CHINATOWN Food Crawl & BEST Ramen (ft. Keith From Try Guys)

hi this is gonna be a crazy weekend I'm in Flushing right now I'm meeting Keith from the truck guys we're gonna have some lunch it's Friday now and then tomorrow I'm going to the the Shorty Awards tomorrow's the cocktail party then sunday is the actual Wars basically it's gonna be a weekend full of food and meeting other social influencers something I don't get to do a lot because I don't get out much all my friends you know they usually come from the kitchen so probably fun store closing sale but you see those signs all around New York but that's the first time I ever see like plays with those signs that's actually that many people and they all seem to be Asian so you know that's actually gonna be a good deal going on yeah either food or war a great deal that's like the only two reasons Asians conjugate somewhere by the way this store right here inside the new world mall so my walks get a walk there it is there's my walk it's really nice and light there there's the man he stands out cuz he's like seven feet tall and a group of asia's what's up buddy I was just saying you're like twenty feet tall and a group of Asians know last time I get a blessing I was like a big bird yeah first place we're going to chose steamed middle they steamed everything fresh over there like that's the one thing you get like the whole sheet that's one noodle you got beef going in we got some sprouts and scallions and cilantro I'll check it out and a full sheet minute is a combo of rice and like flour so otherwise it won't sting well you're gonna love this I I'm very excited about this yeah man it's gonna come out looking like that we're gonna have some hot oil of course yeah so they're making the flour the rice paste everything fresh so it cooks in like two minutes two first of all look how thin this is yeah this just like it almost seemed like real kimchi right I like it has that layer to Becca kimchi I say with the oil on it wow this is translucent Wow this is a thinnest rice noodle you'll ever see so you can like you know like a like a fruit roll-up kind of thing so damn right it's okay do that mouth feels amazing with somehow the thief it's not Dewey but it is like very very soft and wet it's low mochi is yes the rice that's rice noodles in New York you get some of that spice on you cover it take some on the side if you guys don't know Keith has a Talwar if it gets a vice gets in there it's not good for him one little down we got much more to go Wow let's do make the best pork burgers here Stace to the pork right here oh yeah we're getting half that half lean a little little mixture of things the buns are freshly toasted and they're the only ones that make the funds really flaky favorite cold wheats noodles we got our buns dude you got a dip this into this that's how it works oh my god you're so excited for these fights in gluten because you look at this well I don't want that and then you oh yeah you wanna be mad best MP all New York Shh News have such a good texture so bouncy besides so much yeah – alteon like decorating Oh here like to dip it in here it's a perfect amount of fat perfect amount of acid favorite combos in New York City like this is a must get the Sochi in your world mall you gotta use some fish dumplings that's a juicy it was delicious it was intense but delicious there's like a vegetable in there do like a bok choy or all right so a side order of potatoes and peanuts and then double order a beef inside this this crazy stew now down to your majesty but don't blink King has arrived favorite dumplings in Flushing we're in New York they're easily be done how will my home first hot oil right some planes yeah baby I've so many dumplings none of it it's just clothes as good as dish a really good kebab place but we're gonna hear this place is really known for the roast fish and ribs but nobody knows about the ribs cumin garlic sesame rips my friend Wow smell that all those worries are such good worry they are my favourite ribs in New York we eat this stuff we're gonna ask some of this spices on there you go yeah good flavor time didn't go light on Karla you can't kiss anybody don't know why I don't vote awesome hang out with you I'm so full that's all next time well I'll see you at the award show good luck buddy ah that was a very I'm very for fun day with Keith and now just go get some rest in tomorrow VIP cocktail reception should be about dates ooh I'm in the city I'm going to uh it's a VIP cocktail party tonight and before that I gotta get some food Brenda Lee went into the owner of shankaram another way to a foot play so he invited me to eat and never say no when free food is offered so check this out taco tuna and then lobster and the skin is made with wands hung wrappers oh my gosh I start off with a lobster how about that the one song rapper has a taco shell that is just Asian genius right here I mean it is light so light but God that flavors good I mean it's not you gonna make this thing is not gonna fill me up it's just gonna like make me hungrier sweet lobster flavor hints of wasabi I mean is satisfying yeah very refreshing so you're not gonna get overly stuff and I'm talking to my stream audience here it's like video inception of spicy tuna it was better very rarely do I never put anything above lobster but god I do for this oh look at this monster plate of nachos same things will be a little light because the chips are made out of wonton wrappers little strips of beef I think a little spicy mail on top pickled onions some guac sauce the chips are so light it's not those Dorito chips or stuff your stomach this thing is so beating and saucy this is easily tappable by one person this is flagships they're beep over get the nachos fill me this on my camera right now and I feel bad for those of you who are watching this at home later this is called a beefy archeological dig right here you see it glistening with juice right yeah a little bit of pickled onions dusting a bite if I tilt it and squeeze it's gonna form a little waterfall hmm what's doing is so juicy like a little drop is like running on my