Chest Exercise (UPPER and INNER Pecs with 1 Dumbbell)

100 thoughts on “Chest Exercise (UPPER and INNER Pecs with 1 Dumbbell)

  1. Hey man, thanks for bringing science in to workouts. We need more sincere dudes like. Can I execute this workout with two dumbbells, will I still get the same results?

  2. Once you picture this you wont get it out of your head and will have you rolling or make you uncomfortable, but picture Jeff without any traps or just if he they weren’t developed…

  3. Jeff, is it safe for the shoulders to rotate in pronation and shrug with a heavy weight, especially for the trainees with vulnerable shoulders? I have heard pro bodybuilders including big Jay, what you reiterated, say that chest muscles can't be isolated. Either you engage all of the pectoral muscle fibers or none.
    And thanks for the video.

  4. Hello Jeff. This is my personal experience but i found that a single dumbbell incline (30 degress) press with shoulder shrug and internal rotation and crossover seems to perfectly target the upper inner chest. What's your opinion on this?

  5. I gave this one a shot today with my chest routine and I’m not sure if I had poor form or if I used a little too heavy of a weight but I seem to have tweaked my back.. I ended up just leaving the gym after that. Any insight into what I may have done wrong?

  6. I respect your professional opinion so I want to ask.. what kind of body weight movement would you think assimilates this workout? I feel like being inverted on the rings maybe doing something like skin the cat?

  7. Hi, could you please do a single detailed video of your Cavaliere crossover technique? I am trying to do this exercise, i can feel the fibers and the muscle working, but i have still problem with this technique, especially for my left side cause it is my weaker side. I think i am forcing the traps and some of the back muscles to do some of the work, even when i lower the weight. I am using adjustable metal dumbbells and since the weights gets bigger in diameter, i have problem to get the dumbbell in proper position, then i lean forward too much and my back is trying to do some work for me, instead of the upper pecks. I was watching this video many times, i could do this with lower weights, but then i do not get fatigue. I would like to see some tips from behind this technique. BTW, great videos, great work!

  8. Been watching your videos and learning alot..thank you for all you do…I've learned many ways over the past month to get more of an affective work out…to be honest it was looking through YouTube at videos that I first found out what athleanx was..and after watching a couple videos and getting drawn into what you discussed I have made a change in my life and my daughter's life..being a father of 6 I don't have much time to work out at the gym or much$ to get the full version of your program so thank you..I've dropped 10 lbs in three weeks and gained so much just through the changes in nutrition and hard work three times a week at the gym..once again keep it up and thanks.

  9. I just did it now with out a dumbbell and felt it!! Going to the gym now to try this with a dumbbell…..thank you!!

  10. I have now lost over 100 pounds and nost of that is thsnks to this channel thank you for these amazing video's !!!

  11. Jeff Cavaliere

    I have well built chest but for the past 2 years the separation between has grown half inch and something feel pain. And I am only 19 years old.

  12. not even with dumbbell, just by rotating the shoulder I can feel the contraction, he's literally is the the best I found on utube.

  13. I’ve been following you Jeff and I for I was strong until started training different way the way you have instructed you change my world and I love it now I’m not just strong in the gym and physically Stronger and mentally you rock

  14. i cant figure out the way to do a cavaliere crossover,i just dont feel it in my chest,hell my chest doesn't even feel tensed up during them

  15. For some reason I can’t get a satisfying contraction with this without feeling like my shoulders are the only muscles working here, like I’m doing a modified shoulder shrug. I can do the one where you come up with a crossover with my arms at a 90 degree angle and feel a good activation but barely anythingwith this. Watching for the 3rd time to see if I’m doing it wrong

    Edit: Still nothing with this, the only time I get a contraction is when I make myself flex during the exercise and I doubt that’s the activation he’s mentioning

  16. I just injured my shoulder pretty fucking bad trying this. I've form checked it twice now referencing this video. I did it just like this and I heard everything in my shoulder crunch and give out on me. Felt fantastic. Would not recommend this exercise.

  17. For years i try to get a decent upper chat but nothing seems to work. Now i'am doing this exercise for a few months, i can realy see some development…!!!

    Great exercise i'll never found out on my own.

    Thank you for sharing Jeff!

  18. When i do this i only few that right muscle contraction feeling in my leg pec. When i do it with my right pec i have to squeeze harder to feel it

  19. I must say that my results with doing only bench press were mediocre. As soon as I started doing dumbbell pullovers, diamond push-ups and the like as accessories the difference was night and day. And this exercise feels great. You can really pull off maximum contraction with this.

  20. my chest has never been sore until after doing this but I did also do a lower chest workout after this exercise that but when I only did lower, I wasn't sore I very really felt that burn and soreness!

  21. Can only seem to feel this shrug hitting the traps, really struggling to feel the squeeze in the right place

  22. I was doing this, and my friend looked at me, laughed and said that's not gonna do anything.. BET, I WAS SORE AF THE NEXT DAY.

  23. I love getting tips like this, where you're targeting a muscle that presses, crossovers, etc. don't really atrack. Vids like this help with total growth, not just doing the typical stuff. Following these tips have helped with my development. Thanks, Jeff!!!

  24. Wow, can't believe something that looks so simple can be so effective. Excellent exercise, well be adding that to my regular chest routine. Thanks!

  25. If Jeff has a cold longer than 12 hours, he tells his immune system that it's slacking and gives it step-by-step, in-depth instructions on how to perform.

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