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– Hey, everybody. Happy Wellness Wednesday. Welcome back. I hope you’re having a wonderful day, wherever you are in the world. Wonderful day. Wonderful night. Wonderful, wonderful. So, it’s the beginning of October. We’re welcoming in a new season and it is the perfect time to
talk about Cancer Awareness. Obviously, it’s Breast
Cancer Awareness month. And because it’s in the news, because it’s in your social media feed, because it’s all over the place, which is a good thing to raise awareness, I think it’s a perfect time to talk about that cancer in general
and also prevention. So, I will be talking
about this a lot this month during our Wellness
Wednesday live time together. Hello everybody, good to see you. So, I’m gonna just start by
saying that as many of you know, cancer is a big part of my life. I live with stage 4 cancer. I’ve a very rare sarcoma. And cancer has definitely
impacted my family in a big way. My dad is living with pancreatic cancer. This is his third year. He’s currently back in treatment. So, it’s a topic of conversation in my family, in my home, a lot. And I know many of you
are cancer patients, many of you are survivors, thrivers, care-givers, doctors, nurses. And so, I just wanna take a moment because I believe in the power
of positive energy so much and I believe in the power of love so much to just put our hands on our heart and we’re just gonna send
out some good loving energy to every cancer patient out there. Some good loving energy. Some high vibrations. Some prayers and positive thoughts. Positive healing vibes
to all of the patients, all over the world and
also to the care-givers, the nurses, the doctors,
the family members because cancer affects everybody. And so let’s do that together. Let’s just put our hands over our hearts and send out our prayers
and our positive thoughts and all of our loving energy
to so many of the patients and the people who care for them and love them, who are in need. And know this, what you’re
doing right now with me, in this moment, makes a big difference. It really really does. So, thank you so much for doing this. And also, let’s talk about other things that make a difference, shall we? Hi everybody, good to see you. Gino is here. And Heather. And Nancy and Don and Carol and Sherri. Mike is here. Jesse, Jessica, Lisa, Carol, Sherryl. Mercedes, good to see you! Guys, I’m so happy. Deborah, fantastic. Hi, guys. All right, so I wanna
talk about some things that are important to get on your radar. So, the first one is to
take care of yourself. Do a self breast exam. Many of us shy away from this. We’re afraid to do it. We feel icky. There’s so many reasons
why we don’t wanna do it. I’m not even gonna go
in to all the reasons. We know the reasons. But it’s so important for us to do this. And so, I have a link that
I wanna share with you. Because a few years ago, I did an interview with my friend, Shaney Jo from the Keep
A Breast Foundation. And she led us through a very easy and basic self breast exam. And it wasn’t scary. It’s not intimidating. I’ve been doing it since then. Very grateful that I did the interview and shared it with you because it changed my own self-care practice. It’s basically gonna be you
and a mirror, your hand up and a lot of love, right? And I like to think of it, as something that you’re
doing that’s self-love, not some scary medical
procedure that you wanna avoid. It’s like, no, I’m
pouring love into my body as I check myself to
make sure that I’m okay. And if I feel anything, I’m just gonna go to the
doctor and see what’s going on. It’s as simple as that, right? But we build it up and make
it so big in our minds. And rightly so, cancer can be very scary. And I understand that. But what’s scarier is putting
our heads in the sand. That’s what’s scarier because we wanna try to catch these things early if we can. So, I wanna give you a link to where you’re gonna go for this. You’re gonna go to You’ll see the video. I wrote up the tips. So, they’re very easy for you to digest and you could start doing it this month. And I hope that you do. Again, There’s also a link in
the description, here. And the other thing that I
wanna say, is a few months ago, I don’t know if any of you. (giggles) I can’t wait to read
some of these comments. They’re so great. I don’t know if any of you remember the Wellness Wednesday that we did. It was a few months back
and I shared with you guys that I had been putting
off getting my CAT scan. So, I used to go every 2
years to get a CAT scan over at the Dana-Farber
Cancer Institute in Boston. Go see my oncologist. Get my blood work. Get all my tests done. See how I’m doing. My scan was so good this time. I get to come back in 5 years if I want. And I’ve shared with you already that that was a big graduation for me. But for a while, I had
