BREAKING NEWS: Plant Based Doctor SCHOOLS What The Health Critic

What exactly are you documenting in this Documentary? Like the fact that you’re an idiot for most of your life, and are just now realizing that life causes Cancer? A doctor watches “What the Health” an actual doctor – an actual doctor – I guess the implication is that I am not an actual doctor You can see right there the MD next to my name Okay, first of all who is ZDogg? So let’s talk about ZDogg right here ZDogg who is now coming in as the expert was a hospitalist Now for those of you who don’t know what is a hospitalst, that is to someone who works in the hospital treating people that are acutely ill, they never have any outpatient setting where they’re treating patients. He left that field but you got to understand that he has no and I mean no background in long term preventative maintenance of health through diet How is it supposed to make another hour and a half Hour and a half dude. There’s an hour and twenty seven minutes left to go in this his video He is laughing in making fun of the movie from the credit line, from the very beginning. Do you really think that someone that would make fun of the movie from the very beginning of the movie is going to learn anything important from the movie? Then his first complaint right off the bat is like “Why are they making this movie?” “You’ve got to be stupid to tell people these Things, these are common-sense things, if you eat bad things you’re going to get sick.” If it’s so common sense then you got to ask the question: Why are we so sick? We have one of the highest rates of obesity in the world. We have one of the lowest longevity in the world and despite the fact that we don’t have socialized medicine We spend more money per capita than any other country on healthcare. We’re doing something wrong How is it that Dr. Neal Barnard gets the title premier researcher and diabetes expert? His first real complaint comes in with the diabetes section and he asks “Who is Dr. Neal Barnard to be the expert on Diabetes?” Oh Dr. Barnard has a very very good paper that is commonly cited, and you could look it up in That was a 72 week study on Vegan diet versus the ADA (American diabetis association) diet for diabetic control and he’s actually written some very very good articles. In fact in the “Obesity Society” meeting one of his articles got best article of the year where they’re comparing several diets for weight loss and of course the vegan diet did the best but besides that fact obviously ZDogg – I can’t believe I’m doing a video about a guy named ZDogg, but anyway ZDogg says that “fat is not the cause of diabetes it’s carbs” This is a very common misconception. For someone who hasn’t studied any of – I mean this guy has not studied Diabetes in depth – as it’s very obvious Intramyocellular fat and by the way – look I wrote a book with hundreds of hundreds of references and I get can’t go through that all right now It would bore the life out of you, and I would not be as entertaining as ZDogg but the basics is this: If you eat fatty diet, and it gets into the cells of your muscle interferes with your muscles ability to make insulin receptors then you become insulin resistant You’ve got many many studies to show that. He says in the video “Fat in the blood that doesn’t make you Insulin resistant” He doesn’t quite get it. It’s fat in the muscle cells intramyocellular fat, he missed that. Did he just say that fat in the blood is what causes diabetes? But there’s been many studies on this and he seems he put on that that kind of funny shocked face when we say in the movie that meat is strongly correlated with obesity now with Diabetes now. I’ll tell you ZDoggs’s never heard of the study “The epic Trial”. That’s because ZDogg again, I can’t believe I’m calling this guy ZDogg – ZDogg has never ever read “The Epic Trial” or studied it, the “Trial” was one of the largest epidemiologic studies on diet and disease processes including diabetes and there was a strong correlation between meat consumption and diabetes as was also seen in the adventist health study. The vegans did far better, I mean you know, Vegans with diabetes is a very rare phenomena. Whereas meat eaters with diabetes is a very common phenomenon, I see it on a daily Basis which is something that ZDogg doesn’t see because he’s not sitting – I can’t do a fancy video like him – because he’s not sitting on a day-to-day basis seeing patients for these disease processes treating them and then seeing the results. He then makes fun of me and asked have I ever done a physiology class overdoing the calories Obesity is a death sentence.
