Chin Tuck Exercise – Nice Before and After Posture

so welcome back to the rehab portion of
the course I’m Paula Moore the posture doctor we’re going to start off with the
familiar chin tuck any of you who’ve been following my courses know that I’m
crazy about the chin tuck exercise and we’re going to use this exercise and
ramp it up a little bit with some different versions but first of all we
need to review the chin tuck so we’re going to work with Gloria who has some
forward head posture to review what that means simply that the ears are no longer
in a line with these shoulders the head is sitting out in front this is one of
the main problems with text neck is that over time because we’re looking down to
our mobile devices gravity pulls our head forward and down and long term this can potentially straighten out the curve in the neck and there’s a whole host of
other associated health issues with that so to begin with I think the neck needs
to be loose so I usually like people to just turn left and right several times
I’ve never shown Gloria this exercise have I okay so she’s a newbie which is
exactly what I want because I want it to be as if you’re doing it at home so to
start off with Gloria just simply turn the head right and left as far as it
comfortably goes then just back and forth that’s it a few more times great
back to the middle and now bringing the ear to the shoulder side to side so what
we’re doing is warming up the neck before we try the chin tuck this may be quite
challenging for Gloria I’ve yet to see have flexible her neck is but this
will be like a lot of you doing the course so that’s perfect that’s fine
okay and the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to be learning how to
tuck the chin in and the reason we do that is we want to bring the ears back
over the shoulders so first of all Gloria I want you can stick it out a bit like a
chicken so that makes the forward head posture as you can see worse and now I want you to tuck it back in okay so you did very well now what you’ll notice Gloria
also did was look down towards the floor a little bit
so this time I want you to do it letting it jut out straight out in front and I
want you to keep it horizontal the chin that’s it and what I’m doing underneath
is I’m guiding her head a little bit and then back out like a chicken and
tucking it back in tucking in and back out like a chicken and back in now as you’re coming back in Gloria I want you to think of a book resting on top of your head
and that not not only are you bringing the chin in you’re not jamming it in but what
you’re doing is actually lengthening through this region as if you have a
book on top of your head and you’re pushing it towards the ceiling so once
again as you’re tucking in think about lengthening through the neck tuck in and
tucking in and long through the head and if you’re really doing this well
over time you may feel a little bit of pull as you do it back in here do you
feel any of that yes a little bit okay good and then back out and tuck in
that’s great and you can relax again now what you should notice already I should
stop looking at the picture of Gloria in my camera and look at you
there so what you can see now is the ears are not sitting quite as far out in
front of the shoulders you can imagine if you’re doing this daily and doing 10
to 20 reps several times a day that over time this will help to alleviate the
text neck symptoms so that was done very well indeed let’s move on to the various text neck exercises that’s very hard to say three
times in a row

36 thoughts on “Chin Tuck Exercise – Nice Before and After Posture

  1. What's the science behind extending it further forward? Won't that make it worse?.. I've heard about chin tucks.. My problem is actually doing it regularly 😄

  2. Great video, I guess Robin McKenzie invented this exercise? Anyhow, he also advised (if not too painful), keeping chin tucked you then look up at the sky as far as possible with chin still tucked and turn head a little from side to side (I'm sure you're familiar with his work) -do you also recommend doing this Paula? Thanks.

  3. will this help with someone who carried heavy back packs for years? I heard hold the chin tuck position for 10 seconds.

  4. Thanks, Paula. I'm a 30 year old with forward head posture and a developing "neck hump". I spent years studying hunched over at my laptop for university and I gained weight, which worsens it. I'm starting to tuck my chin in, and man it really hurts my left lat and makes my neck feel so stiff. I assume it's because of weakness. I seriously look like a turtle in my relaxed posture, so I'm working really hard every day to try and strengthen the underused muscles by tucking in my chin and pulling my head back, but it does cause me noticeable strain feeling in my upper back and a little in my neck, but this must be because I'm really weak in those areas.

  5. Hi Dr Paula I have had this problem since being a little kid since I use to look at the floor while walking. I was wondering what can I do for sleeping to make sure my neck isn't leaning foward. I noticed when I sleep on my side at night without realizing it I face down. Any advice? Thanks.

  6. Awesome video. I am simply taller than average about 1.8 meters (6ft 2 inches) plus love practicing tai chi, and got into Kung Fu. Sure I love hikes and walks (weather permiting) In my case a Physical Therapist and I speculated many months ago one part of my TechNech is simply being tall. I suspect it started easily the start of the year, and probablly well before that when I was trying out being a freelance webdesigner (I suspect not a strength I have alas). The PT guys love basically yoga type excersizes like this. But still really great to get a video or reminder to check. Huh is this the right way? It's a bit like what my Aikido Teacher humoursly calls: The Chinese resterunt or Beach walk excersize. (Ie watching where your going in resteraunt or beach)
    What my PT's assistant didn't make clear that you do is to try to (GENTLY) strech Up a bit. Not nocking her, just that seeing someone else do it: Oh! click I wonder if THAT's what I can do better!

  7. I get a slight pain in the back of my neck from I do the chin tuck :/ can't tell if it's because I'm doing it wrong or…

  8. and trying to get rid of the pump that makes me feel insecure I show my double chin that also makes me feel insecure as heck, welp

  9. to know if its only a fat or a bone damaged??? If its fat we can get rid of it by diet so how can i know? Any help

  10. Hello Doctor, this is a great exercise for my text neck. However, when I tuck in my chin, it makes me look like I have double chin, and it is not flattering at all. Any tips on that?

  11. THAT"S NOT A BEFORE AND AFTER. I've never seen a before/after with any significant difference. PICs or it never happened. It's all genetics.

  12. Another thing never mentioned is that chin tucks close up the back of your throat causing difficult breathing. Same as sleep apnea. And besides looking plain silly, I got weird pains in my neck & head telling me not to do it. Listen to your body.

  13. I did this chin tuck 20x on the floor, muscles on back of neck really felt like they got a good workout, they must be very weak from forward head posture.
    The muscles in front of neck are very tight.
    I'm definitely determined to correct my posture, even if it takes a few months.
    I'm forcing myself to walk around with straight posture as well, which is a challenge.

  14. Hello Doc, glad you made this video. I currently have tight traps, neck, shoulders and upper chest making my posture bad. Is this exercise still gonna work with those issues? Thanks

  15. Hello doctor, thank you for this video :)❤
    But when i do it i feel pain in my right shoulder's blade.
    And i realized today that my right shoulder is lower than the other
    Can you please tell me why. <3
    I do have a forwad neck…

  16. Just from the beginning that the lady starts the exercise to the end I can see her neck become more elongated!

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