been putting it off. I was busy. There’s so many other things to do. It felt like a tedious task. And then, I realized
that I’m basically saying I’m not worth it. Saying that my life is not
as important as my to-do’s on my list or running my
business or whatever else. And I quickly, grabbed that thought and turned it around and came to you guys. And I said, I need to
hold myself accountable. And then, within a few
more Wellness Wednesdays, I came back and said that I
have the appointment, I’m going. And then, I shared the results. Let me know if you
remember this experience. Let me know if you remember. Give me a thumbs up or something. Is this resonating with you? Maybe you tuned in for any of those lives. Well, the reason why I’m
bringing it up is this: Because we did this together. Because we had a conversation about it. I have Wellness Wednesday family. And because many of you
encourage each other to do it. A lot of folks went to their doctor. They stopped putting off appointments that they had been dreading. Whether it was the dentist
or the gynecologist or the dermatologist or the
oncologist or the lalalagitist. (laughs) Folks went and as a result,
I’ve gotten two emails already from people who found cancer early, right. And look, there’s a lot of
folks tuning in for these so it could be a lot more than that. But there’s two people that I know of, who as a result of the
conversation that we were having, they went and they were
able to find cancer early. And I’m just so grateful for that. And I’m so grateful for you guys, for holding space for these
very important conversations. This is not light, fluffy stuff. We’re trying to save lives here. So, I just wanted to share that with you because this is what the power of this Wellness Wednesday experience
together has showed me. And I wanna share it with you because if you’re one of those hold-outs, who hasn’t gone and
taking care of yourself whether it’s through the self breast exam or knowing that you’ve gotta go get some, take care of some business under the hood, let this conversation be your inspiration. It’s as simple as that. Okay, guys? Fantastic. Todd says, “I remembered.” Gino says, “Remembering.” Lisa says, “I remember it. “It made me schedule mine
and be accountable as well.” Wonderful, Lisa. Fantastic. That makes me very happy. Great. Okay, so, we talked about
where you can go to find out how to do the exam and again,
it doesn’t have to be scary. Just take care of it, right? Put a lot of love into it. And then, the other thing
I wanna talk about is I wanna make sure we’re taking
care of our guys too, right? So, men can get breast cancer too. And a lot of folks don’t know about that. They don’t talk about that. And we need to talk about that. So, it’s very important for men to make sure they’re taking
care of themselves as well. And certainly, if you are a
guy who carries the BRCA gene. Then, your chances of developing
breast cancer are higher. They’re not through the roof. Please do not let this terrify you. It’s just information for us to digest and responsibly look into. But also, if you are male
who carries the BRCA gene, you are a greater risk at for getting other cancers
like pancreatic cancer, which is my dad’s experience right now. And I imagine, obviously, this
is the same for women too. So, again, just information we
wanna responsibly look into. Okay? I know cancer can be a
scary topic to talk about. So, if you’re going through with fear, if you’re having any anxiety right now as you’re watching this
Wellness Wednesday, just take a moment and take a deep breath. Let’s do it together right now. (deep breathing) Take one more deep breath with me. (deep breathing) As I’ve said, fear is
oftentimes about future tripping and we’re just coming
back home to ourselves. Coming back to our center. Coming back into our hearts. It’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to fear that fear. And then, just guide
yourself back to the love that is right there inside of you. Guide yourself back to the present moment. It’s just me and you right now. Here together. And all of the fears that can come up. All the stories we tell ourselves. It’s just us right now. That’s future tripping. Those are stories. So, take that fear. Breathe it all out. Come back home to yourself, okay? So that we can keep talking
about this conversation because many of you remember a time when people whispered about cancer. They didn’t even talk about it. They were too afraid to talk about it. It was something that was very hush hush. And I remember, you know,
when I wrote my first book, Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips
back in 2006, right? It was a very different conversation. Social media didn’t even exist. And I just came busting through the doors with a title that nobody
