British Citizens SHOCKED To Learn How Badly Americans Get Screwed On Healthcare

An amazing new video is gone viral on social
media posted by the Twitter account politics, Joe underscore U K and in this video, Britains
were asked how much they think American citizens pay for certain kinds of healthcare. You know,
certain services at the hospital or at the doctor or certain medications. And all of
them were shocked at how badly American citizens are getting screwed with our healthcare system.
Here’s a brief sniff a snippet from this video. Take a look. So two EpiPens. How much do you reckon they
are? $80. $600. $40? I’m afraid not. More? More. A hundred dollars? $150? More. $250
More. Shut the fridge. 300 pounds. $600? What? Why? That’s a very good question. $600 yeah. For me it’s more like just hives and shortness
of breath. So it wouldn’t be like an immediate death situation. But like, so I’ve been fortunate
about how to use it, but it’s something like, keep on me. Like I have my backpack right
now. I have it on me. Cost of childbirth. She’s um, 50 grand, something ridiculous.
Now I’ve blown it. I’ve blown the figures up in your head. And I have an odd cause they’re
large. It’s the highest generally speaking. About 30 grand. Okay. Okay. Reasonable, reasonable.
It’s so, it’s just like now I’m like a what? A benchmark. A hundred $200. Yeah. Uh, the average is about
10 grand. It can go up to 30,000. 10 Grand for a baby? An inhaler. $100. Yeah, you’re
pretty close. It’s a bit more $120? $250 – $350? For an inhaler. Yes. So if you’re poor, you’re
dead. I believe the young woman said it best when
she said, so if you’re poor, your dead, which is pretty much how the United States system
of healthcare operates today. If you’re poor, you’re dead. Her little soundbite, right?
There needs to be a campaign video, but only for the politicians who are actually pushing
universal healthcare. Medicare for all single payer plans. Not for your Medicare, for all
who wanted people, but for your Bernie Sanders types. If you’re poor, you’re dead. And that’s
not an overstatement. That’s not hyperbole. That’s what’s happening in the United States
today. People are having to ration their medicine. They’re having to hop the border both North
and South to go to be able to afford medications to stockpile it so that they can actually
afford it. And again, this is a uniquely American occurrence. Other countries do not pay the
markups that we pay here in the United States. Their governments negotiate drug prices. We
don’t because we’ve made it to where we can’t. We have promised drug companies that we’re
not going to do that because those drug companies are the ones who fund most of our politicians.
The healthcare industry funds them to the insurance industry funds them to the hospital
corporation. Every part of the healthcare system has their dirty little fingers on at
least one politician making these rules, allowing these companies to continue to gouge us at
the point of service. This has to stop and the only way to stop it is Medicare for all.
Not all who want it? Medicare for all period. End of policy. That’s the only way. And you
can’t phase it in either. I’m sorry you can’t. I do like Elizabeth Warren, but her, let’s
take our time. Put her feet up, just gradually get to Medicare for all. Nope, that’s not
good. That’s not good enough. People will still die. So let’s Institute a plan that,
yeah, guess what folks? It’s going to be a little painful at first. It’s gonna be a little
hard to figure out in the first couple of weeks and after that, everything should be
okay. Change is hard sometimes, but not as hard as losing a loved one because they couldn’t
afford their insulin. Which would you rather have a couple of weeks of confusion about
healthcare or sticking someone you love in the ground because of the price gouging from
big pharma.

100 thoughts on “British Citizens SHOCKED To Learn How Badly Americans Get Screwed On Healthcare

  1. 😒🍿😉👌Now wait a plucking Turkey dealings moment! OUR politricksters are aLLEDGLY LOL legalized Drug dealers for HC INDUSTRY'S BEST traphouse dealings.⁉️👌🏛🇺🇸☻

  2. I lived in Britain for the first 25 years of my life.This is bullshit lies. It costs way more in Britain for healthcare then it is in America. So the only thing that needs to stop is lies by ROF and Democrats.

  3. To all Americans.. it's a joke when it comes to your health care.. if you have no money.. DON'T DIE.!
    And here you are laughing at the rest of the world especially China and like as if your America is a democratic and a free country.. SO WHAT'S FREE.?
    the world citizen and NATO are laughing at you and YOUR PRESIDENT.. what's so great about America 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Americans only have themselves to blame for continually voting for Republicans. I'll say it again….America is one stupid country.

  5. Here in Australia a twin pack epipen is approximately U.S.$26, my asthma medications the prescription preventative is free and the non prescription reliever is around U.S.$5 to $7 and my other prescription medication is free because I am not currently employed.

