Christine Harris: Nursing Leadership and Innovations in Health Care (DNP) `19

I’m an Army nurse. I work as a nursing
director for Department of Family Medicine here at Tripler and, essentially,
I am a manager for a lot of nurses and administrative staff and I support a
population of 12,000 patients. I was at the point in my career where I had to
make a decision. If I stayed in the army, what does it look like and, if I transitioned
from the army, “what do I do?” and so that’s what I was hoping to learn. How do I
transition and get a better understanding of civilian health care
and be able to work in that environment and be competent at it? That’s what this
degree actually did for me. It helped me to get out of my comfort zone. Thank you,
Dr. Harris. She sat me in her office when I came to
immersion the first time and she said, “Christine, when you finish with this
degree, people are going to ask you to come on board with their organization.
Don’t just go with anyone. You’re going to know your worth at the end of this
degree.” This is my third degree at University of Missouri. I am a tiger for
life. I really love what nursing brings to us as life learners.

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