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all right BAM there we are right out here the world's strongest pro bodybuilder a little inform won't get together today I'm just going to run through some things on the vertical diet all things vertical make some food monster mashes and one introduce my good friend my partner in crime the bro actually the science to go with the bro this is Damon Damon McCune I don't know little rundown on all those initials after me okay absolutely nice to meet everyone my name is Damon McCune I'm a registered dietician and exercise physiologist I'm actually all the dissertation on my PhD in exercise physiology and so a lot of my research focuses on resistance training performance and how to manipulate different nutritional components to enhance that bat performance that's right well we're really informal today we're on the middle of a bit of a remodel so if you see some things unfinished or hear some noise in the background got the kids running around and stuff like that don't worry about it we're going to start by making some rice let's do that so proud of my wife she got this fancy little thing here it's one cup of rice two cups rice three cups of rice and there it is look at that I get the old rice timer so that I can schedule this is hot and ready when I wake up in the morning got three cups of rice six cups of water and I did a rant I talked about the fact that if you cook rice and then you refrigerate it let it cool overnight and the next morning when you reheat it it creates a bit of some resistant starches and so you don't get quite as many calories out of it not a huge deal unless you're in kind of a hard gainer and you have to count every calorie for somebody like Hawthorne Shaw of course I want them to get every calorie and so I encourage them to eat fresh rice but for the average individual not a big deal I get asked that question a lot ever since I did that on the rant okay steaks on the menu as usual you know me steak for breakfast lunch and dinner I've said a lot about why I like steaks shakes with your fakes eat steaks all that other stuff you ever seen a big chicken you know how it works but basically you gotta get your protein from somewhere and my goal with vertical diet is to make sure that you have not only the best quality protein but also the most micronutrients to come with it the heme iron obviously is the most bioavailable form of iron the b12 the zinc and the CLA is that are in steak you can't get that chicken steaks are a room in an animal they you know create they regurgitate their food to their cut and that process of the multiple stomachs it converts the make of sixes into clas and so you get about a four to one omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio chickens on the other hand aren't they only have one stomach and they cannot permit the foods and they therefore cannot convert the omega-6 is into threes or two clas and so they've got about a 17 to 1 mega 1683 ratio so I prefer steak for all of those reasons and it just as a matter of just fact just from seeing it so many times over the years every time I put a fleets on stake and instead of chicken the performance improves I think especially women terms the irony 12:4 to things that they pretend to be deficient in so this is a ribeye today I usually specify a leaner steak but just for some folks that need a little extra fat little extra calories in their diet I'm not burning a ton of carbs right now because I'm not doing a lot of workouts I'm not doing two-a-days I do my 10-minute walks and so I don't have as many carbs in my diet but I still need a decent amount of calories because I got a pretty big metabolism and so I get him from fats because that's kind of more of what I'm burning at rest and so I tried fuel my body with the kinds of foods or fuels that I'll be using throughout the day and the ribeye has a higher fatty content matter of fact more recently you've noticed that when Shaw was originally started his died at the vertical diet he was using the top sirloin steak and he lost a lot of body fat quickly lost 16 pounds leaned out but after lighter weight he was having a little trouble with stability under the big 1,300 pounds and so we exchanged the ribeye for the the top sirloin and threw in some bacon for breakfast but when we brought his fats up he was able to put a little more weight back on and it's more stable and stronger that way so you know a lot you can copy-and-paste diets all day long but it's it's the way you manipulate foods over the long term based on how you respond how many vigils respond that's most important so I'm gonna go with three by today and then I'll follow that up by making some bison burgers and I know everybody thinks on the shill for Costco but I'm telling you the quality of the meats at Costco light years ahead of what you get at your average grocery store or Sam's Club or Walmart since I cooked my meats in advance and then I'll put them in a ziplock baggie and throw them in the fridge so I can eat them up later when you reheat Costco eat it still tastes good when you reheat grocery store meat tastes like dog food so I'd suggest you get the Costco meats they I think on their own butchers I'll jump in on that sir Costco meats is a choice or better product so in terms of USDA labeling and grading it's a it's a choice or better which is