85 thoughts on “Collins, Murkowski on their health care ‘no’ vote

  1. Bravo ladies! Let the left and right smash their heads together with no results if they want. You are examples of true #LEADERSHIP.

  2. these two are delusional! Drain the swamp! This is a joke! What governing u have the senate and do nothing! Wake the fuck up!

  3. You wenches should have be on Obamacare- then you'd repeal it. Your so worried about Planned Parenthood, while women from all over the country are hurting because of Obamacare. But you obviously don't care. Shame on you – hope you get voted out.

  4. how can they say the we're doing what their constituents wanted if they were elected on the promise that they'd repeal it. Which people are they representing, the ones who didn't vote them…

  5. "Americans women are dumb" That’s what woman say. Especially non-American woman, but lots of Americans woman think that Americans woman are stupid, too. They don’t think they are the dumb ones, of course. They think other Americans woman are stupid. Josephine Victoria Behar (Joy Behar) an American comedian is a perfect example

  6. I think the ladies from both sides of the aisle should get together and fix the ACA. There are a lot of compassionate, and intelligent women on both sides.

  7. These 'Nasty Woman' Senators are frauds. At least they are on and not McCain, he has brain cancer and is no longer able, cognitively. #TermLimits

  8. Not a member of the GOP, but I am PROUD of these women and I will never forget their vote for the American people. Bravo! Brave. Smart. And truly American before party. <3 <3 <3

  9. Republicans In Name Only (RINO). Get them out! The one on the right speaks with verbal seizures and the one on the left is so frightened she looks like a deer in the headlights.

  10. These 2 women and McCain saved millions of American lives and at the same time saved the Republican party. Time will tell.


  12. The only ones with enough courage: two women and a man with nothing to lose. I don't know much about Murkowski, but I like Collins and can't understand why she's a Repug!

  13. God Bless Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski – Two Real Patriots, fighting for the good of the people, not the president.

  14. Strong women standing up to the mango man child. Love you 2 even though you are Republicans. You voted for the people! Thank you!

  15. so if planned parenthood is stripped out of the bill, would these libs kill Obamacare? bullshit they would. goddamn why do we let women drive ?

  16. Collins and Murkowski are RINO`S and should be voted out of the Republican party. It's Democrats that fight tooth and nail to preserve the funding for Planned Parenthood primarily because Planned Parenthood is also a liberal slush fund that pumps an obscene amount of money into their political campaigns. Planned Parenthood routinely lies about the services they provide, and is nothing more than a baby murdering factory. #AllLivesMatter.

  17. Why are these two lady in the US senate, I think that they should go home and learn to clean and cook and stop wasting tax payers money in salary. Anything that is wasted effort represents wasted time.

  18. Hi CNN. You guys are becoming like family.  Love you.  Cute baby Don. "Sweet baby girl."  Good job.   Mind?       Dear Susan and Lisa:  Hi. So here's what I was thinking – Government spends too much money foolishly. I think we could trim things down to having departments instead of Congress, since we see how that doesn't work "for the people." It's only working for the Enemy, to enslave and blind the People. It was set up back when both Horus and Enki were fighting over America. But those days are over. Enki has no legal right to it anymore. I do. Thus, God is on my side. In case you haven't noticed. I know I have trouble seeing it sometimes.  We have a duty to the people in America to rescue them from this Capitalistic Corruption, aka Pirates.  So, we salvage those who truly do want to work for America, and do their job, and not have a penny more than what comes on the paycheck. This business of working for Donors screwing Americans, has to end. All, that is harmful, has to end. We can do it. I have the illegal immigration figured out, healthcare, Black Reparations, putting money back in the pockets of the tax-payer, employment, coal miners, global protection, and I can handle what comes up because we get the best, brightest, and most dedicated into the Departments to fix this mess. It can be done. A lot of work, but, if we all work together, it will be fun. Bring us all back to life. I think people are bored anyway.  And it doesn't seem that "Extinction" is drawing a big fan base. So, I know you're on vacation, but we need to make some moves to end this punishment of arrogant Congress trying to outsmart God, and lure Him back to help save America, whaddya say?  Think how much fun it would be.  And it's getting easier and easier to find people who think similarly and would love to pitch in and save our Country. And then be able to reach out to Others in our world.  It's all Good.  Think about it. Love ya, the Weeping Angel

  19. I think Health Care helped to blow up the democratic party and now health care will be the undoing of the Republican party. Time will prove that these two will be what brought down the Republican Party and then ushered in a new era of total Democrat control of the country.

  20. Two class acts who truly hate that moron Trump. They should call Trump on conference call next week and say to him "Grab yourself by the pussy"

  21. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are not  Republicans. They are members of a certain tribe that needs to stay out of American politics.

  22. There are plenty of other Healthcare organizations besides Planned Parenthood stop using the excuse that that organization is the end-all for serious Healthcare problems. I certainly hope for both you and the senators next to you Murkowski that this is a deal breaker for your constituents in your next election

  23. I'm tired of this nonsense, these swamp creatures who oppose real change in Washington and then have the audacity to depict themselves as heros "doing the right thing" are the enablers of the status quo!

  24. Why don't these so called Republicans just become Democrats ? When conservative need people like this they are never there. Why aren't these corrupt politicans on Obamacare ? Please also include the treasonous war criminal McCain on their list. If we can eliminate voter fraud lets vote these socialist show voters out of office !