  6. Farron, I wish your crocodile tears for the poor and the dying was true. I really do. Because that would mean that you, as a leader in the hardcore progressive voice, actually cared about others. But the sad reality is, you don't, Hardcore progressives don't care about others. You claim you do, but you know you don't. If they don't blindly support your views without question, then they are your enemy.

    Just admit it, you hate all democrats and liberals, just like the republicans do, And that is why the republican party wins. Only you hate everyone not you, who doesn't blindly fall into lock-step with your agenda. Just the way the republicans hate everyone who doesn't blindly fall into lock-step with their agenda. That makes hardcore progressives, just another version of the republican party. Willing to burn down the country, to throw all it's ever stood for and against, right in the dumpster, unless people side with you to make your party win. Again, that thinking, is why the republicans will continue to win. Your helping them win. Your dividing the people who support your causes, because your doing republican 'absolutes'. "if you ain't with us, your against us". Garbage.

    The sad part is, you dismiss people who actually agree with you on many issues. But because if we don't drink your kool-aid and blindly support every thing you believe, you hate us. That is your problem. That absolute thinking, has split the democratic and liberal base. Those that agree with you, and those that think your going to far. People are scared of change, and your making people real scared. Fearful that if your side wins, that your side will be as bad, if not actually worse than the republicans.

    Your numbers are not large enough alone to win against republicans, And you hate them, nearly as bad as you hate democrats and liberals. And that is why republicans will continue to win. Because they help fan the flames of hatred you have with democrats and liberals. Meaning no one sides with you. Leaving you to continue to hate everyone not you. President Obama tried, but you like so many fail to realize that republicans blocked most everything he tried to do. Leaving you to hate on him for not being the progressive jesus. Any one who fails to live up to your standards, is your enemy. And you think that is going to 'make' democrats and liberals side with you? Wakeup call time.

    Insulting democrats and liberals for not being there licky your boots, will not make democrats and liberals come running to you to lick your boots. Insulting us, only makes us more sure that your side is just as dangerous as the republicans are. Your not making friends and winning people over to your side. All your doing is just what the republicans have done. Pushing out everyone that's not a mindless drone to your cause. Yeah it means your side is more pure progressive, but it also means there are less of you. Just like the republicans. And just like the republicans, your trying to scare others to side with you. The republicans do their warmongering, using fear of war to get people to vote for them. And you progressives are doing almost the samething. Using fear to drum up votes. But again, your forgetting the people who are more in the middle, who do agree with a lot of what you say.

    When are you going to realize, just because we don't agree 1000% with everything you say and push, doesn't make us the enemy. This hardcore hatred that you hardcore progressives have, towards any who don't bendover on your command, will not make your side win. Your going to need allies. And your insulting the very base that would be your allies. Stop demonizing everyone who is a democrat and a liberal. Not everyone buys into the rich game. Some of us actually believe money should be removed from politics, but to even try to make that happen, your going to need to take over all 3 branches of government in such numbers, that republicans couldn't ever have a chance at stopping it. Then you have to make sure for decades, that republicans never win back those 3 branches of government. Because like Roe V. Wade, they will challenge it in the courts for decades.

    Get democrats, liberals and progressives into office, THEN push to get all 3 to agree to change something. That is the only way it's ever going to change in America, except for a civil war. And the republicans want a civil war. They for the guns, the ammo and the willingness to use them on progressives, democrats and liberals. So unless you want the republicans ruling America for centuries, you best find allies to change the laws.

    But Farron, you know you won't admit to this, you won't admit or even agree to how to do it. Just like 2016, if it ain't your 'Lord' Senator Sanders that gets on the ticket, hardcore progressives will once again refuse to vote democrat, ensuring that the orange freak show gets 4 more years. Which he will claim is a referendum on his Presidency, to declare himself 'Dictator for life'. None of you hardcore progressives will admit that is a thing. Because you hate, loath, anyone and everyone who doesn't bend a knee and do you without question. You hardcore progressives are just as bad, actually worse than republicans. Because you KNOW what your doing, and your doing it to hurt everyone who wouldn't, didn't blindly support your 'Lord' in the election.

  7. I just lost my brother in law one day before Thanksgiving age 39, because he couldn't afford his kidney dialysis. He left behind four children and my sister. He had insurance but it didn't cover it all. He was on a donor list for years but the bills just kept coming. His life insurance policy paid his back payments and left his family with just over 20k. That was with a 150k life insurance policy.
    Sad. His kids 2,7,9,13 my sister 26.

