Class of 2020 White Coat Ceremony | Weill Cornell Medicine

AUGUSTINE MK CHOI: Science is transforming
the practice of medicine and when you begin treating patients, you’ll be able to help
them in ways previous generations never could. It’ll be a challenge for sure but you’ll have
the support and the guidance of our amazing faculty. We’re eager to see you succeed and become
the best doctors you can be. Today’s ceremony marks the first step in your
training and in what we hope will be a lifetime of learning about medicine and about science. Congratulations again to all of you and best
of luck as you embark on this new adventure. Thank you very much. [APPLAUSE] My name’s James Weinbrig. I’m from Rochester, New York. I graduated from Cornell University in Ithaca
in 2015. The white coat ceremony is an important day
for us. I’d like to get involved in some kind of longitudinal
care where I’m seeing a diverse group of patients over months or years and build a really good
relationship with that body of patients. MARIAM: My name is Mariam. I’m from Columbia, South Carolina and I went
to Columbia for my undergrad degree. We’ve all worked tremendously hard to be here
and it’s a landmark moment for all of us. So it really means a I’m Ariana Rabinowich. I’m from New York City and I went to NYU
for undergrad. I’m an MD PhD candidate so science is also
really important to me and the ability to integrate the two of those in order to help
people is something that I’m really excited to be able to do. My name is Neville Dusage. I am from Towaco, New Jersey and I went
to the University of Pennsylvania for undergrad. So I think Weill Cornell is a great place
to combine research and clinical care because we have Sloan Kettering Rockefeller right
around the corner, where a whole bunch of different research resources are available
to everyone. I am Daniel Posten. I am from Sioux City, Iowa and I went to
school at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. I want to be on that forefront of the progression
of medical science that will lead to hopefully better treatment options in the future, better
patient outcomes, better quality of life, and less suffering and disease. My name is Noma Adaku. I’m originally from Bronx in New York and
I went to Yale University for undergrad. Currently, my interests are in oncology, both
research-wise and clinical-wise. So We’ll see how that goes but I think I’ve
enjoyed my experiences in the field so far. My name is Barbara Lenesahagen. I attended UCLA as an undergrad and I was
born in Guatemala. It’s really nice to just be with all the family
and friends to see the white coats being put on. It’s very humbling and very prestigious and
very exciting. I love being part of this family. [CHEERING]

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