  25. You back slider Murkowski what Do they have on you to cause to Now to stop support; getting Rid of Affordable Care Act. I don't need it but many do. We need to get Rid of you.

  26. Murkowski has traded 13 million people's healthcare for drilling in pristine Arctic Wildlife Refuge. DON'T ANYONE ever tell me she's a fucking hero again! Keep calling her office though, time to really put the pressure on!!! (202) 224-6665! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.
    John McCain (AZ) (202) 224-2235
    Jeff Flake (AZ) (202) 224-4521
    Susan Collins (ME) (202) 224-2523
    Lisa Murkowski (AK) (202) 224-6665
    Jerry Moran (KS) (202) 224-6521
    Steve Gaines (MT)
    Ron Johnson (WI) (202) 224-5323
    Bob Corker (TN) (202) 224-3344
    James Lankford (OK) (202) 224-5754
    Todd Young (IN) (202) 225-5315
    John Neely Kennedy (La)
    Mike Lee (UT) (202) 224-5444?

  27. You AZ senator voted for DRILLING then first Alaska spill should cost you your life. Collin needs to decide if she feels more like a American than a Republican because your BOTH FUCKED OVER THE THE AMERICA!!!!!

  28. Let me get this strait🤔 You make decisions based on what u think is right? Not what your party voted you in for? Let me remind u lisa! I'm born and raised Alaskan. Your a swamp creature..you better come clean! We're on to u! Traitor!!

  29. Senator Murkowski should be ashamed of herself. The people of Alaska are for repealing Obamacare, the premiums are very high in Alaska. She will pay in the future for her costly votes. AKA primary challenges

  30. The bitch (Murkowski) needs to be voted out. She is a closet Democrat. She supports Nancy Pelosi & Hitlery Clinton. She is also a DACA supporter, a pro islam supporter, and believes all washrooms should be transgender. She is a globalist with a globalist agenda. Please vote her out in the upcoming elections !

  31. Putnam is not Good for Florida. He is spending millions on this primary and is being supported by the left. He is a do nothing obstructionist. Reminds me of Charlie Crist.

  32. Look at these smiling pice of shit that blocked the Health Care Bill, they are the liberal shit of this country these women do not give a fuck about America Children or Helath Care it all about the liberal thinking that has been for decades killin the American Dream, Manine needs to get rid of this pice of DC Shit Susan Collins of Maine the exact people she's fucking over,

  33. oops got cut off. I grew up half time in Maine and my honeymoon was in Alaska though neither are my home states now. I am requesting to you both that you join those many of us in the country who fear Donald Trump's action in immigration and how with a new Supreme Court nominee to help us become more humane and better than we've been lately. I hope you will both join forces to deny the President Trump his next Supreme Court justice. The reasons are many and both of you know them all. I beg you to assert your humanity and refuse to confirm anyone he chooses. That is my 'pitch' and though this is probably not the best place to do so, I will find your Washington DC addresses and write more to each of you. All Best, Fully aware you are in hard positions re: Your public as Republican senators. You both strike me as wonderful, Best Wendy Orange

  34. Can these insane whores die a little bit faster? If they block Kavenaugh too I hope to god they get run over by an Allah Snackbar Terrorist.

  35. The fate of every individual woman – no matter what her politics, character, values, qualities – is tied to the fate of all women whether she likes it or not. … Subordinate to men, sexually colonized in a sexual system of dominance and submission, denied rights on the basis of sex, historically chattel, generally considered biologically inferior, confined to sex and reproduction: this is the general description of the social environment in which all women live. Collins and Murkowski are cowardly handmaidens.

  36. Susan Collins' Voting Records – The Voter's Self Defense System – Vote Smart https://votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/379/susan-collins#.W7k8T_LeYkQ.twitter

  37. Lisa Murkowski's Political Summary – The Voter's Self Defense System – Vote Smart https://votesmart.org/candidate/15841/lisa-murkowski#.W7k8f5UOGb0.twitter

  38. Trump says Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski ‘will never recover’ for voting no on Kavanaugh https://wapo.st/2C03SLX?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.96981fe85c31

  39. The health care choices were the right thing to do. I'm an Alaskan and a Conservative Republican, I have been observing the Democrats evolve from being the working man's blue collar party to one controlled by Liberals from the extreme left. There was a time I use to think that I was democrat, but as my beliefs evolved I became as conservative as you can get. Why? I saw the danger of these liberals that began to take over control of the Democratic Party in the late 60's through the 70's. I knew that the liberals were going to destroy America, the America where freedom was still a choice.
    As the 80's progressed the statements made by Democratic liberals began to terrify me! The democratic liberals began changing the educational system by imposing a belief system that did not give anyone a choice as to how our schools, from elementary to university level, on what was to be taught to my growing family. As these liberals began to develop these schools, the rhetoric I heard went against the grain of how I was taught and what those beliefs were. Today the democratic party became the far left hovel that it has become. When Kavanaugh began to go through the approval process, I watched the far left democrats, use tactic that were not right. When Lisa Murkowski voted with the democrats, I saw the influence of the far left that Murkowski was embracing. Lisa if you are going to work with the democrats, you should find what your constituents want and belief, you crossed some political core value being eroded, by going in with the democratic party. Election is coming around for you, I now see that we need a new Republican to run for your seat when 2020 comes around! Either that or give up your seat, we need someone that will not compromise our beliefs.

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