  8. Everything starts with good health, without you literally can't do shit, this is when asked what people wish for is to have good health. Many countries have realized this not recently but since like forever it seems the only ones that are backwards thinking are the USA. Hell even so called "3rd world " countries have universal healthcare that is far much better than USA.

  9. We get the same impression of USA here in Canada. In 2016, I had 3 surgeries and a 70 mile emergency ambulance trip, 5 visits to ER and 2 months in & out of hospital. The only money we paid was wife's parking when she took me to ER or visited me in hospital.

  10. When I was growing up I was told how lucky I was to have been born an American. And back then I was. Now not so much. If I get a major illness or need medicine long term, I may have to consider relocating to a country where the citizens are still lucky they were born there.

  11. My bills for chemotherapy in 2005 topped $500k. Had I not had insurance the bills would have doubled, because uninsured individuals pay more. With co-pays and deductible payments I still nearly lost my home. Homeless or dead, great choice. I'm certain this would cost more in 2019 dollars. We deserve better.

  12. Me: birth is expensive. Let's not have any children ever.
    Girlfriend/betrothed/wife: instead of that, lets have three kids. I've always wanted kids because I came from a big family and can't imagine my life without being a mom and raising kids.
    Me: Well, I'm gonna have to break up with you/divorce you, because I don't want or need to go into a crisis-level amount of medical debt for something that doesn't have to happen.

  13. Medicare for all will never happen in this country, cause doctors don't want to give up the millions they make working for those medical centers that charge outrageous prices for everything, even something as simple as a tongue depresser. Yeah – stay healthy citizens. Oh, have a great Holliday season.

  14. "If you are poor you are dead" in America. Yet America "God's own country" is the richest country in the world, her citizens are ATM machines at the hand of the Politicians and their collaborators.

  15. I walked into a medical office that didn't have an ER dripping blood onto their carpet. They asked if had an appointment. Sure, my Dr. did actually wrap my arm in gauze after I lost my temper. But I was bleeding everywhere and it was over 2 hours to the nearest emergency room. I guess I was supposed to put a tourniquet on myself and sit there waiting for 2 hours for an ambulance.

    Different place, but similar situation. I had sliced right through my thumb. I could look through it. Not life threatening so I just put some paper towels on and duct taped it closed. Stopped by the Dr. on my way home. "Hi. I cut my hand pretty bad, it might need stitches. If you tell me to go to <hospital name>. I will just go home and leave it tapped together for a week." When we took the tape off to get a look; my hand started draining blood like I was changing my oil. They put 3 stitches in my thumb.

    I'd learned from the last time. Duct tape is better at controlling bleeding than American Health care.

    This doesn't even go into when it took 6 months to identify a broken bone. 20+ x-rays told me I was "fine" during that time. 1 CT scan, 6 months after the injury, had me being told to spend as much time as I could sitting still and doing nothing. Moral there is getting a good X-ray of the sternum is hard to do. Also, never break your sternum, almost all of your body is connected to it, take the hit in the ribs.

    The system isn't just stupid in the cost. It's completely shit. Both times I could see the problem, I knew something had to be done. Even when trained medical people wanted to just dismiss me because I existed. The one time I couldn't see the problem, I got dicked around.
    I use the American Health care system when I've run out of options. I still say we're not far off from being told, "bullet wounds are pre-existing conditions. You've clearly had this injury since you were shot. So we aren't covering it."

  16. Jack Ma said,UassA spend multi trillion dollar spending on war, they can help American with that huge amount of money to help the economy and the poor peoples,

  17. Wow in New Zealand having a baby is free did not realise it was that expensive in US. Most all medical free here except doc visits free but after 16yrs old about $30.Feel for you guys

  18. I have cirrhosis of the liver and have no insurance or can afford to see a liver specialist, so I am actually waiting for the worse to come at the age of 49

  19. OK you’re incorrect and you’re mischaracterizing what Elizabeth Warren said. Elizabeth Warren makes a very valid point that a lot of Americans are afraid not only of what Medicare for all will cost them, but of the quality of what they’re going to get. Some people have really good health insurance. I’m totally for Medicaid for all, but I’m one of those people with really good health insurance and where Bernie Sanders wants to price it it will cost my family five times what it cost now. Not only can’t we afford that right now, I know it’s not going to just be “hard to figure out for a couple of weeks”. You speak like a person who is never had to get by on a current government program. We can’t even get right the ones that we have!! We probably would if we didn’t have the obstruction of Republicans, but we do. So Elizabeth wants to phase it in over three years so the people can get the opportunity to see that they don’t have to be afraid of it, and they should welcome signing up for it. Not everybody has the same decision making process.