had ever heard of, took everybody by surprise. Why? Because I wanted us to have
a conversation in a new way that wasn’t scary, that was practical, that made us feel, laugh, smile, know that we can get through it because we got a lot to do
with our big beautiful lives. So, we have to keep that
energy up and not get shut down by the fear of talking about cancer. Are we on the same page with that? Thank you. Wonderful. Love you, guys. Oh, I understand. Fantastic. Good, good, good. All right, so let’s just talk
about a few other things. First and foremost, when
we’re talking about cancer it’s also a perfect time to
talk about prevention, right? I was sharing in a
Instagram Live, just now that some of the books I read for cancer patients, my books included, I crave for folks who
don’t have cancer to read because when you’re going
through the heart of darkness and you’re doing everything
possible to survive and thrive and hang on for dear life and you’re reading some of these books that are so packed with
valuable, vital information, it’s like, this stuff is
what everybody needs to read. This information is what we all need to have at our fingertips. Not just cancer patients. And some of the most important
things for survivorship and thriving are often found
in books for cancer patients. Don’t be afraid of a
title because it’s filled, oftentimes filled with
wonderful information and I’m gonna share a new
book that’s on my radar that I just downloaded. And I’m gonna share that
with you right now, actually. New doctor on my radar. Found her through, of all
places, Good Morning America. Thank you, Good Morning America. And then, I realized
that a lot of the people that I respect, the doctors,
practitioners and researchers that I respect and I follow
also champion her work. Her name is Doctor Kristi Funk. Doctor Kristi Funk, the link is also in the description of this post. The book is called Breasts:
the Owner’s Manual: Every Woman’s Guide to
Reducing Cancer Risk, Making Treatment Choices,
and Optimizing Outcomes. And I started to follow
her on social media, Doctor Kristi Funk. And I’m really impressed with her. So, I know that I’m going
to be diving in to her work in more detail and I’m sure sharing it with you in episodes to come. But so, let’s move on. Because if, go ahead and get
this book, if it inspires you. Like I said, it inspires me. And even if you don’t have breast cancer, this book is for everybody because there’s a lot of
prevention tips in here. So speaking of prevention
tips, let’s move on to those. So, just a couple of things. You and I talk about this
all the time that’s why we, we have our Wellness Wednesday
family time together, right? I’ll fill you in what we’re talking about are prevention tips. And I wanna take a big
step back and remind us. So, for those who don’t
know this statistic in the first place, the truth is, is that our genes are
not our destiny, folks. Our genes are not our destiny. So often we blame that our genes and we say, it’s the luck of the draw. I’ve got bad genes and then
all be about the genes. But that is not the case. And only five to 10 percent
of all cancers are genetic. So that means the rest are result of diet and lifestyle and certainly things that we can control all the
time, like the environment. Which is why we do our best
to elevate our consciousness and make healthy choices that
start with what’s on our plate and the products that we put on our bodies and the products we use to
clean our beautiful homes, our sacred spaces and so forth and so on. And that’s why we talk about these things. So that we can not only feel better but stack the odds in
our favor, so to speak. So, I’m just gonna race through
a couple of topics here. Not race through but I’m
gonna speed through them. And I want you to think about what’s one that you could choose this month? What’s one prevention
tip that you could focus on this month of all of the things that I’m about to share with you? Give yourself a 30 day challenge. Give yourself a 10 day challenge. Whatever. But raise your consciousness
around one of these topics I’m about to share with you. And then, commit to it
and see how you feel. Because when we make these changes, slowly and steadily, right? We start to feel better. And then, we open the door
for potentially being able to take on more changes
if we have the emotional, physical bandwidth for them and so forth. Are you guys with me? Give me a thumbs up if
you’re with me, so far. Fantastic! Oh my goodness, such
juicy comments already. I can’t wait to go back. All right so the first one, you’re not gonna be surprised
that I’m gonna talk about this because I talk about this all the time. It’s about the power
of a plant-based diet. So plants, we want them
to be center stage. We want them to be the main players. We want them to be the
