48 thoughts on “Bridging the physical and digital. Imagine the possibilities. ATAP. – Google I/O 2016

  1. Am i right that only the developer version of Ara has the cpu, gpu and display build in?I thought their goal was to create a fully modular phone…

  2. all i can really think with the jacket is "great, something else i need to keep charged". plz google make a better battery

  3. Wait a minute… if Soleil operates at 60GHz, thats WiGig data standard…. you gan use this for gigabit broadband too

  4. smart clothes isn't this smart clothes should do this : keep u warm in cold or cool in hotter weather, change colors, shouldn't get dirty and smell always good, shouldn't get wet , should connect with devices , should be solar power to charge batteries etc

  5. It's 2016. If you're screening a video of someone riding a bike with your product they should be wearing a helmet.

  6. One Question about ARA… The Prototypes like from 2013-2014… you could change ANYTHING, i know that ARA 2016 the CPU,GPU etc is know in the baseplate…

    1. Question: I can't change my display anymore? like in Prototype 2013-2014?

    2. Question: How good is the GPU and the CPU? And what kind of CPU and GPU is used?

    UPDATE: forgot Question 3:
    Cuild I do it Daydream VR ready?

  7. so what about the cpu and gpu? will that be modular? and the screen. in the 2013 version of ARA there was modular everything, but did they pull that idea completely?

  8. a little dissapointing that the fram has so many things that arent module. like the proccesor and screen and what not. But maybe they will make new frames in the future where that is the case

  9. When one knows the bankster-run side of Google, this presentation that ties technology to world wide enslavement for "public safety" by digital financial exclusiveness and individual economic control, the terrifying scenes of "1984" flash in the thoughts in vivid techicolour.

    This is NOT progress, people! It's oppression dressed up in pretty pretend clothes that poor emperor was duped into assuming he was being divinely clothed in.

    Like in "Wizard of OZ," look behond that little curtain at that silly little man portraying himself beyond reality to enslave those intended prey he sucked the life out of.

  10. Why not just put the tech into the bike helmet?? (Which the guy isn't even wearing!) Reaching over at the wrong time could create a distraction that ends in disaster!

  11. Really? Who's going to want to carry all those little accessories around with them?? "Oh dang!! Which one of these goddam module thingymajigs adds the functionality telling me where the nearest toilet is?" 44:41 Oh and there's the real diamond…which they've seemed to have completely missed!!! Finally…. 47:53 attentioneering? really?

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