  20. I live in Thailand, there is free healthcare here once you are in the system. I bought an over the counter inhaler for $12 a few weeks ago.

  21. We are supposed to be the richest nation in the world, yet many Americans can't afford the drugs needed. I recently had an infection on my lower left leg my doctor prescribed Santal when I went to the pharmacy the cost was $ 253 & that was supposedly with my Medicare part D. I later found out through a specialist who treated my wound that only one Pharmaceutical company made Santal thus the high pricec because of lack of competition and a generic brand. Thanks to the specialist doctor my leg is healing. There are so many examples of people not being able to afford there prescriptions it's almost a form of genocide when Americans can't afford thier prescriptions. Yet there are so many countries that are able to afford thier Version of healthcare for all that are at a less economic advantage than America is WHY.

  22. i live in the usa mexico border
    on the mexico side
    our health care system is just awful
    but i would never change it for the american one
    at least ours doesnt put a price on human lives

  23. Fuck America, coming from a Medically retired Navy bet who the person who shot me was also in the Navy, did it on purpose and had rich parents so only 3 months in jail and the military kept him in, never got dishonorably discharged.

  24. Congress Members Get BIG Donations from Big Pharma..THAT IS %100 WHY AMERICANS DON’T AND WONT EVER GET FREE GOVERNMENTAL MEDICAL CARE, like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Switzerland ETC…go Google how many’s a long list!

  25. Danm theses big American companies are kicking our ass I need to move 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  26. Got a knee surgery privately (completely out of pocket) in one of the best hospitals in the country and it cost me about £6000. The same would have cost around $30,000 or more in the US in a mid-tier hospital. To have to pay a bit more taxes so that people in need have free healthcare is a no brainer.

  27. I'm a Brit, and I recently had a massive heart attack. Ambulance, 5 days in hospital, and now ongoing medication. Cost? £0. National Insurance rocks!

  28. Being called a Trump supporter and a troll in the comments because I know how my tax is spent in the UK. Fuck me. 😂 No wonder everyone wants Corbyn and his magic money tree to get elected. They are too dumb to realise they will be paying for it.

  29. In Norway when you pass approx $225 in fees to medicare (During 1 year), all fees are free (Government send you a 'bank card size' certificate). If you overpay you get it back from the government. Off course, in to your bank account automatically.
    And that are just fees, it is free healthcare remember.


    Why you Americans haven't revolted yet is a mystery to most Europeans…

  30. 2:00 More accurately it would be, if you're poor, we'll milk you for every red cent possible, bury you and your next generation up to your eyeballs in debt, and then you're dead. USA, baby.

    4:34 You're assuming these people can afford to stick them in the ground. Did I say USA, baby? USA, baby. You're nothing but cattle to be milked by corporations and institutions.

  31. I've met many people over the years (including low income people) that take it for granted that, if one can't afford health care then one doesn't deserve it😑

  32. My dad was on medicare for 4 years before he died. He didn't get the quality of care I would have expected there either. I want something else.

  33. “ on the land of the ,richest wealthy who can afford doctors and medicine and the home of the corrupt government who don’t care abut the health of they own people only the ones who haves money 💵 ,,,,,, america america ,,,, 🤔🤔🤔💩💩💩🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  34. i'm from NZ and we pay $5 for months supply of medicine. to go to the doctor is between $30 – $50. this is without having any insurance.

  35. if you vote Boris/Tory on the 12 Dec, this is what you will get because Boris and his friends have their snouts firmly in the trough of privatising the NHS. They have been trying to bleed it for the last 10 years under austerity so that they can privatise it piece by piece. Dont let your dislike of Corbyn put your familiy's health and finances into the same position as the Americans. This is one of the reasons why so many wealthy people back Brexit.

  36. I had a pinched nerve and could barely walk for weeks. I now owe the ER almost 3K because I had to wait almost 3 hours to be "seen", then getting a room, waiting almost an hour to actually be seen. Then I was given two shots that actually cost about 9 bucks together but I got charged $400 a piece. I now only go to Urgent Care facilities. $95 flat charge unless I get X-Rays or something extra.

    Also I am in debt that I can't afford to get out of even though its only a few grand.

    I'm probably going to die with this exact debt looming over my lifeless husk.

