you're not dying in for fucking taste motherfucker you died in for the results that dieting is going to give you oh it tastes so nasty I can't guy you whining ass bitch pacifier fucking pussy shut the fuck up and eat that shit it's a lot of hard work it's hard work that most people don't realize and it's I think the consistency of the hard work is the hardest part you know anybody can get off it and go train and go do cardio and have a good day dieting here and there but when you do it for you know too weeks I think that's when it really starts to wear on you where's egg whites and oatmeal the breakfast of champions fucking egg 24/7 chicken chicken chicken and fish this deal is not for my fucking enjoyment his heel is for a purpose and that fucking purpose is the performing muscle on I mean if my life's tarnished my tours and pot I don't mister I don't have a machine at this point in time you know what you have to do chicken baekpa theta so this is like my typical post-workout meal shake whatever we got 200 grams of egg whites 142 grams of chicken we're going to Turkey extreme chicken shake it's a frozen to get it's pretty cooked and frozen the comfortable eating your chicken you can just drink it like that the average person is for taste we need to feed our bodies this is fish honey w12 was every two hours every 12 hours you willing to push yourself harder and and push the limits harder and and push yourself through plateaus outside of your comfort zone oh we all you know I prefer to drink it reason I do are men put my body through all that it becomes I'd love it pretty much just going to be dying eating nothing but fish freaking tilapia broccoli spinach yeah my life sucks right now good old cheap chicken on it


  1. If we put all those muscle heads into a wasteland they will starve to death bodybuilders only are good for looks that's it.

  2. I don't eat that for enjoyment. I eat that for a f**king purpose and the purpose is to put some f**king muscle on…

  3. Blended frozen chicken?? Wtf that’s what we’re working with here, thats what you’ve come up with? Retards sorry!

  4. You can eat flavorful food and get ripped I don’t understand what the problem is here guys? I eat great food daily and I’m making gains daily and staying lean

  5. Cutting right now, so much to the point where I dont even have an appetite right now. It is 10:40 im at a hotel staring at a pound of cold tritip. Time to hate myself

  6. Swear motivation for eating is the only kind of motivation I need. I have no problem doing everything else 😂😂

  7. Id like to see the same discipline and work ethic but without steroids…see how long your "motivation" lasts

  8. There will be sometime when your own loved ones doesn't understand you and Don t support you on your journey…..but if u want to be something great…you have to support yourself…… story of my life…. struggling right now. 😢..but i will not give up that's a promise..and someday you will know my name😤😤

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