Did this guy actually take a physiology class like are you kidding me, wait? Carbs can’t be turned into fat? He really starts making fun at the point where I say that you cannot turn carbs to fat or it’s very difficult I say to turn carbs to fat and it’s true. It’s called “De novo lipogenesis” a term I’m not sure ZDogg has ever heard, but it’s been very very well studied I recommend ZDOgg if you’re watching this look at Hellerstein articles on this. It is very difficult for the body to turn carbs into fat the “De novo lipo” process requires that you be in weight caloric excess and that all your glycogen storages, storage of carbs in your muscle cells be saturated before any of that fat, any of those carbs will be will be turned into fat and in order to do that it takes energy, so you’re actually burning energy in order to do that. There was a really good study where they did a in hospital study: They put people inwards and they studied this and they found that when you really carb load somebody for four days I mean you give them tons of carbs very very very small percentage of that gets turned to fat Interesting this isn’t very funny at all. I’m like getting angry about this now If you are insulin resistant because you’ve got fat in your muscles and your muscles can’t put out insulin receptors, and you eat a high card diet that will cause your carb levels to raise and if your carb levels raise, your insulin level raise, insulin does cut off some sensitive lipase which means that your cells will retain fat. This is getting kind of complex not sure ZDogg can follow me – the bottom line is – yeah simple carbs mixed with a fatty diet – the Standard American diet is going to give you insulin resistance and is going to facilitate fat being held in the body when you eat it, but if you’re eating a very high carb diet with a very low fat diet basically a fruit and vegetable beans whole food plant-based diet, which we recommend you’re not going to get insulin resistance or very few people will.
Look the problem with this documentary already is that it’s going to mislead people into thinking there’s one answer, right? And it is not one answer. This is a complex issue. That’s why nutrition is so difficult to study and to recommend, because there’s no one-size-fits-all. Let’s just use some common sense, okay? We are one of the most overweight countries in the world, and we keep getting more and more overweight and people say “well then the Low-fat diet didn’t work.” We never went on a low-fat – in fact we eat a lot more fat now, both by content and by percentage than we did 20 to 30 years ago. We also eat more just about everything except fruits and vegetables, but if you look around the world and you look at the countries or the societies that have done the best, it’s hard to look at countries because they’re big and really heterogeneous, but if you look for instance at the blue Zones. Blue Zones were several areas where people had long healthy lives, there’s no obesity doctor in the blue Zones treating people for being overweight. The Blue Zones basically are living very healthy lives and if you look at all the blue zones that they did Acharya, Okinawa the Nicoya peninsula of Costa Rica, The seventh-day adventists that if you look at their diets, their diets are extremely carb heavy extremely. In Okinawa they’re eating tons and tons of yams. That’s a vast majority of your diet. Lots of Grains and breads and stuff in Sardinia. Beans and rice and vegetables and fruits in the Nicoyan peninsula of Costa Rica They’re eating tons of carbs. They did a study on Chinese centenarians and the vast majority of what they eat 80% was carbs. So how come they’re not fat? There Dr. McDougall has this comment of “the fat you eat is the fat you wear” and ZDogg ZDogg again, it seems to have a problem with this. He said “the fact you eat is not the fat you wear” That fat can be utilized as ketones, and he’s correct about that if you’re in Ketosis You know few people – no one’s in Ketosis The only people that are in Ketosis are people that are starving or doing in Atkins or Ketosis based diet Where they depleted their body at glycogen so their body goes into an emergency mechanism where it utilizes fat exclusively for fuel. I used to treat people with ketosis diets. I got very very bad results, good initial results, but everybody gained back their weight so I stopped doing it, and I did not think it was a healthy diet But in the normal human being you don’t eat fat and turn it immediately into fuel, in fact there are lots of science, that I don’t think ZDogg has looked at, where if you radioactively label fat and eat it, it does go very fast to the fat stores. I think “What the Health” shows you that money talks. I think people know this nowadays. We see it in government, I mean if you look at our food policy – the USDA recommends that we eat one quarter of our plate from fruit, one quarter from vegetables, one quarter from grains and a quarter from Protein, which can be vegetable protein and yet our farm bills give no money whatsoever to fruit and vegetables and the vast majority of the money goes towards grains to feed animals into animal agriculture, which is why a hamburger isn’t 11 Dollars, it’s 49 cents, but a salad is 4 bucks Yeah, the FDA and the government gives stupid nutrition recommendations I’m the first to say that Because they’re saying eat a hell a bunch of carbs like you need a balanced diet based on your genetics There’s going to be lots of complaints about the movie. I can’t sit there and argue with every one of them I’ve got to treat patients. Look you can believe me in the science and everything I present in all the different scientific studies that I spent years studying or you can beliefe ZDogg That’s your choice