a very good cut of meat so I'll be a shell – hey it tastes great it's affordable and so I always go with the Costco means do a little salt on me you saltshaker to president any salt and particular stamp this one here is the Redmond real salt which is that ancient seabed that dr. D Nichol Antonio talks about in the book the salt fix as being a very high quality salt very clean salt that having been said I don't want to be too particular for folks who are on a budget salt is necessary and what you can afford which is important and you know in my diet of course we'll talk about iodine too so if you're not using the cranberry juice ride on the use an iodine salt let's go prep some burgers all right no meals worth cooking without some Monster Mash so I've got the ground bison also Costco figures this stuff tastes amazing very high quality meat again iron b12 zinc clas so I'll show you how I prep this I do this almost on a daily basis because I eat about four of these mash a day and I recommend it to all my clients it's so easy to consume and because it's ground it's a little easier to digest if you have to eat a lot of food just because it's almost pretty to die guess you'd say has more surface area so it's really easy on the digestion plus when I add the bone broth to it that also helps with the digestion helps the health of the gut so I'm going to show you how I prep these real easy probably talk a little bit about difference between grass-fed and grain-fed – and if that's necessary for most individuals out there's a lot like he was talking about with the salt in terms of grass-fed and grain-fed there's a lot of maybe misunderstanding out there in the world in terms of nutritional content there's not a huge difference between grass-fed and grain-fed it very much depends on the animal the lifestyle of the animal what it was fed throughout its life and so the nutritional difference may be marginal by the end of a day when it's actually slaughtered so whatever you can afford whatever fits into your budget go with that some people prefer the taste of the grass-fed but the the true meaning of that is really for the last six months of their life they're they're finished on grass that every cow and its lifespan is going to eat grass it's just that last six months of finishing where they'll be given grass and sometimes that grass is very similar to the feed it would get if it was a conventional animal so the taste may not even be different so whatever you like and whatever fits in your budget yeah and I said in my seminars that you've seen before the biggest thing they talk about is that the grass finished grass fed and grafts finished meat has more omega-3s the problem is is they're of such small quantity in meat that that's not really where you'd go to get them anyhow that's when I throw a salmon and to get you Omega threes absolutely we're talking about difference between just a few grams and 200 grams so pretty significant so I just mash these down a little bit and I'll grill them just like that go flip our steak did you want it now no never room on a grill for him yet that one's the constant fire to clean my grill a little better laughs next time we've got another four minutes for those of you wondering these are a pound in a quarter apiece you know I get a lot of people asking me about vertical diet on a budget got college students you know young cats that's a they can't afford $7.99 a pound for ground bison I love the taste of it yeah it's a quality meat but as Damon said you can use the ground beef Costco has a 87 13 that's really affordable so 399 or they're about to pound and it's a really high-quality good tasting meat and you get just as much nutrition out of it you absolutely do get just as much iron just lifting 12 this is good zinc so you know absolutely you can do the vertical bad on a budget substitute the lean ground beef for the state save a lot of money that way everything else is really affordable except for maybe the cranberry juice depending on where you live in that case we just substitute some iodized salt and you're good cranberry juice at Trader Joe's is pretty reasonable I think it's $2.99 a bottle yeah now also internationally I get a lot of folks who say that ground beef is really expensive and vice is just simply unavailable a lot of my folks that are in say Iceland where we go to lamb lamb is a ruminant animal same thing we're stomachs creates the good clas iron b12 zinc so that's the excellent source what are some others even pick pigs a ruminant animal so you're gonna get a lot higher quality you know more bioavailable vitamins out of that one as well minerals so and you know some folks throw a chicken in there that's cool I'm saying what I operate on is a good better best scenario and if I can optimize something I'm going to and that's why I go through it knees better check my steaks because I see a lot of smoke out time to clean the grill this little guy right here is golden this is the hack of the century it's a thermo pen and it's a real fast thermometer so you just stick it in and immediately gives you a temperature 130 degrees I usually shoot for these guys I mean I think you got to be north of 150 to be safe they want to get to be at 165 I think is the temperature stakes could be a little cooler because the the bacteria doesn't penetrate the skin and get to the center but with my