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Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing.
I got a lot of requests from people asking me hey Ken what happened to Jon
Bon Jovi’s voice. Well it’s true Jon has been struggling with some vocal issues
and I have a singing course called How to Sing Better than Anyone Else and I
walk you through step by step how to take good care of your voice over time.
I wish Jon had taken better care of his voice because he wouldn’t be
experiencing the same issues that he’s having right now but to pay homage to
Jon and in tribute to him I decided to go ahead and record about six Bon Jovi
songs of what I would have done differently a. had I sung the songs and
singing in the same basically the same age I think he’s almost two years older
than me or something like that. We’re around the same age and I am 55 and I’ve
never sung better but it’s because I know how to take good care of my voice
and I work it out every day like you’re supposed to. So with that said let’s rock,
here some Jon Bon Jovi. Hey guys if you like what you heard
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100 thoughts on “Bon Jovi – Bad Medicine – cover – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. Hard work, effort and keep rocking. Thank you brother for the reminder that it is possible. Great video. I’m learning from you always.

  2. Curious, for singers that have seemingly not taken care of their voice, is it irreparable at this point or possible they could restore it?

  3. Mr.. Ken.. Please.. Cover..
    Always by Bon jovi..
    You're soo good.. You can sing everything.. You are the definition.. Of singing.. Nice job.. 😏😎

  4. One of the best cover that i've heard. Your voice is so perfect. Please if you can, analyze this song from Rob Rock. It's Insanely powerful:

  5. Ken this is an amazing cover of Bad Medicine! I want to be able to sing rock like you but I don't know what video I should start on to learn how to sing as well as this could you please suggest some that could put me on the right path if you know what I mean?

  6. I have a very important question, Does having thyroid problems affect your vocal chords? ~ I'm not asking for medical advice but have you heard from anyone you know about this subject? ~ Thank You Ken!

  7. My breathing is stoping when i listen to this its amazing how you sing wuth a such a high pitch love your channel

  8. Damn Ken…Very hard song for vocal cords. Almost permanently distortion during entire song. Hat down and like up. Incredible performance. Are you one from greatest teachers of singing in the Solar system. Greetings from Titan….

  9. Hey Ken. Have you ever looked at a channel called truth surge. Interesting guy. I also believe doing a reaction video to some oh his 80s hair band covers would be great for both of your fans as well. Another great video. Keep them coming.

  10. Hey Ken, i love your vids. Im a huge Bon Jovi fan. I wanted to ask you, if Jon would be able to recover his voice if he really wanted or its shot for good?
    Isnt 35 years of touring the main reason it has suffered?
    All the best to you!

  11. Hey, Ken! Recently I had a cold or some infection.
    It was hard to speak due to the fact that the voice constantly disappeared when I tried to say something a little bit higher. But due to the specifics of my work, I need to talk all day with people. A week has passed since that, my speaking register is all good, but I completely lost my head register. I literally can't use my head voice. Instead of making the sound, I make something more like hissing. Is it okay and will it all pass over time, or is it some bad sign for me?

  12. I didn’t realize at first that you were going to be singing the song. You are amazing!! While listening to you sing this song, your vocals are awesome but I also noticed that your pronunciation of words was better than Jon Bon Jovi’’s. Sometimes when I was listening to Bon Jovi songs, about halfway through the song I would have difficulty understanding the words. It might have just been the noise from the band, though.

  13. Her Love might be a Bad Medicine for me Ken, but gosh your voice is a Good Medicine for my musical soul!! Period.

    p.s. : I like when you're doin air keyboarding in the beginning of the video, lol

  14. Makes no sense to me why big time singers don’t employ professionals like Ken to keep their vocals in shape.

  15. I went to see Bon Jovi this year in the UK he sounded absolutely brilliant at that concert, still had that quirky tone he has ! Excellent job on that one Ken !

  16. You sound great, and I appreciate that you sang everything so clearly…but holy moly that breath control though!!! To me, that was incredibly impressive.

