Challenging Fitness YouTuber Emi Wong – No Sweat: EP34

So a while back, I went head to head with
Singapore’s fittest woman. And today, I’m gonna be taking on someone else and that person is none other than fitness YouTuber, Emi Wong! Hi guys! I’m not Hong Kong’s fittest woman. So today we have Emi here, with her fiancé, Chad. Thank you guys so much for coming on the show. Thanks for having us. Yes. Emi is actually a fitness YouTuber from Hong Kong, and both of them are in Singapore doing a couple of jobs, some collaboration some work stuff, and they were kind enough to come
today to do a little fitness challenge with me. So I’m just gonna give you guys
a little bit of a background, how did you get into fitness? So I actually started to get into fitness, I think, 5, 6 years ago? I used to party a lot, drink a lot, so my health
was not the best and so, at one point I want to just start taking
care of my body and my health and so I started to do some home workouts and
then a bit of gym later and that’s how I got into it and I really love it and I
start to get my personal trainer license and so I start to make some YouTube
videos to share some short home workouts with everyone and so that’s how it
started and we started YouTube actually 2 years ago. Actually the first video it was I think
me talking about my fitness journey, and I was just too
scared to do it myself so I made him just sit there and do some funny faces. And think that’s how it became the 2 of us. Also I think it’s so interesting how you started from like a corporate job and then you
decided you know you got certified and you wanted to do this like full-time and,
how is that shift for you? So I was working a full-time office job for a couple of years after I graduated. I wanted to earn some side and income so I
heard that you can earn a bit of money on YouTube and so we started making our
first YouTube video and we’re very, very lucky like because of everyone’s support,
and our channel has been growing so after 1 year, I quit my job to do this full-time. That is amazing and y’know if you watch some
of Emi’s videos, we’re definitely gonna link it in the
description down below, she has amazing 10 minute workouts so if you need a quick sweat, you just wanna feel energised, people can just watch your videos. And both of them do really
hilarious challenges together. You should definitely check out their couple challenge. Makeup Challenge. Their makeup challenge,
the couple challenges, like Q&As. Both of them are just so, so funny, so definitely go and check out their challenges. And today we’re gonna
have our very own challenge between the 3 of us. So how do you think you will do? I don’t know? I don’t know! Hopefully we don’t embarrass ourselves. Yeah! Like a fitness YouTuber, well, first, I’m not the fitness woman in Hong Kong.
Not like the last one you challenged with. So I have absolutely no idea what we are gonna be doing for the fitness challenge because I’ve left it up to the producers to feed us the challenge. So I’m equally as nervous as
you guys, but I really hope that we can have fun and just, just give it all
our best, right? Yes! Oh my god. Your favourite! I am not good at that. My arm strength is… lacking. What does that mean? What are you gonna say? How are you with push-ups? I’m okay. Mine, not good. I have been training less on my arms. I specifically didn’t want to like train my
upper body too much. I used to do more regular push-up, but lately I do more like knee push-up? So I don’t know what I can do! I can’t even remove my knee! Okay. And to make things fair, we are gonna be
doing the knee push-ups, while Chad is gonna be doing the full push-up. But we’re gonna be doing the same amount of reps. Okay. Okay. Oh my god. Okay. 1, 2, 3, Chad, you’re not counting! 4, 5. Still surviving. What?! Cannot lah! Cannot! I don’t even know if I can do 1! Okay, I try. Nice work guys! Hey, Chad did like the full one! Dying already… Wow, I cannot. Come on, Chad. You can do it. One arm? I have never done this before. I have never done this before! Okay, I lost. Woah! Tyen can do it!
I’m not going all the way. Wow, I don’t even know if I can… I can’t, I can’t! I cannot, I cannot. Well you tried! I guess Tyen is the winner! So next up we have food challenge, and I
know Emi is super hungry. So for this challenge, I’m going to be
introducing to you guys one of my favourite Singaporean dishes, and that is Popiah. So popiah is pretty much like, it’s kinda like a spring roll, with a lot of like veggies inside and
nuts. And it’s super delicious. But, because us Singaporeans