burgers bison in that I've always cooked those to 165 but this pin shows me right where I'm at so when you take those off to they'll continue to heat so they usually go up another 5 to 10 degrees after you remove them from the grill perfect in this little baby right here look at the size of that spatula it's a great burgers give these couple of minutes forgets the burn leaves beef right yeah that steak bastards it's another thing since I'm pre cooking these and reheating them later I might under do them just a little bit because I'm gonna ziplock them put them in the fridge and then I'll pull it out later tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon then I'll heat it up for a couple minutes in the microwave so I can get a little more temperature out of it that way unlike Stan said that's okay with the steaks but I would not recommend that for the ground beef because with the surface area exposed like that on the ground beef if you don't cook it to temperature you're much more likely to have some foodborne illness happen and nobody you're gonna enjoy hats yeah really here's a little hack I like to do you notice that I haven't had to handle that hamburger so I just turn that like so yeah put it on the grill just like that same thing here just fold that under it'll way pop it on there there we go usually four minutes aside and I'm good okay so we through the rights on way through the meat on and the last thing is the chicken stock some people say chicken stock bone broth as long as it's boiled bones and I actually prefer chicken bones cuz there's more joints so you get more collagen we're gelatin from chicken bones than the long bones of say a cattle if it's beef stock or beef broth the problem is is most people they just make like a chicken flavor in a broth and it's not actually boiled those it might just be bouillon cube or chicken flavoring and they'll just throw in some vegetables etc a lot of them will use vegetable oils a lot of me use garlic some of them will use sugar so I try to avoid all of that and once again the Costco one happens to be one of the highest quality products that you can make short of making it yourself and I've said before that the vertical diet our meals we actually do boil our own bones and make our own bone broth so but short of that this is the one to get a lot of the others have all those extra ingredients that I'm not a big fan of surprisingly the chicken stock actually has a little bit more potassium than the beef stock – yeah that'll be a biggie we'll talk more about potassium later I can do this without ruining them four minutes to happiness the other thing to be aware of with the vice and there's a lot of misunderstanding in the world that if you get bites means automatically just leaner than ground beef and that also varies based on what people decide to buy just like wood beef you can buy a different level of fat content with the Bison so same thing with turkey burgers a lot of people think that turkey burgers are just automatically lean cuz it's turkey but you can actually get a pretty fatty piece of bison or turkey and compared to beef let's make up some Monster Mash it's got a few different scenarios here so if I'm gonna eat the Monster Mash right now I'll just prep one and the bowl and eat it you've seen me do this before not usually eat about half of one of these it's about seven ounces and I'll pop that in there and then I'll throw in a cup of rice like so and then I'll throw in about a cup of chicken stock in just a ballpark and I'll usually season it a little more little more salt I'm gonna mash that up real good so where we sing our song and that's my mash it's the kids favorite food they love it you can add some spinach to that or some peppers I kind of like it just like this and I'll show you how I add my vegetables here in a second so that's one scenario another scenario is that I just Ziploc a couple of these this is my meal prep for say tomorrow or later today in a big gallon ziplock now remember I said I like to eat my rice fresh so I leave a hot rice cooker going so my rice is always hot and warm and fresh and it doesn't have that cooling reheating resistant starch effect that's just my preference because I I need all the calories I can get so I'll just toss my cooked bison burger in the fridge and then my next meal all I have to do is pull this out heat it for a couple of minutes throw the fresh rice in with some chicken stock and I got in a meal there yes okay let's do scenario number three three and four we're kind of do them together so we leave a couple of these burgers in the bowl that's probably for Monster Mash is in there so I'm gonna put in four cups of rice right here and this is meal prep if you want to put it into Tupperware and have it all done and ready just to heat up later so I'll put it in a little more than four cups of rice and then usually if I'm traveling somewhere I'll put in four cups of chicken stock also I'll just put the remaining three in here and blend it up it'll mash that up when we got for a monster masher all right we got dumped in the Monster Mash music again okay now you can go one of two directions with this you can get it you could put the Monster Mash into a Tupperware and refrigerate it and heat it up later or you could put the Monster Mash into a tough ware and freeze it and then I can either pack it and