Chicago’s Mexican Cuisine is Deep-Seated and Delicious — MOFAD

Pilsen and little village are the heart of the Mexican community in the Midwest the second largest mexican-american community in the country I grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago but little village was a second home to me I still remember my parents bringing me over in the summer evenings to La Villita other talk ideas and panaderia 26th Street many of these family-owned businesses they're cooking the food exactly the way that is being cooked in their homeland and it's a way to stay connected to the motherland and remember those humble roots there is over a hundred years of history between Mexicans and Chicago a lot of the first immigrants were from western and northern Mexico like Guanajuato Michoacan where Willian after the Mexican Revolution this new national identity was created with the muralist the vibrant colors you cannot escape from the artwork whenever you go eat in 1977 when my father started this was a bohemian and Czech community the Hispanics were starting to gradually come in ever since I can remember my nightly ritual is to be going down to the restaurant to flour tortillas our famous refried beans and grandmas moly sauce the taco Sabinas there's mothered with refried beans chihuahua cheese and a rib eye steak prepared with tomato onions and jalapenos much Chicago La Mexicana this from the northern part of Mexico a flank steak dehydrated prepared with tomato onions jalapeno and eggs our restaurant is based on friendship we have daily customers that come in we know my name and just because of our loyal customers that you know word amount is the best publicity para men otro hombre mas bonito quiero Gayo porque fwend rien que se a trabajar s dijo el médico la capitale para mistress promised week approval trabajo mini de la estoy la carne shoe original meant viña del estado de risco perotta muy differente no Wendigo segreto no class – que puede you say visto vicuna accidente ya la gente lo gusto los tacos ambient Rosa Prospero Haris rural menudo es lo hace en los primeros a nose-kiss Padres visser Manos Ali Ravinder need a por la que los dientes no juice Kabul este por una calle oh no snow Kaaba a la puerta de noche para una persona que tan racist a embarazada que tengan touhou de manière a nosotros estamos a nosotros a MOS incorporate o las frutas o product Rosa butan Tico's de méxico's como Ella Lotte que puede ser a stay transform of a noona lado Rico el mango con la combination de chile los ninos see vienen les gusta mucho el helado pero la gente a dual 10 lakh a disfruta de estos sabores que quiere Delon tar porto de su vida la gente que Malvina aqui esta zonas menos de que you get Oona am Astana's intruders que la vista no t el precio I grew up in it I spend more time here than at home and I love what I do the energy in Pilsen and little village is amazing you have constant new immigrants you have people like me that are first-generation Latino we're living in two worlds I have two daughters that is my mission for them to embrace the homeland and also be proud to be chikage wins you

34 thoughts on “Chicago’s Mexican Cuisine is Deep-Seated and Delicious — MOFAD

  1. I’m from the other side of 26 street lol I’ve been in California,Arizona.New Mexico Nevada and honestly the Mexican food sucks lol everything comes with cheddar cheese lol and any tacos with just Cilantro and onions is a street taco that comes with some stewed meat lol 😂. Wow Los Gallo’s I grew up in that restaurant. Second best Carnitas in the city El Molina’s 31 Harding/Pulaski .

  2. I live in Texas currently but I would go back to Chicago in a heart beat for the Mexican food. It's beyond compare.

  3. I'm so sick of hipster establishments trying to put spins on ethnic cuisines and ruining them in the process.

    On the other hand, these wonderful looking restaurants are perfect to me.

  4. Looks great but 26th street in the little village area is a damn war zone. There's plenty of other places to eat Mexican fare around Chicago.

  5. Didn't realize the Mexican influence ran this deep or this long in Chicago. Pretty cool. I'll be sure to visit next time I'm in town. My favorite is tamales & menudo or tacos al pastor.

  6. As a Chicagoan, I'm convinced that we have the best Mexican food in the US outside of the border states. Most of that really good Mexican food is on the South Side in neighborhoods like Pilsen and Little Village. Sure, we have haute Mexican cuisine with RIck Bayless's Topolobampo in River North (worth a try all the same), but the downhome stuff is just better south of Madison St. with only a few exceptions.

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