also really love spicy food, just to give this challenge a little kick, we’re going to be adding extra chilli to the popiah. I’m so scared. Still hungry? No! Anyway, this is also gonna be a speed
eating challenge, so whoever finishes their popiah first, wins. So how you guys are spicy food? Not great. I’m okay, medium? Do you like spicy food? Yeah, we do. I like it but very little bit. Like I always get ‘siu lat’,
like little bit of spicy. So I am very scared right now. Okay, so we have our popiahs ready with the extra chilli, and how does it look to you? Spicy! His looks spicier then yours.
I can see the chilli in it already! Well the producer has apparently made it such that all of them are equally spicy, so you know we’re all starting at the same level. Okay, chopsticks ready? I’m scared but I’m excited at the same time because I’m really hungry. And it actually looks good. Okay, 3, 2, 1, and go! Oh my god, it’s spicy. It’s spicy? Oh my god. That’s quite spicy. I’m being really careful with it. Mmm, it’s good the skin.
It’s good! It’s nice though. It’s nice! Wait, I wanna see which part is the spicy part. Ya see, she though of strategy. No, I’m cheating. I just took a chilli out. Oh, that’s a spicy part! That’s a brown part.
That’s really spicy. I just ate a whole one. I can feel the seeds. Oh my god. You already ate 2? Mhm. Oh my god, you guys are so fast. No, Chad is scoffing it down like a champion. You’re like avoiding the chilli parts! You must eat everything! Wow this is so spicy… I’m dying… I think yours is extra spicy. Ya, his looked extra spicy. Okay, Chad’s done. Chad! Okay done, challenge ends! Still not finish, I’m still eating! You know you have like eat all, and do that… And we’re done! Done! Wow, that’s really bad. It’s really bad. It’s really quite spicy. Like when you drink the water, it burns even more. I was cheating and tried to avoid all the spicy parts,
but it still burns! Right, it does right? Like on the tip of my tongue. Oh I need ice cream. So we got in some chocolate ice cream for Chad. They’re the best, they’re so considerate. I’m dying here. Producers to the rescue, thank you! Well they planned this evil challenge. Yeah. Yup, they like hurt you and then they love you after that. How’s that feel now with the chocolate ice cream? Much better! I’m okay now! Thank you! I think Chad really did a really good job on this challenge because he really just scoffed it down like a champ, Even though he was like crying and tearing. Focus. But well, congratulations Chad! You are the champion of this food challenge! But you know the real strategy here was just to let the fiancé take one for the team, so that you don’t have to do it.
That’s why I bring him to this challenge. So we’ve come to the end of today’s challenge! Congratulations Chad for winning the food challenge! And Tyen for the push-ups! And me for losing everything! But she did give all her best. So thanks Emi for being here today, I really appreciate you coming here. Emi and I also filmed a booty workout that’s going up on her channel so do head over there! Enjoy the rest of your time in Singapore!
Thank you! And also, I would love to visit
you guys in Hong Kong. Yes! So thank you guys so much for being here today! I’ll see you guys soon. And do head over to Emi’s channel and subscribe there, check out all of her workouts and yeah, show them some love! And in case you guys didn’t know, we recently launched the No Sweat Fitness App. If you get this app, you’ll get personalised training programmes from me every single week, catered to your specific fitness goals. One of the greatest things about this app is that you can request fitness assessments from me, and I will personally respond to each and every single one of them. You’ll also get access to our live stream chats and workouts, and you’ll even get exclusive invites to
our meetups. So head to your respective app
stores and download the No Sweat App now, to get your first week free. And after your free trial week ends,
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hit YouTube. So I’ll see you guys in the next one! Stay healthy, stay happy and take care. Bye!

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  1. Hi Tyen! I’m just starting out on fitness and wondering if you can recommend some good Capri/pants that’s good for beginners? Not too pocket-heavy, comfortable to wear? personally for you do you think it’s better if they come with pockets?

  2. AHHHH I LOVE EMI! she does doable workouts for average people like myself!!! I can only manage a knee push up too hahahah

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