what's juicy globs I know many of you are still looking for last-minute holiday gifts but I have the perfect solution for you brought my fans based in the United States some of my guava juice boxes are out now on Amazon Prime so what are you waiting for I hope you enjoyed this video and make sure to go stop by the Amazon page and get your own Bob a juice box for the holidays link is in the description bellow what's up YouTube welcome to another episode of chocolate food versus real food if you're not a subscriber already click that subscribe button I have some cool videos up for you guys every single time if you don't know how it works I take chocolate foods and I get the real-life version of it I see what's good or not so today we have 5 rounds each round gets weirder and weirder I don't know what's underneath a container so I will be just as surprised as you here we go round number one let's see what we got here today we have chocolate bacon and eggs versus real eggs and bacon look at that look at this you see look how awesome this looks look at that bacon whoa it's crispy and crunchy that's good good wow this tastes like hot chocolate if you take hot chocolate from like you know your store or your grandma's house and consolidate it into a solid form this is what the chocolate bacon tastes like it's really good it's a really homey chocolate egg here we go hmm egg white that's definitely white chocolate let's take a bite of the center with a yellow oh it's really tough I don't want to break my teeth hold on mm-hmm that is definitely white chocolate out of whoa I guess they're adding a little bit of food coloring Omega yo that is a pretty pretty good delicious chocolate bacon in there what is it better than the regular bacon and egg let me know in the comments below do you say bacon and eggs or eggs and bacon I want to know comment down below here we go let's try this real one huh hmm oh I love real bacon real Bacon's delicious dude bruh you know what's also good if you take your bacon and I kind of like put it right here in the middle of the egg no yeah Wow thank you for watching today's video of me eating that's basically the whole video of me eating ha ha her bacon with drop that's good so why not bacon with chocolate bacon right oh mama she does great wow that's actually pretty good chocolate bacon with bacon it's like salty sweet and chocolatey I think we found the winner okay for the first time ever I'm gonna have to give it a tie they are both equally amazingly delicious especially when you combine the two Bacon's together it's just blowing round two here we go drum roll please we have oh it's a turkey it's a chocolate Turkey on a lollipop and I guess we have a there's a chicken I'm pretty sure turkey legs are bigger oh it was a baby Turkey oh it's a baby turkey leg okay I'm pretty sure I know what this is gonna taste like it's gonna taste like regular milk chocolate so you go that's easy the white hmm kind of tastes like raisins there are some raisins in there are there some raisins in here I'll look at the turkey now looks like an owl I made the turkey too now as always I like chocolate baby turkey leg here we go okay the winner is the babies are your legs good what does it taste like together here we go hmm I feel like if you take anything salty and combine it with chocolate it's not bad like pretzels and chocolate they work together cuz it's salty and chocolate all right guys round number three what we got here well obviously we got some kind of plant some stuff is sticking out though I'm gonna guess it's either a sunflower rainbow 2 to the left or to the right either some flower or a rose so I'm gonna say it's a rose and gotcha got him I'm the master detective of the clue making ah breathe some flower rainbow guess not the reference and we have a real rose oh wow I've never eaten a rose before but first times for everything yeah this is a really pretty rose look at that here Rose hey shout outs to rose Ariel if you're watching us this section goes out to you I'm gonna receive that this is for you too the rose is not actually a pink rose it's actually a brown rose well this is really nice oh no that's not good okay let's just pretend it's there oh look at that Rose it's a chocolate rose oh okay alright it's uh very hollow inside so there's nothing really it doesn't even taste good well quite properly like weird tastes like poop if you take poop and then convert it into chocolate that tried so hard to be chocolate but it ended up tasting like poop anyway so whoa here we go this is my favorite part no pretty mm-hmm we'll never if it tastes pretty all right it's purple but is it purple I don't wanna snap I'm dying I thought roses are red and then violets are blue but my saliva is blue so make sure to subscribe to this channel until your friends – how are you guys feeling you guys okay Johnny you good all right I hey Timothy I'm not grossing you out or anything right all right round number four okay you ready here we go rather before we have pickle that's a bit ball I'm pretty sure is a pickle unless it's like a Kiwi all right here we go it is a pickle this pickle is bigger than this big ball wow that's amazing it's a really heavy people it's about like five pounds like two point five kilograms pretty sure I can break this plate Oh this plant is very sturdy so it's not that heavy let's do it again from a higher thing all right yeah this thing is really really sturdy I realize wow I was expecting the plate to break the first time so here we got here's a higher angle all right play what you got on this one oh yeah yeah that's right you sure broke the first time we're gonna have to stand and popular table do that all right otherwise we have the chocolate pickle it's really hard as you can see you broke the plate after three tries Wow it's a really cool musical instrument as well let's try it out ready that's a really thick pickle it smells like a pickle okay that's the weirdest chocolate I've ever tasted tastes like a pickle and surely like I'm not even lying it tastes like a pickle and chocolate infused into one solid pickle with chocolate kind of tastes like the smell of walking into a pet store and you walk by like you know the snake sections and like the ferret section it's like that well we have pickled rig knuckle right oh man no real a Big Mac pickles I like cucumber result you know pickle or just cucumbers and there's it's just like bad experience back in the sixth grade I ate a pickle and I had the poops for like a week and I was triggered ever since then so I'm gonna have to give the winner – the chocolate pickle alright guys the final round alright this is the weirdest round of all I'm gonna make some quick guesses any tongue there's no chocolate tongue is there it might be tongue seafood animal or whatever alright here we go what you guys got oh it's guys yeah what do you guys buy me huh what do you guys get me three two one okay it's a frog I can do this I've eaten frog legs oh look it's like a crunch bar as a little like rice particles or whatever that's pretty dope oh just like a crunch bar it's like really crispy alright so let's try out some frog legs oh my god is that a real frog come on y'all we I was not expecting this wait you guys just gave me a frog legs brother oh my God look at him is flying dig he's like a Spider Man someone should make frog man oh my gosh I did not expect this at all I'm surprised there you go there you go that's a good boy right good oh my god I mean if it's oh my goodness you are crazy I wish I could jump from that high and live look at me like that I know your intentions you want to go inside my stomach and possess me I know that's what you frogs do you can't oh my gosh he's gonna jump off of the second floor no no alright guys so I'm just gonna end the video here we have he frog – fine take it back to the pet store if you want an episode three of chocolate food versus real food let me know let's get this video to 200,000 likes now let me know you guys want more and until then I'll see you guys next time stay juicy everyone

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