Contessa And Simone’s “Hangry” Fight | Married To Medicine (S6 Ep 12 Full Opening)

– Welcome to Antigua! – Toya! We’d like to
congratulate you and Eugene for ten years of
marriage. – Well, she thought you
might’ve done it on purpose. – It was an accident,
Toya. – But it’s not an accident
to then go behind somebody’s back
and question it. I’m having a tough time with
Contessa right now. I don’t think she’s
owning her sh–. – Listen, why don’t you
fix your husband with his small stuff! – I can tell you a lot of people
that have slept with Damon! – Don’t even do that. – I hate that our wives have had
this little clash here. My feelings were hurt. Man, I ain’t cheat on
my wife, man. – Heavenly, you are
Mariah, y’all relationship, it is very
disrespectful. – Ain’t nobody gonna share the
blame in that bullsh–. I know last night we kind
of left abruptly. But today is a new day,
we chartered a boat. – I don’t want anymore
Proseco, I’ll have rum punch. Yeah. Don’t tink for me,
man! Don’t tink for me! ♪ Now paging
Dr. Jackie ♪ ♪ Dr. Simone ♪ ♪ Dr. Heavenly ♪ ♪ Dr. Contessa ♪ ♪ Toya ♪ ♪ Quad ♪ ♪ Mariah ♪ ♪♪♪♪♪ – Thank you. – Contessa, I want to
re-welcome you to the group. – Thank you so much. Even though it was you
know, for surgery. – I want you to stop saying
“I had surgery. I had surgery.” ’cause it comes off like
you’re a victim. – How does it come off
like I’m a victim, I’m just a patient, it’s
not a victim. – It was preventive
medical care. – I’m not saying
of that. I’m like welcome back, you’re
like “I had surgery.” It was irrelevant to
the moment. I am welcoming
her back. She doesn’t even
get it. Hey Contessa, how
are you? I just had surgery. – Contessa.
– Yeah? – You came.
– Yes, I did. – And you ain’t been around
in three damn weeks. – I had no good reason for that,
that’s absolutely right. – I think Contessa used the
surgery as an excuse not to come around
when she knew she was going to have
to see Toya. You are shoving that surgery
down our face! – I’ve only seen you one
time in the last– – Yesterday. – So, stop saying
that, then. – Saying what?
Stop saying what? – Oh sh–, here we go.
– Stop saying what? – You chose–
– I said it one time! – She pointing her finger,
she pointing her finger. – Contessa, I’m trying to
welcome you back. – And as my friend, if
you supported me– – [bleep] you, Contessa.
[bleep] you! – Go on over there! And [bleep] me!
That’s absolutely right! – Take it easy,
take it easy. – Are you out of
your mind? – She hasn’t been
around, she’s on edge, not my
—-ing problem. – She got a reason not to
be on edge though, you got to think
about it. – No, I understand,
Scott! And don’t —-ing talk
to me! – No, no, Scott.
– You don’t talk to me! – I’m not talking to you!
– Don’t —-ing talk to me! – Then don’t —-ing
talk about her! – Don’t tell him to get the
[bleep] away from you! Don’t you ever talk to my
husband like that! – I guess she ain’t in
pain now. – Contessa, calm down. ‘Cause when you calm down,
Scott is gonna calm down. – Hey!
– Scott, Scott. – You’re two little, Simone!
Don’t mess with her! – Come on, come on.
– Let them handle that. – Obviously, Scott is
relatively new to our group. – When the women are going at
it, let them go at it. – Getting in the middle of
the women arguing with each other is not
a good idea. And will result in possible
bodily harm. – Mm-hmm. – If you calm down, she’s
gonna calm down. – She’ll calm down. – This is what I’m gonna
need you to do, and I know it’s gonna
be very difficult. I need you to shut the hell
up and let her talk. – And let her just talk
some sh–? – No, no, she not gonna talk
no sh–, I know her. Just be quiet, I’m gonna
go get Simone. I don’t know what it is with
Simone and boats. Every time we get on a damn
boat she got to start hollering at somebody. – You place yourself on
a pedestal! D-Bo! – I think we should do
away with the boats. ‘Cause she just gets
to hollering. – I’m praying for you.
Dear Heavenly Father– – You heard Dr.
Jackie– – Am I gonna get
beat up? ‘Cause I can’t fight,
Contessa. – We’re trying to fix this.
– I can’t fight. – Don’t come at me like
I’ll fight either. – I can’t fight.
– I don’t fight either. – I cannot fight.
– You’re coming in love. – ‘Cause I have shared
with you– – You called me a bitch. – That’s one of
my words! – And a victim! – That’s one of
my words. – When have you ever
known me to be a victim? – You got to listen. – She’s coming to
talk to you. – I’m coming to
apologize. – This is right now,
a hot mess. Because nobody’s receiving
what the other person is saying. – There is no reason for me
to be out to get you. And I don’t want you
paranoid– – And the victim word,
I never want to hear that sh– again
because I’m nobody’s victim. – That’s fair.
– I’m nobody’s victim. – That’s fine.
– I am nobody’s victim! ‘Cause I did the surgery so
I’ll never be somebody’s victim. I don’t even know where
this whole explosion came from with
Simone. I’m not sure if she’s just like
Team Toya right now. But I would think that
Simone is too damn grown to be acting like we got to take sides
on the play ground. ‘Cause this doesn’t
not sound like Simone at all. – Not all these women are
meant to be best of friends. You know what I mean? – They don’t have to be
best friends, but you can always
be cordial. – Women aren’t able to let stuff
go quite as quick as the guys. Women just ain’t that
type, they hold it, they hold it and they
won’t let it go. – Well, we typically don’t let
stuff get to the point where we want to kick the
sh– out of somebody. – I feel you. – Who called who a
bitch, ’cause I want to know who
said the word. – I said the word bitch.
– That’s my —-ing word. – Oh, I thought it was
“Your mama!” Your mama, bitch!
Your mama!” Come on y’all,
food’s ready. ♪♪♪♪♪ – I’ll take the fish. A little bit of carbs
won’t hurt. – Rice and potatoes.
– There you go. – Trying to keep it tight where
it’s supposed to be. – Lot’s of barbecue
on it. – We are hangry
right now. We got anger and
hunger. – That’s a lot
of rice. This waistline has to
remain snatched. – We need way more eating
and much less yelling. – Okay, we just really wanted to
thank everybody for coming. And I want to say this. Jackie and Simone’s always
saying “Own your sh–” It’s about owning what you
can do differently. So to you, I want to
personally apologize to you.