superstars on our plate, three times a day. Right? That’s what we’re going for here. So, if you’ve been one of those folks who’ve been putting
off eating your veggies then maybe the tip that you’re going to explore this month is, I’m gonna eat more of my
fruits and vegetables. I’m gonna eat fruits and
vegetables every meal. That’s easy to do. Even for breakfast. If you make a smoothie, for example. So, plants have the
medicine, the phytochemicals, the cancer fighters, the
anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals that it is the medicine cabinet. And I’ve shared my fridge is
over there, you can’t see it but that’s my medicine cabinet, okay. That’s my medicine
cabinet in the next room. It’s the refrigerator. It’s mostly the produce drawers. So, I just wanna throw that out there. And another one is exercise. A regular exercise practice. And we’ve been talking about this a lot in our inner circle wellness community. Folks are talking about upping
their game with wellness but doing it in a way that’s joyful and satisfying and happy-inducing. (laughs) How else would I say that? So maybe it’s like, going
for a hike with your dog or swimming or whatever
it is that gives you joy. Putting on your favorite dance class. There’s so many wonderful online apps now that you can do these
short wonderful workouts that aren’t, they don’t take a lot of time but they do take you far. So, if exercise is something
that you’ve been putting off, maybe that’s one of the,
that’s your focus this month. And again, it doesn’t
have to be complicated. Even if you do 15 minutes
is better than nothing. So, we wanna take these baby steps as oppose to making this
big overwhelming plans for ourselves that we
likely fall through with. Exercise. Upping your exercise practice. And trying to do it every day
at least five days a week. And I would say, 30 plus minutes, five days a week, you’re doing good. This could mean just
taking the steps at work. It could mean a lovely walk
after when you get home from the office or picking up your kids or wherever you’re coming home
from, something like that. Work it into your day, if you need to. Make it simple. Make it work for you. The next one is stress reduction. So, something that I talk about a lot in inner circle wellness
is stress reduction. It really is the
foundation of our community because I teach the
five pillars of wellness which for me are what you’`re
eating, drinking, thinking and how you’re resting and renewing. So, those pillars are essential and optimizing them are
essential for our health, right? But those are pillars, so
what’s underneath pillars? A foundation. A bedrock. A structure. What is that structure? A stress reduction stress management. Managing your reaction to stress. And a moment ago, when I
was talking about fear, what do we do? We took some breaths together. It’s as simple as that. We find ourselves out
to see future tripping, letting whatever comes that day take us to a place that’s negative, maybe we’re overwhelmed,
angry, jealous, frustrated, whatever it is, shut-down, heart-closed, we know what that feels
like in our bodies. You guys know of course, it all feels like rushing
through your bodies. You know what it feels
like to feel frustrated, shut-down, latched. You know that energy, right? That energy is the energy of stress. And we also have the opportunity to just notice it, forgive it. Say, aha here you are. And what can I do to
change the screen, right? It might be doing some breath work. It might be going for a walk. It might be laying on your floor and listening to a guided
meditation or your favorite song. It might be hugging your cat. I don’t know what it is. But whatever it is, make it a practice. And what is the practice
that I’m asking us to create? First and foremost, awareness. Awareness. I’m out to see with stress
right now and I have a tool box. And I can use any of those
tools because I’m aware, I see where I am, I can use those tools to bring me back home to myself. That’s the practice, guys. And it’s the foundation of
every sound, wellness practice. So, we can all do that. It’s free. And if we do nothing else,
let’s do that together. If we do nothing else,
reducing our stress, reduces our risk of chronic disease, increases our chance of
surviving chronic disease. So, let’s make it a very
non-negotiable practice. Can we do that? Can I get some thumbs up there? It’s simple. We can all do it. I’m so happy to see the thumbs up. Thank you, guys. Wonderful. And the last one is,
when we’re stressed out, what’s one thing, not everybody,
a lot of people are sober but the folks who are not sober or who are enjoying libations from time to time when we’re stressed out, we often go for alcohol. Not everybody, but many of us do. And so, another tip for
prevention is certainly for disease management and recovery is being mindful about how