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  1. I love Dr. Garth Davis – he's not only extremely intelligent, compassionate, caring, and confident – he's funny, handsome & doesn't take crap from people just trying to get attention, like Zdogg. I hope to someday interview him for the book I'm writing on the benefits of Incorporating raw food into the diet 😉

  2. Dr Davis is a ROCKSTAR of medicine and plant Based healthcare. And this Z Dog quack is debating like a elementary kid on the playground 😂😆 I just can't take the " dog" seriously.

  3. Type 1 Diabetic and eating a vegan diet with a HIGH CARB DIET is the BEST thing I could have ever done for my health and quality of life.

  4. I am sorry, but this documentary gives info in such misleading way that I turned it off. The only person who would ever believe all that this documentary says — IS A FOOL.

  5. What the Health is such an incredibly important documentary. It has the potential to save our entire healthcare system.

  6. What is: difference btwn a healer and a doctor…..what is a m.d.. what is a pharmacist….what is a whole food plant based diet….

    OK show your fangs!!! Peace..

  7. Too bad Dr.Garth bothered to respond to this ass hat’s commentary. Lol. It just gives grown men with Star Wars toys more notoriety and reason to continue being a dumb bell. People like him have no interest in studies that go against their already held views.

  8. I’m for what the health but the only question I have is. When I was 23 I was diagnosed with diabetes and I was over weight. I decided to do a low/no carb diet, which means I ate pretty much only meat, eggs, and cheese. Pretty much all fat meat products. Doing this made me lose weight and it also reversed my diabetes. Why did this happen if I wasn’t eating carbs?

  9. Tell Like it is Doc, Ignorant people can be so exhausting! I wish my primary care doc was a vegan! He needs to watch this video

  10. Thanks Doc! Nice to see a view from someone who actually knows there stuff. ZDogg is a clown, He's like a 15 year old looking for likes on the net. LOL Willing to be the court jester for internet hugs.

  11. OMG PLEASE REACT TO DR STORK or whatever his name is from The Doctors!!!! He says that bacon and eggs is a healthy breakfast like what an idiot. I would to see you school him!!!!!

  12. I watched this movie yesterday and am starting the vegan lifestyle. I am very happy I found this before being seriously sick. I am overweight so this will only benefit me.

  13. HELLO!!! Did anyone happen to notice ZDOGG, an idiot just shooting off his mouth with no research, validated studies that he references or substantiates any of his points awful coloring and dark brown circles under his eyes. Certainly doesn't look like the epitome of health to me. What a yahoo.

  14. So you're deliberately misrepresenting the video in question.
    Why dont you address the fact that the video claims that carbohydrates dont make you fat?
    Oh because you're super biased, thats why.

  15. Can I just say to zdogg that just because you don't want to believe the truth, pulling funny faces at it won't make it go away, or make your argument correct.

  16. "i can't believe I'm making a dog about a guy named ZDogg." Hahahahaha! I love that. That clown with a stethoscope who opens his mouth like that…. Oh my. A doctor for dummies.

  17. You don’t have to be a doctor to know basic physiology. That documentary is full of holes it’s a bullshit movie. It’s bias for vegan diets

  18. I like you a lot. You have a super good voice. The science is so clear. I don’t know why people either act so stupid or are stupid. But when I learned about the plant based whole food lifestyle, I switched one day to the other. It makes so much sense and is so logical. But people are so unwilling too change. I get to eat food in abundance and stay healthy and the same weight. The most sorry I feel for the people who would do it immediately, but don’t know about this.

  19. I feel like the more videos I watch like this one, the more the Youtube algorithm just gives me the same or similar shit creating a political and information vacuum. RIP personal growth.

  20. Zdogggg is a shill. He’s not worth anyone’s time. Having said that, Dr. Garth Davis did a great job here of setting him straight.

  21. I have been in the medical field since 1986 as a technologist in the areas of x-ray, ultrasound, echo, vascular and CT. I have dealt with many a radiologist, interns, surgeons, ER physicians etc. I am a big believer in that respect is not freely handed out, but is earned. I could easily give this man my respect, if I had the privilege of working with him. Z Dog? MMMM…Not so much. And from my experience with the quality of Physicians called “hospitalist” at the facility that I work, well…., let’s just say that most aren’t the brightest stars in the galaxy.

  22. You wipe your ass one time as a whole foods plant based vegan and you will never go back once you realize how clean your colon and insides are now…. real shit

  23. First of all, thank you 🙏
    Milk Drinking Meat Eaters that I have played ‘What The Health’ for, responded with I didn’t know that. I had also been thanked and told that they would review it again, then re-review it with different family members at different times spreading the films messages.

  24. Wow I can't imagine how incredibly insulting it must be for this REAL doctor to see that after studying this specific area of medicine extensively for years and releasing proven studies, published papers and abstracts, and scientifically sound research, that a significant number of people actually believe a fuckwit like"ZDogg" instead of him. And he actually had to take time out of his (I'm sure very busy) day to film a video explaining to these people that a man who calls himself "ZDogg" and uses emotions and shock factor to back himself up is an idiot. Amazing really.

