around 2526 pounds of protein that’s pretty nice and I kind of make a salad all bitch is really healthy and there’s not a lot of where it’s tough and where dressings and stuff like that just with some lettuce I add and we have something in the Netherlands it is called yogurt mayonnaise and that is like I’ve seen some videos and Americans do not like mayonnaise why why but here in Ellen’s really liked it and this is more made of yogurt so a lot less calories but still not the healthiest but it makes it sounded really good and I think it deserves you know a couple of calories more I can handle personally oh yeah and again and again I keep saying it drink your water why did I hire you as my cameraman you know second time second 200 bacteria okay um so the last meal dinner what like a lot of you have with this you do not have any saying about this you cannot decide what you’re eating for dinner because mom makes dinner then goes hurry my dad or my mom makes some food and I just gotta eat it okay at the end of the video I will show you the macro so the carbs the proteins and the fats about whether it is food and cold calories so for the nutrition facts at the end of this video I put a basic sized meal so that’s like the calories are in there so I hope you do not eat fast food every like single day because then this was pretty much like not be good for you this is everything will be destroyed like just try to keep the portions normal and if you really want to how many calories you getting images try to use an app I use my fitness spell and this just helps you counting your macros and everything and I think it’s used by a lot of people it’s not even sponsored sponsor me my fitness if you really want to know just use it app or just make sure to eat a normal portion and you’ll be good and again drink water do not drink any sodas whatsoever doing this because that will really just again it will fuck it up no excuses those scrubbing around just yes you know water okay so after dinner you know you just wait awhile you get hungry again I do not eat a lot after that’s just what I eat is one meal 1 x from you and this is what you can eat I eat yogurt with maybe some honey or you can use a flavored yogurt but this is like 0% work where is it 0% 0 / M so fat you know ok so 0 grams of fat yogurt obviously for the proteins and just again too few the muscles okay so that was the last meal what I eat in danger is like couple of hours after dinner and 1 hour before I go to bed I just want to add some other food options in here what I eat if you’re still hungry after the / – before yo you’re really hungry eat a banana nut not 3 years just for the visuals you can eat a banana or just throughout the day like I said 3 piece of fruit just when you get hungry eat a banana or some other recent fruit and you will be good and another thing that is really optional what a lot of people ask question about do you need to eat protein powder or drink I guess you drink it as you can see I have the mouse and yes I do use it sometimes like lately I’ve been using it pretty much every day just to make sure like the progress is 1% but is it necessary no it’s not like definitely not it is a really easy way to get your proteins in and that is good for the muscle growth so it’s off you know and if you do not want to do it then do not do it if you want to just buy it just do whatever you want so this pretty much sums up what I eat in a full day I know it sounds like maybe a lot this is for me now and basically what I sort of ate when I did my body’s transformation is is really similar to this but it’s what I think I kind of upgraded so this is I guess I guess better and I really want to point out this was for me for someone who went from fat to fit I guess I could say that and that does not mean that you can’t use this one if you want to go from skinny to fit because if you’re using this one Oh some skinny to fit just AB more calories at bigger Muse at bigger sizes ab more nuts and look up some food they have a lot of calories in there you can use some avocado or stuff like that but just eat clean don’t go to the mcdonald source of a fun fact about the McDonald’s where we live right now they just add another McDonald’s or just like it’s the first one in really far away so my whole school is going there but my New Year’s resolution is to not even go there once in my life so but like I said with the nuts if you want to make the progress fast I just eat less so just don’t eat the nuts or something like that if you’re going from fat to fit you just lower the calories just like that because this this was for me like I said again my fitness spell is a good app to track your macros and stuff like that this was for me 2500 calories this full meal this is 2500 calories with a proper normal-sized dinner and that is what works for me to lose weight and gain this physique I guess so that are just my tips if you want to add weight add more food if you want to lose weight lose get rid of some of the foods something else for those who want to lower the food or just really like coffee go with black coffee and you can use that like 100 percent time of the day if you want to drink 110 cups of coffee probably not be that good for you but if you really like coffee it is good for you just go black there pretty much no calories in there just go black coffee and you’re good and out of macros of this full day of eating there are 151 grams of protein 244 grams of carbs and some other stuff normal portions like sugar and stuff like that and fats are 87 grams and that counts up to 2004 and and 96 calories like I said 2500 calories that’s good but I guess that’s what am an average need but this is what just works for me I just like I just said you just need to find out what works for you just play around with some of these foods and things like that if you want to use this let me know it works in the comments make sure to subscribe if you enjoyed this video if it helped was helpful something like that and like subscribe comment like I said everything make sure to turn a bus notification I will see you in my next video [Music] you

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