Choosing safe skin care products | Skin Health Alliance dermatological accreditation

With increasing numbers of adults, children
and babies suffering with sensitive or compromised skin, it’s more important than ever to choose
your skin care products carefully. Many manufacturers claim that their products
are “dermatologically tested”, “suitable for sensitive skin” or “allergy friendly”. But all these different labels can be misleading
or confusing when you want to choose the safest product for sensitive or compromised skin. These claims are often unverified too and,
without the backing of independent skin experts and dermatologists, it’s difficult to know
what you can trust. 95% of consumers say they’re more likely
to trust a product’s claims if it’s supported by an independent dermatologist-led organisation. So, always look for the Skin Health Alliance
logo. We’re an independent skin health organisation
with a logo that you can trust. Because when you see our logo it means the
product carrying it has scientifically proven that it’s both safe on skin and efficacious
to an independent panel of skin specialists and dermatologists. So, how exactly does a product become accredited by the Skin Health Alliance? First, a brand needs to submit a detailed
scientific report to the Skin Health Alliance’s independent panel of skin experts and dermatologists. As part of their assessment, the panel will
review all the product’s skin safety elements, along with each of the ingredients or components. This is followed by a thorough examination
of user and clinical trial data as well as any further research data that supports the
product’s efficacy claims. Once the panel is satisfied that the high
standards set out by the Skin Health Alliance have been met, the product is awarded our
accreditation logo of trust. 82% of consumers say they’re more likely
to buy a product if it’s accredited or endorsed by an independent dermatologist-led organisation. Whenever you see the Skin Health Alliance
logo you can feel confident that the product you’re
looking at has been independently verified as safe for skin by our trusted skin experts
and dermatologists. Visit to see our full
list of accredited products and enjoy making better-informed choices when buying products
for your skin.

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