cheek as soon as you even touch them me it's like a water balloon just bursts and all that juice is just running everywhere this is not for beginners right here was for really serious bone marrow eaters and juicy meat lettuce a little rubber grease can't waste out okay it's on run it through what I recommend this dish we come here well the smoked duck ramen freshly smoked with Applewood chips oh my good lord what that what the broth is made out of the phone to him the Chinese purple vegetables our the duck breast itself it's also smoked organic carrots and stuff look at that Lotus room smoked duck so this is like a little duck sandwich with Lotus their noodles actually look amazing I need to see got to get by to this dock right now Oh I don't know you know Donald Duck in now Scrooge McDuck I have a cousin called smokey doctor I'm eating it right now it's so much mo flavor that's done you see the smoke queen is here I said the worst smoke in the last minute 20 times last but not least a grand finale we have the Wagyu brisket oh my god ramen so of course you order the brisket yeah some garlic chips uh-huh some green chives some chopped scallions the bone marrow itself some soy marinated egg and right underneath that is some pickled radish all the ramen gods in the world we're very thin broth it has a smoky flavor and inside of that as well brisket don't really need to shoot at that baddie guys just broke into pieces ah such an awesome meal who does are good to me they're really good mr. Kotter party doesn't look very I don't know I think I stay for ten minutes I'm so thirsty right now because the ramen and I kept asking for sparkling water and he kept giving me sparkling wine go ahead to my hotel get some workout gonna get nice sleep in welcome to New York then I'll see you guys tomorrow morning of a Wars day and it's raining is gonna be raining all day breakfast Singapore comfort food no one really knows about this place it's a really good Singapore place first dish this is a fried whole fish with peppercorn sauce and there's a ton a little peppercorns on here but the fish is nicely fried and crispy he's some rice doll to eat it with oh I don't need chicken thank you so much so tender and juicy bit in some chili sauce tofu fish meat flavorful little fried fish especially thought I like my fish like I like my significant others really easygoing gotta get ready gonna doll up a little bit fancy schmancy ceremony with red carpet so can't look like my usual a mess I have like two suits that I wear once or twice a year and this is one of them if you're wondering even watching me for a long time yes this is the suit jacket I got from Hong Kong Anthony Bourdain's would recommend a tailor it's definitely my favorite suit jacket it actually fits it's like a bigger boost than usual what do we think I'm gonna go all right call my hair cufflinks how are we good this year's shorty awards can be on Time Square it's raining though we'll see how this gonna work out absolutely ain't coming to Times Square never come here unless there's some absolute need same time you see like a cartoon character looks cuddly and friendly they are not finally found it red carpet now very very official right now at this point oh I'm so excited oh hello buddy it's a pretty yeah I really want one now a massive power little baby burger how adorable Alvis here Sean's here we'll see we are in the theater this is our table hi table mates on the menu we have family-style dinner okay so as a bunch of veggies finger desserts all right so this is this is dinner you just grab whatever ok celebrity story let's go to the bathroom and in front of me walks Terry Crews one of my favorite actors Brooklyn I one of my favorite shows and we go to bathroom together so we shared a little mini adventure and two-time Emmy Award winner Kathy Griffin [Applause] let's go didn't win the award but kudos to French guy cooking very deserving of it I just want to thank you guys again for voting and I got to participate on a finalist pretty experienced so you guys got me there thank you all so so much now I'm gonna drown my sorrows and a nice bowl of ramen that's how I drown my sorrows that is a nice pair of buns right there gotta say my mouth water next up the causa crispy on one side shopped on the other yeah good dad long put some that hot oil in there in the dumb place all of it when the dumpling skin is so light I mean it's crunchy but otherwise it just melts it inside it's all that in the spice you know how well that's give me that short I need to drive home this place is no joke seriously this is everything I need right now everything Oh police get in my belly right now that's a full-body really spicy important flavor there Oh Joshua you really got to appreciate this right this is falling apart I don't like to chew all of this – that's um melty Chacho I think it's time to do another here at City all right finally back home fun few days although I didn't win but still a fun few days thank you guys so much for watching [Applause] [Applause]

33 thoughts on “CHINATOWN Food Crawl & BEST Ramen (ft. Keith From Try Guys)

  1. The chef or the waiter was giving info about the ramen but mikey was like ok ok just go away I want to eat it now hahaha

  2. You can get the same food on doordash for cheap. Use this link to get $10 off your order.

  3. I just went to the New World Mall for the first time in 20 years and I swear I was watching this and trying to figure out where you got the food with Keith, i went to Stall 28 but got the large beef plate with hand pulled noodles and their cumin pork burger (but the burger didnt have the same vantage point) and where did you get the cold what noodles and dumplings?????

  4. It is so hard to watch your videos lol the food you show on here looks really really good that it makes me super hungry lol

  5. mike you need to let us know the dumpling king place . I couldn’t make it out by just looking at that 1 minute footage

  6. Sorry that you didn't win. I love your channel. That said I also follow Alex! Keep doing what you're doing!

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