  17. U r soo amazing and u r very helpful and I’m going to b on agt in November 10th for audition and this is what I get prepare for my audition

  18. Would think that trying to constantly tour would destroy your vocals over time. The songs he sings are constantly difficult and to perform them as you get older would be hard. A great cover though.

  19. Ken if I could suggest a song I’d love to hear you do “wild in the streets” I think it may suit your voice very well, love the Bon Jovi covers👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  20. I have never ever liked this song, until YOU !!! Very very nice, your voice and projection is absolutely fantastic 👌. Wholly Batman that was brilliant !

  21. Hi can you please react to Jona's version of McArthur Park (PrimaJona Concert) and Somewhere over the rainbow ( The Aces Concert). she isna highly technical singer and tagged as Philippine Fearless Diva and Soul Princess.. Please.. new subscriber here …Thank you.

  22. Regarding Jon's voice:
    I think he suffers from hearing loss.
    Why do I believe that?
    1. He sings out of tune even in a lower register.
    2. His timing is layed back. He waits for the chords so he can have a clue where the pitch is.
    3. He sings super nasaly. I made an experiment: I put my fingers into my ears and sang one note.
    While I held the note I modified my tone. I whent from open mask to nasal. I noticed that the vibrations of my voice were being transmitted through my cheekbones to my eardrums when I went nasal. That's Jon's new in ear monitoring.
    What do you guys think of my theorie?
    I think I'm onto something because Jon always sounds like he's having a bad monitoring day.
    Rock on!

  23. There is certainly some truth to Jon not taking great care of his voice; he is a smoker, which makes as much sense for a singer than a runner.That being said, I also believe technique is as much of a culprit which Jon never had good technique. He never really learned to sing from his diaphragm. Earlier in his career he sang through his throat. Not good- but man did he sound amazing. Once that started to take a toll, he kept singing through his throat on records but adopted a singing through his nose technique for touring.This was a lot easier on his chords but presented a lot of differences between how he sounded on the record and how he sounded live. Now it appears he relied heavily on the nose technique for recording too. This limits his range but is also why his later albums sound very similar live vs record. No more vocal acrobatics but he is still a great songwriter, frontman and performer. Because he hasn’t used the throat voice for so long, it possible he has that capability again but he will need to hook up with a vocal coach like you that can teach him how to properly create the sound with out shredding the chords.

  24. JBJ was a terrific front man and his voice in the 80s was fantastic. i dont know what some of the people on here are thinking. Even today, yes he sings differently to make up for his loss of voice, but he is still damn good. Charisma out the wazooo

  25. Great job as always! I'd like to watch your react video to Jon Bon Jovi live performance from 2019. So many bad singing habits can be pointed and young singers could learn what should be avoided.

  26. “I need a respirator cause I’m running out of breath.” That’s a bald faced lie coming from you, Ken. I’ve never seen you run out of breath!

  27. You're saying you wish Jon had taken better care of his voice. So, at this point, in your opinion, would there be no hope recovering range? Or is the damage done?

  28. Wow Amazing Ken!!! You did a great job on that Bon Jovi cover. "Bad Medicine" is my favourite Bon Jovi song. I sang that song at karaoke night. I'm sorry to hear about Jon Bon Jovi's vocal issues. I hope he'll recover from it. You do know know how to take good care of your voice. You have a very strong voice. YOU ROCK!!!

  29. I think Bad Medicine is one of the trickiest Bon Jovi song out there in terms of phrasing and melody. Great job on this Ken! Thank you for covering this. How I wish Jon was able to save his voice.

  30. Excellent. Truth is that most of the singers from glam metal / metal / hardrock from the 80s and early 90s have lost their voices or have severily damaged their cords along the years. Axl rose, Sebastian Bach, Steven Tyler Jani Lane (in his latest years) are to me the biggest examples. Of course the kidnof life lived and excesses have a lot to do. Bands like Slaughter , Ratt, can´t even play the songs in the original tunes (and other songs that were classic top charts can't even be sung at all unfortunatelly)

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