  25. Thank you so much for this video. People like zdogg come in all forms. I can’t stand people like him. He disgusts me.

  26. Believe a rotten dramatic child or an actual doctor whose dedicated and didn’t just leave his field because of who knows what… I believe he probably left because he couldn’t work together with other staff and caused drama…just like he’s doing now lol… And just the name Z Dog 🤣… I can’t believe you could say it that many times without laughing 😂😭

  27. Dr. Garth Davis,
    Very well stated response to-I can't say his name- oh yes I can, Zubin Damania, MD's unprofessional and nonobjective review of "What the Health." It's sad to see that MedPage Today would support this behavior.

    If Zubin is listening and is willing to be part of the solution rather than a problem for our current disaster at management of human chronic disease, I can make it so he can participate in the McDougall Health and Wellness Immersion in Santa Rosa. (I'm sure he's really excited right now) I would allow him to shadow me with my initial client H&P's/Blood work, and then with the 6 day later lab and follow up. If he really wanted to be educated about the how fast a whole plant food, minimally processed, No Oil, low salt, low simple sugar diet, engenders wellness, he should jump at this opportunity.

    It was mind-blowing for me back in 2011 when I first shadowed John McDougall, MD, to see the live in patients drop their cholesterol and triglycerides 20-30%, blood pressure normalize (and he took them OFF the meds because if he didn't they would become HYPOtensive), and blood sugar normalize (and he would stop all insulin. Why because if he didn't they would become HYPOglycemic.) I am a triple board certified MD in Family and Lifestyle Medicine and Cardiac Ultrasound that has been practicing this way since 2011. I have never seen any therapy (meds, exercise, meditation, etc) come infinitesimally close to the formidable power of a whole, food plant based diet to heal the human body. Nothing has been more substantiated in the science of treatment, arrest and reversal of chronic disease than such.

    Also since he was trained at UCSF ("I’m a UCSF/Stanford trained internal medicine physician: how does he not know about the world famous Dean Ornish, MD who showed with DR. Debakey that heart disease can be reversed on a whole food plant based diet? I'm truly dumbfounded.

    Here's a quick quote from a story in 1990 about this groundbreaking research (Courtesy By DIANNA WAGGONER November 26, 1990):

    "'For me,' says Ornish, 37, “bypass surgery was like cutting the wires on a fire alarm without putting out the fire. It did not address the underlying cause of the problem.”

    Today the outspoken physician offers his own therapy in the best-selling Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease. Based on a one-year San Francisco study of 48 patients (now extended to four years by the National Institutes of Health), Ornish’s program prescribes not radical surgery but a total change in lifestyle. It advocates a low-fat, vegetarian diet, moderate exercise and stress-management techniques derived largely from yoga. According to Ornish, almost all of the 22 patients in his study group who followed his directions reported almost immediate relief from pain. “Eighty-two percent showed some overall reversal of their coronary-artery blockages,” says Ornish, “and not just the flow improved, but the blockages actually began to reverse.”
    Lancet. 1990 Jul 21;336(8708):129-33.
    , "Can lifestyle changes reverse coronary heart disease? The Lifestyle Heart Trial." Ornish D1,
    We didn't even talk about his research that has shown reversal of Prostate cancer, Diabetes and Breast Cancer and Increase in longevity of life with his research of Telomere's with their elongation rather than the "normal" shortening with cell division.

    OK enough of my scientifically based reaction.

    Keep up the great work Garth Davis, MD, you're my "G" Dogg! lol–well, maybe you won't, but I see the humor in it, cheers! Thanks again.

  28. I got sick and diabetic on vegan and used keto to cure myself, your wrong, people are sick and fat because of the processed crap sugars and processed packaged carbohydrates junk cheap foods

  29. I became Vegan solely for the fact that Cancer runs in my family, and I want to still keep plowing my wife like if we were 25 again😆

  30. what a foolish manipulative video you got here
    for example at 2:05 what exactly is the answer you giving το the specific question ?

    its nonsense
    fuck this video and fuck veganism bullshit

  31. I've been vegan for a year officially, and I'm no longer prediabetes, no longer obese, and my IBS has improved immensely! My energy is way up, my stomach never hurts anymore, and I truly function much better on a vegan, mainly whole foods diet👍✌️💗😆

  32. Thank you Dr. Davis for breaking it down to this Dr Zdog idiot. I became a vegan because of What the Health. It made me realize how i was hurting my body and i decided to change for the better. If Zassdog has an issue with a plant based diet then he can watch something else he doesn't have to make fun of it. It's insulting to all the people that had dramatic changes to their health and now don't have to depend on meds to live a better life. He is the kind of idiot that would recommend patients to take 13 meds to get better. Guess what I guess he gets rich by lying.