you know tomorrow morning when I wake up and pack my bags I'm off to Denver I'm gonna go to see Brian on Monday so what I'll do is I'll put some of this into Tupperware's and I'll freeze a bunch of them sometimes I'll freeze as many as 10 of them depending on how long I'm gonna be gone and I'll put it in my check luggage and I'll just check the back and then wherever I land I've got frozen gradually thawing depending on the length of the trip and I'll take that to my hotel I always get a place with a fridge and a microwave or a kitchenette and I'll just put it in refrigerator there and I'll have meals to eat while I'm there or and while I'm on the trip what I'll do is I'll use the thermos and you've all heard me talk about the thermos I'll take a nice hop Monster Mash and I'll put it in the thermos and put the lid on it and then I'll just take that with me if you're going to work you can take a couple of these if I'm jumping on a plane I'll take a couple I can head to the airport and you know eat one on the plane and have one say if there's a connection or when I land depending on the length of the flight I take as many as I need to be able to eat every three hours and I plan it such that I'm you know when I arrive wherever I'm at and I end up being able to pull out one of the frozen meals I've got enough meals I just got back from the UK last weekend I took six meals with me and it was a 14 plus hour 16-hour day with the layover and the two flights and I had meals all day long hot meals these things stay in the thermos what I'll do is heat this up really hot I would probably put it in the microwave for a couple minutes and get it – it was just almost boiling and I'll pop it in here and put the lid on and it'll stay hot for about 12 or 14 hours I could still eat those meals and the thermal pan I tested after at least 10 hours are still 140 degrees so a lot of different ways to work the Monster Mash to make sure you got meals every time you need them all right so vegetables and particularly spinach big huge fan of spinach 4,700 milligrams of potassium I like to get it from my food in my recent rant on blood pressure quick fix kid I talked about how important potassium is for high blood pressure it's a huge one for constipation it's a big one for cramping it's enormous did I miss any overall general health yeah it's one of those things you really got to work for throughout the day to get if anybody's ever tried tracking their potassium getting 47 milligrams is hard to do yeah it's really hard to do so here's how I throw it together I'll throw in at least one maybe two potatoes a day they're about a thousand milligrams apiece of potassium and then I got to get in about eight or ten ounces of spinach a day that's another 1500 milligrams of potassium well how do I do that because spinach is kind of bland I'm gonna throw together a shake I've got my little ninja shake here and with at least two meals a day maybe three I'll put together a spinach shake and I'll show you how it works follow me we need a cup blender cut blender lid just like Stan mentioned too with the potatoes it doesn't need to be a sweet potato regular potatoes are also very high in potassium they actually have more of a store in bananas yeah regular potato has more potassium than a sweet potato as a matter of fact so I just a regular potato didn't yes okay alright so here's my spinach this is just a fresh spinach from Costco the organic baby spinach and what I do I bring it home and I put it in the freezer and that way it's nice and cold and it makes it a lot easier I think and taste here and I'll just stuff a ton of that into this Cup look I'm packing a decent amount in there I'm trying to get at least 4 to 5 ounces so that if I drink it twice a day I get my 8 to 10 ounces of the spinach these are actually pretty delicious spinach doesn't have a lot of taste and then I throw in about four five ounces of orange juice and remember orange juice also has potassium in it for reference that's about a 16-ounce container you've got that into that'd be two cups of spinach yeah two cups of spinach and usually I gotta water it down just for consistency if you don't have cold spinach I'd suggest you throw some ice water in there tastes a lot better cold and that's it you drink that with your meal man the colder the better this is good stuff so you might also know if you've ever seen Blaine Sumner's diet he throws in at least 2 cups of spinach twice a day sometimes three times a day with his chicken shakes and he's been doing that for years huge benefit for potassium we talked about blood pressure we talked about constipation we talked about what else everything it's just amazing cramping heart arrhythmias all of that can be averted with potassium 47 100 milligrams a day I also add in in addition to the orange juice and the spinach and the potatoes daily I add in a serving of yogurt of Greek yogurt that also has potassium and salmon believe it or not salmon has decent monopotassium and carrots and carrots and I throw those in as well that's the only thing I'd add to this meal is about four baby carrots and I think I've got a pretty complete meal here I'll eat this probably three times a day and then you know mix it up with a steak or with some eggs or with some yogurt on two or three other meals a day you

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