Central Ave Connector Trail – Phase 1 Overview

to give you some overview in terms of
the trail project the central avenue blue line corridor Metro stations are
really the impetus in terms of how we’re moving transit-oriented development and
development of the central avenue blueline corridor trail what we want to
see and to make sure is that we provide a safe hated for residents to have
access to our Metrorail stations as a part of not necessarily a recreation
trail but a pedestrian chill and what we are calling an urban trail for the
corridor phase one is the radisson plaza de to peppermill drive segment of the
trail so it’s just under 1 mile of shared-use path that will be constructed
on the south side of central avenue includes access improvements along the
road so it will connect with the neighborhoods will provide an ad
accessible route from one to the other of the trail making sure that this
project achieve the vision of the community is going to be incredibly
important well I think this time the county did a good job reaching out i’ve
been coming to meaningful many years now so this is probably the most people ever
seen at a meeting so I think they got and what they probably wanted from the
people that live here is a feedback the feedback they wanted throughout our
community engagement efforts we’ve heard time and time again that people would
love to utilize the metro they would love to walk and ride their bikes in the
community but they don’t feel safe doing so and main reason being is that central
avenue maryland state route to 14 has very limited pedestrian facilities the
intersections are very challenging to traverse and we’re trying to do
something about that with this project the other piece of that is the economic
piece trail facilities the per dollar return on investment is better than any
other type of transportation infrastructure investment that you can
make therefore we felt that this was a way that the county could leverage some
dollars that it doesn’t traditionally get and go after to bring about some real change in the
area you’re going to get more dollars bad community doing a trail building the
road doing anything else and also do great at the property values and all the
added benefits this is something that we really want to
hope will support the larger effort in the region which is to promote
multimodal is we want to make sure people have options to bike to walk make
sure they have safer communities and I really think that the planners at
parking planning up but a lot of thought and effort into making sure that this
trail is something that addresses the safety issues in the communities along
Central Avenue the many challenges is really getting and under for residents
to get a full understanding in terms of what this project is and what it’s not we’re not using County dollars as we
move forward to developing the overall trail we’ve been very fortunate to go
after grant dollars to allow us to begin to do the planning and it’s our hope
that we’ll be able to go after grant dollars that both from the federal and
the state level to begin to leverage the dollars that the county may put into it
to develop this urban trail in certain locations the community identified some
safety considerations that we tried to make sure those get addressed moving
forward in the final design specifically old central avenue and Selma was noted
that folks have a hard time accessing that intersection currently some of the
challenges that will be dealing with are associated with right-of-way and being
able to create a trail network sometimes in very tight places will be
collaborating with community members as we go through that process to make sure
that we create a successful solution for everybody to be able to work with and
work on there’s approximately a hundred and thirty-two thousand residents and
reside inside the beltway and we want all residents to understand our what the
trail will do to bring about the probably a life of their neighborhood so
we will continue to have a series of engagement meetings to allow residents
to come out we’ll have open houses throughout the community and we’re going
to be encouraging residents to come out and participate in the yeah

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  1. It's telling that in the entire video of Central Ave there is not a single bike in sight and all cars. I would not bike on Central joistling for my right of way and my life with cars going +20Mph over speed limits. PGPD should be also involved in keeping the road safe of dangerous drivers and potential crime. But today It's more important than when this video was produced and gas was $2.09 at the Exxon station by Addison Rd (https://youtu.be/JocJ297_lzI?t=3m2s)

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