Carrots – – Winter Foods to Grow in Your Garden 3 of 6

and so I grow a few different kinds and different colors of carrots like I do the orange ones the purple ones white ones yellow ones and I they have names but I ordered them all from rare seeds calm the Baker Creek seed company I usually order like half a dozen different varieties of carrots I plant all of them then I forget what they are so to be honest I just enjoy the surprise of at the time that I order the seeds I order a wide variety of carrot seed then I plant them correctly but I forget what they all are so I don't know I think this is called might be called a Danvers or something like that I got a look at it but they're heirloom variety seeds so they do go to seed and I can harvest the seeds if I let them over mature and all my non-vegan friends like to give me a hard time being vegan I've been vegan 15 years now and I'd like to say Jake you can't be vegan because you can't find a vegan source of b12 and I've heard from a lot of vegan people that the b12 is in the soil so when you over clean your veggies you actually wash a lot of the nutrients out so my wife doesn't do this but I do I just kind of like knock the dirt off with my hand a little bit kind of like that just there's like no big clumps and then I don't wash it up I just kind of leave it like that and eat it and I figure I got the most organic healthy by genetics oil on the planet Sun I mean that's great not only is a good it's grown with compost and coconut coir and rock dust minerals and sometimes pond water and all that stuff but there's the emotional attachment that I have to the food right I'm the one that oppa grabbed the seeds I'm the one that looked at them in my hand I'm the one that brought every square inch of soil to this raised bed I'm the one who put the seed in the raised bed I'm the one that watered it nurtured it cared for it protected it grew it now I'm gonna be the one to eat it okay so that is the best carrot I've ever had honestly I think every year my solo gets better and better and it grows better and better food that is the sweetest juiciest most carrot tasting carrot I've ever eaten all right you want to go the next video and keep this tour going click here I promise the next video I won't have my mouth full hit like subscribe go to Instagram Jake mace Tai Chi go to Jake nice calm click here let's go on with our tour

12 thoughts on “Carrots – – Winter Foods to Grow in Your Garden 3 of 6

  1. Since I started gardening, my carrots have been thin and short. A few may be as long as what Jake has in the video. Now a friend of mine said that carrots need to be thinned way more than I have and also need lots of sand and peat moss to allow them to grow long and down into the ground. Do you have any other tips?

  2. Naked Juice with blackberries and blueberries says it has 100% vitamin b12. 😒 and Gary Yourofsky say it happens in your mouth naturally. I love Permaculture and vegetables!!! and could someone please explain to me how much meat a horse and a cow eats to get to be that size..? 😂

  3. I also think you should do a "grown in ___ state" where you travel like John Koehler and show people what grows in states Like theirs. Most people don't live in a climate like you do. Just an idea 🙂

  4. You can take the tops off the carrot and have it in shallow water to regrow the greens and it'll go to seed. But it won't grow the carrots


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