Cancer Reversal Through Diet?

just like with diabetes the same diet that prevents heart disease can be used not just to treat it but to reverse it next year will be the 20th anniversary of Dean Ornish's landmark research showing that without drugs a near vegan diet could reverse atherosclerosis dissolve the plaque open up the arteries well if that's the case can't we just eat whatever we want and then just just start eating vegan after our first heart attack to dissolve the plaque away unfortunately there's a little something called sudden cardiac death half of those that die of heart disease just drop dead so our first heart attack may indeed be our last but not in the way we were hoping so what's Ornish up to these days well he's still reversing heart disease nearly three-quarters of patients and giant afree without drugs or surgery but now that he's conquered the number one killer he's moved on to trying to reverse killer number two cancer PSA levels are typically what's used to follow the progression of prostate cancer in the standard diet group they got worse in the vegan diet they got better no surgery no chemotherapy no radiation they just started getting better here's an mr spectrograph showing the drop in cancer activity on the plant-based diet to figure out what was going on they took blood from each group and dripped their blood on prostate cancer cells in a petri dish to see what effect the dietary change had the blood of the standard diet patients did reduce the cancer cell growth rates by about 10% their bodies and their immune systems we're doing the best that they could to beat back the cancer the blood of people on a vegan diet though not the cancer growth down 70% eating a plant-based diet made their bloodstream eight times less hospitable to cancer now this is after a year subsequent studies have shown that one can see a significant cancer fighting effect after just two weeks on a plant-based diet with exercise what's happening it seems is that the vegan diet reprogrammed gene expression within the prostate gland itself Ornish to biopsies before and after the dietary change and you can see the subtle shift in gene regulation from more red – more green the green denotes genes that are being down regulated under the lifestyle changes before and after Ornish's two year follow-up was just published last year a significant number of the standard diet group were forced to go into surgery for what's called a radical prostatectomy which often leads to urinary incontinence and impotence and 60% of men coming out of surgery but not a single one of the men on the plant-based diet had to go to surgery

26 thoughts on “Cancer Reversal Through Diet?

  1. Incredibile!
    So,wouldnt these results give credence to the work of Dr.Nicholas Gonzalez or the more controversial Gerson Therapy?

  2. "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." It's amazing how big industry is trying to prevent this truth from reaching out to the "sheeple".

  3. This is revolutionary, its a great shame that your average Dr doesn't know this, I'm sure if you had cancer you would do everything you could to reduce it

  4. I had prostatitis psa count 28.3 which dropped to 0.7 in 6wks by adding 6 brazil nuts, a handful of pumpkin seeds and flax seeds twice a day. Vegan raw would no doubt have helped a lot more for a weekend or two at least. Don't know about cancer though.

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  6. Actually , I believe Ornish's "Near vegan diet " included fish oil only which he used to be a proponent of but last I heard he reversed his endorsement of fish oil .

  7. Could it be that these people were getting better in spite of their diet, instead of because? You're talking about a 'near-vegan diet' reversing atherosclerosis but the intervention was also stress management, aerobic exercise, and group support as clearly seen at 00:23 in your video.
    The study where Ornish was still reversing heart disease has a 1h/day stress management intervention – so he's not exactly keeping all the other variables the same.

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  9. So called Doctors are shoving stents into millions of Americans to combat heart disease. It's CRIMINAL!

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