much alcohol you are consuming. We know that it suppresses
our immune system. We know it doesn’t make us feel so great. We know it can increase
inflammation and so forth and so on. So, if you are leaning
on mommy’s little helper, that might be the thing
you focus on this month. And we got some amazing
folks in our inner circle wellness community who
are doing Sober October. And I think that’s just wonderful because our challenge
this month is hydration. So, you know, alcohol’s very dehydrating so if our challenge is
hydration, it’s wonderful that some folks are
saying, hey let’s go sober! Fantastic. So, anyway. Those are just some tips for you. Think about which one you wanna focus on. You don’t have to focus on them all. Look over your life. Just take a little internal scan and say, which one would be most
beneficial for me this month? Plant-based diet,
exercise, stress reduction, reducing alcohol, which one
would I like to commit to more, raise the bar on more this month? And just give it a try, see how you feel. Because when you make a change
in one area of your life, pretty soon you’ll start to feel better. That creates momentum
and before you know it, you’ve got a domino
effect of change happening without even feeling like
you had to work hard, deprive yourself, do more, etc. So, that’s my tip. That’s what I’ve seen in my own life and I know many of you have seen that too. Okay so, I wanna give you one more, (laughs) one more, one more, tip here. So many great comments
I can’t wait to dive in. A few weeks ago, I didn’t do
a Facebook Live about this but I want to tell you about it now. So a few weeks ago,
maybe even a month ago, my team and I put together
this toolkit for you, it’s called Cancer Therapies Toolkit. I don’t know if you can read
it or if it’s backwards or not. Simple tips for relief from chemo therapy and radiation side effects. So, it’s about 12 pages long. I’m just gonna cruise through
some of the things it covers. And this is yours, it’s for free. We put a lot of love and
energy and work into this. Our designers made it super pretty for you so it’s fun to look at. (laughs) Cause things have to be pretty. I’m sorry, I like to
create pretty things too. I think that’s part of healing. You should look at something
and be like that’s lovely. So, we give you tips for
nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, constipation, weight
loss and appetite loss, dry mouth, sore mouth,
mouth sores, anxiety, fatigue, which obviously is very common, cold sensitivity and neuropathy, skin irritation and so much more. There’s also some great recipes here. This is totally free. If you are going through
treatment right now or someone you know or love
is going through treatment. Please share this resource
because it’s powerful. We put a lot of time,
energy, love and research into creating it for you. And also, share what’s working for you too because we always update our
guides from time to time. Because we love to hear from
our fellow patients who say, “Oh you know what, I’m on the journey. “Here’s a tip that isn’t covered in here.” I wanna make sure you
know about this, right? So, let’s crowd-source this information. Of course, we fact-check everything before we put anything into the guide. So, that is there for you. Again, share it with anybody in your life who’s going through chemo or radiation. And I thank you for doing that. Hmm, right? I thank you for helping people. You’re wonderful folks. All right, let me just
check-in real quick. Okay, great resource. Thank you. (laughs) And Gino’s focusing on
reducing chocolate, okay. That’s wonderful. We all know what our vices are. Julie says, quite a while
since I’ve watched you. Boy, missed you! You’re amazing! Well, I missed you too, Julie. Welcome back, honey. Glad you’re here. Fantastic. Why I like to spend some
time in the comments after we’re done because
there’s often so many and so I’ll be chiming
in, giving you love. And good, good, good, good, good. Okay, guys. Well, I hope this was useful. Again, we’re gonna keep
talking about it all month. And have a wonderful week
until I see you next week. And if you have tips to share, please share with our community. We’re all in this together. I love you. You’re precious. That’s it for now. Bye, guys.

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  1. It's so important for everyone to take preventative measures to avoid any life-threatening illnesses like cancer. Thank you for sharing this message!

  2. Hi Chris, I Was referred by the CHris Beat Cancer. I have stage 4 lung Cancer. My medicine called IRESSA does not shrink the tumor but its keeping it from growing. If I have to live with this what do you recommend eating. Can you eat cheese and drink coffee, can you eat fish and eggs?

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