  33. What the health is a bunch of bull shit, BULL SHIT. I am not a doctor but I took a basic anatomy and physiology corse and that’s all it takes to realize that this documentary what the health is complete ass.

  34. Ok. So if carbs cant become fat and it burns energy I am gonna get ripped abs by eating bread all day long 👌🏼

  35. WTF is that hand sign Zdawg is throwing on the cups in his office? Where have I seen that recently? Is it political? Something to do with identity?

  36. Dr Davis would run lapses around this clown. Smack this carnivorous ugly face clown doctor with studies his great great grand children would want to be vegans. It's like watching Batman and the Joker.

  37. Really respect both doctors and I completely agree that diet plays a huge role in medicine and disease but when you're telling me in a documentary that eggs and chicken is just as bad as smoking 4-5 cigarettes you're out of your mind. If you're telling me that a high carb diet does not cause increase risk for diabetes or insulin resistance then you have to rack up on some extra CME courses because that is bullshit. When you're calling the ACA asking why meat is on their website you're probably going to end up talking to a call center representative not a scientist or doctor. But then posting it on the documentary? Doesn't make sense to me. Horrible way of informing the public and patients through this documentary. Not buying it. Diet is tailored to each individual with both end of the extremes being harmful.

  38. Most athletes eat meat… I think there needs to be a distinction between sedentary lifestyles vs very active lifestyles…

  39. Our NUTRITION PROFESSOR made us watch this dumb documentary so we can see how easy it is for anybody to state flat out lies as “facts” based on inaccurate studies. Similar to the way people inaccurately believe vaccines cause autism….

  40. notice doc is searching for words…this guy is a moron. Sugar is what cause insullin resistants. Sugar causes it.

  41. I can feel the frustration in Dr. Davis. There is much to digest when one sets out to learn about health, and no one mind can wrap their way around it all. The whole food plant based guys are winning. Thanks for the video, Dr. Davis

  42. Zdogg is a hospitalist? OMG! I can hear it now… “Paging Dr. Zdogg, paging Dr. Zdogg “! Then he swaggers in being very cautious to look cool and tells everyone to chill because he’s in the house!

  43. Amazing… we feed our automobiles the best of everything and fill our bellies with crap. We've been programmed to eat what is easiest to mass produce to make the most profit for "Big Organised Food." Wake up!

  44. You are foolish if you become identified with one diet type.. there’s so much conflict in the diet industry. There are people in Vegan, carnivore and Keto diets etc. that have all recorded good health. An all vegan diet has been shown to reverse chronic illness, but so has a raw milk only diet? Dr. Porter cured around 18,000 patients of chronic illness by having his patients consume a raw milk only diet… research the GAPS diet and how many patients (including myself) have been cured from consuming bone broths, fatty cuts of meat and cultured dairy. The best Doctors and dietary advisors to follow are the ones that consider the dangers and healing properties of ALL foods.. and don’t become identified with just one diet. Do not limit your nutrition because there is also plenty of evidence that suggests vegan diets for some people simply aren’t sustainable. Use nutritional advice from a wide variety of sources! This is the best way to optimise your health. I’m not saying this to prove you wrong or me right. I want to help

  45. Drs dont study nutrition – tiny bit but just old propaganda- 1 week over the 7 yr degree and theyre voting it out all together – its weird people think Drs know anything about nutrition
    However the vegan Drs have studied and are the only trust worthy ones

  46. “This is getting kinda complicated, I’m not sure that ZDogg could follow me”. Garth rocks! And so much information to try and assimilate. Great job.

  47. zdogg /dr. zubin damanian lost my respect after he unprofessionally accuses Dr. Davis by mocking him in promoting a plant based diet…
    really zdogg you are not so kool..maybe you should be a rapper instead !! ??.

    i've been following dr. garth davis for yrs and i love his presentations and speeches .. thank you for enlightening us !
    i can attest to what dr. davis is saying, I've been vegan for 20 yrs.. tons of energy, exercise daily, always maintained same weight over the 20 yrs ..and never felt better..
    everybody listen to the good dr. Davis !!

  48. ZDogg.. lol.. because that’s a name of a doctor I would trust! 🤣 Well, I suppose if he is a “real” doctor.. just because he passed the tests and received a diploma, does NOT mean he is anywhere close to a GOOD and informed doctor. He clearly needs to do more actual substantial medical research. It still surprises me to this day how uninformed many doctors are on nutrition and preventative medicine. If that could ever change, I think we would have a much healthier and happier society!

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