  37. 2:30 So basically, Trump's wall on the southern border isn't to keep Mexicans out, it is to keep US "customers" IN

    Thank fuck I'm European.

  38. Americans are finding out, as the world watches in real time, what every other country has always known. The American people have been telling themselves AND EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD "We're the best! This country is the best, EVERYTHING here is the best!". I can even bring myself to thanking Putin for maneuvering the US into displaying how highly divided, uneducated, uninformed, self-centered, and corrupt they are as a society. Money addicts and gun addicts; best way to describe them. The USA is no model to emulate. Look to the Scandinavian countries, hell CANADA is a better model to follow than the American one.

  39. As far as not having a phase-in period? You seem to have overlooked this, but Bernie's M4A plan also has a 4-year phase-in. In the first year, Medicare would be be expanded to everyone 55 and older. In the second year, it would be expanded to 45 older, then 35 and older in the third year, and everyone in the fourth year.
    Warren's proposal would actually phase it in faster, with everybody 50 and up being covered in the first year.

  40. I'm Canadian, had to have 3 teeth pulled last year, didn't pay a single nickle. I use 2 hearing aids that cost about $1,200 each but are covered, as are all my batteries. I have psychosis and depression which caused me to attempt suicide, 6 months in a psychiatric hospital, no charge to me. I take multiple medications, never once had to pay for them, the only meds I pay for out of pocket is medicinal marijuana with a 20% online discount. Without our health care system I'd be so fucked, probably dead by now.

  41. If there were a living wage and universal health care people would be healthier just for the peace of mind it would give them. It would give people certainty. A sense of control. But these blood sucking capitalist are pigs. Our government is a bunch of pigs. Our government needs to be overthrown. people don't want a safety net, they want dignity and a living wage.

  42. I’m English and earlier this year l had two cancer scares. The NHS ‘Red Flagged’ me, as they do with all potential cancer patients. That meant l was seen and tested (blood tests, colonoscopy, cat-scan, MRI) by several specialists in under two weeks. Cost to me: Zero.
    Luckily l did not have either bowel or pancreatic cancer as feared, but all my future treatments were already lined up if had needed them. Cost to me: Zero.
    We pay through our taxes and National Insurance payments.
    It works out at around $1800 per year. But you only pay that if you are in work. Those payments also cover your retirement pension.
    That payment comes out of your monthly salary and is an average as it relates to income level.
    But you can go to the doctor or hospital anytime day or night. You can have every treatment available including chemotherapy and open heart surgery, and not pay a penny more.
    And that covers your entire family.
    And if you’re out of work it makes no difference, you still get the full range of care and services.
    We are fighting to save this in the UK from Trump getting his hands on our NHS if Johnson is elected next week.
    The NHS is our jewel in the crown.

  43. It's not always easy to get a baby, so that's why the prices are so high. If I sell you a baby for only ten grand you would have to be family because I'm taking a massive hit on that deal.

  44. I can walk off the street and pay $9.00 for a inhaler. Having a baby in Australia cost us $0.00. America you been ripped off by the rich.

  45. Excellent video. I am Scottish and have discussed healthcare with my American friends many times. It is immoral and repugnant the US politicians allow the Pharmaceutical companies to rip off their citizens. Our UK prices for the same drugs and treatments are a fraction what Americans pay. All low income Americans lives are at high risk because US politicians are being paid blood money to keep the ridiculous medical charges in place.

  46. I have paranoid schizophrenia and I'm on disability because I need healthcare. My illness causes a form of brain damage. It causes me to see and hear things that don't exist. I take medication for it and if I don't get my medication I get sick and it can take up to 5 years to recover. The medications I take cost $1200 a month. I'd rather work but I need a job with health insurance. If I have gaps in my employment layoffs or fired I can't afford my medications. I spent 8 years trying to work but kept getting laid off or fired. At one point I was out of work for 9 months. My mom was paying $1200 a month for me to get my meds. It nearly bankrupted her. I decided it was best to go on disability. I now survive in the richest country on earth with a 3rd world income. I get $900 a month from disability. I was making $800 a week when I was working. You know what $900 a month gets me for a place to live. A filthy motel room with bed bugs. Can't afford a car either.

  47. As a Canadian that lived in the US a couple years, I was always shocked at how much it is expensive South of the border. There is no logical reason why you should not get what all the other industrialized countries already have : Medicare for all. But the real stuff, the one Bernie is pushing for. Not what the others pretends Americans want.

  48. I don't know what the exchange rate is but over the counter inhalers are like 12$ Australian,I know things are bad but fuck.

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