Broad City – Abbi and Bingo Bronson Go to Whole Foods

rinoa buy me that Abbi oh manuka honey so reasonably priced buy me that Abbi oh great mmm crash ooh earth-friendly cereals knock them over Abbi they wanna be on the ground next up probiotics I'll be $1,487.56 using a credit card addy you got it because you thought you needed more than one card to be an adult right well now's your chance to bail on what you'll get Starwood's points I'm so proud of you quick let's get this into a bunker before the big one hits hello there has been some unusual activity on your account and would like to confirm that you abbi abrams made the purchase of $1,487.56 and the whole foods in gowanus brooklyn oh my god of course she's always from your clear answer I can tell you are Abbi Abrams and this was not a fraudulent charge thank you my business with one trust by on the flip side you crazy damn this neighborhood is changing stop it that's so in a broadleaf it well spread around me hey mortals are you okay you skirt the Atome oh oh my ankle oh my god sorry so sorry sorry oh my god you're so scary more in three in two in one

41 thoughts on “Broad City – Abbi and Bingo Bronson Go to Whole Foods

  1. Ilana is so sweet, she doesn't care that abbi spent all that money on her account, she's just glad Abbi's okay :')

  2. did anybody notice that she threw a brown jar, then after it looked like a jar of honey on the ground?

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