100 thoughts on “Contessa And Simone’s “Hangry” Fight | Married To Medicine (S6 Ep 12 Full Opening)

  1. Dr Scott looks corny. Women argue. Nothing you are going to be able to do to stop that shit. Stay out of women’s arguments.

  2. Contessa is boring. If she wasn't a to be modest, she can stay at home. The show has to be dramatic to be interesting

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 clearly Simone was 3 Jamaican sheets to the wind!! "Are you gon beat me up cause I can't fight"!! Shit is really epic to be honest 😂😂😂😂

  4. Simone need to dip herself in the river of Jordan rebuke all the demons out the negative attidue she had if ya look at the bts of marry to the medicine reunion for this she talk to her staff like trash Simone to to humble herself be grateful that anybody looking at her contessa is a real chick for standing her ground stop letting the devil make a fool out of u this show has turn into basketball wives degrading each other not good look

  5. I'm on the fence with Conetessa. Half the time she's awesome, half the time she's very uncaring. Conetessa started all this mess when she made that comment about Toya and Eugene paying off there taxes and that hurt Toya's feelings because she thought they were good friends. After that, Conetessa has never genuinely apologized because SHE didn't feel like it was a big deal. Let's not sit here and act like Toya started this mess with Conetessa. I think they're both great but Toya is not the blame.


  7. Something tells me Contessa's surgery was more for cosmetic reasons. They seem like they're tiptoeing around it.

  8. I love how She got right in Toya face & let her know she aint that chick! She is nobody's victim & I respect that

  9. Love when Men understand their role in these situations.Hopefully Scott will learn to do as the other husbands have learned to do.
    There are just some things that men do not understand about women.
    2 overly emotional people in a relationship is ugg!

  10. To say scott has to stay out of his wifes arguments is bullshit, simone was on full attack mode and he was defending his wife PERIOD, she was disrespectful asf & the fact shes a doctor? Seriously??

  11. I still don’t understand why Simone was so worked up…. I really love Jackie, she is a lady… she is not perfect but she is a lady!!!

  12. Heavenly is auto-programmed with ‘Yo Mama’….you could say Good Morning to her and that would be her response without even thinking

  13. I feel what Simone is saying cause if i welcome somebody back to the group why are you bring up the surgery like for real

  14. Dr Jackie, Dr. Contessa, Quad are all Trannies. Take a look at it.
    Without the makeup and wigs. Do your research.


  15. All I know is, is that if Simonr did all that face shit and finger pointing we would have a serious problem.

  16. Simone gotta stop being messy at times. Dr Heavenly so damn shady but I love the shit she says " everytime we get on a damn boat she gotta start hollering at somebody"

  17. Can't believe Simone is a Dr … she acts like she is crazy and SOOOOO LOUD oh my goodness … she wouldn't last two minutes in front of me. I don't play that noise and confusion. And she NEED to stay far away from liquor … she and IT don't mix!

  18. Scott can defend his wife !!! Tf is wrong with these people lol that’s his fucking wife !!!! If it goes down it goes down !!!!


  20. You are not a victim meaning, sis get tf up, don't let this get you down, continue to live life. Contessa received it wrong

  21. I think Simone may have had too much to drink, heavenly right Simone always yelling on boats let's remove them, Jackie and her one liners, Mariah is queen petty, quad can be real sweet and nice but her divorce is taking her thru, Toya skin is gorgeous like what does she use? Simone is bougie/ghetto and contessa honestly doesn't fit in with the group she's really a nice person

  22. Doctors are insensitive sometimes and bits not there fault because of what they see everyday but simone is .. a bit nasty so idk

  23. Is Simone really a doctor 😂girl you need therapy. An her husband needs to learn to put her in her place because why would you be arguing wit a man.

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