Core Strengthening Full Body Resistance Workout – Stick Mobility Exercise

okay guys, here we go, so some great
pillar strength here, full-body activation from half kneeling. We’re
using a six foot stick here so we can use the added flex to really challenge
the body. So Neal’s setup in half kneeling, he’s gonna go up overhead with
the stick you’re gonna be out to one end, so hand
out here and then kind of a natural overhead grip. At the narrowest
shoulder-width, you know probably outside a little bit because this is going to be
a challenge. We’re looking to own this whole structure this pillar strength
from the foot through the hips all the way up to shoulders. Once they are
set I’m gonna challenge we’re going to go through three reps of each
three-second hold so I’m going to pull he’s got to fight it off this is not
easy and then push so he’s pushing against me as I’m pushing pull we’re
both pulling apart. Then push, you’ll see how the body has to regulate itself. Pull. And
then last one – push, and now we’re gonna really light up a challenge we’re gonna
go vertical vectors and I’m going to flex it the body has to resist this and
be resilient then I’m gonna flex it up so they’re really also getting push-pull
here elevation, depression in there, challenging it. You’re not trying
to bend the stick all the way down enough to challenge the system get them
shaking make sure they don’t come out of position right we want them to own their
positions right now we’re trying to make the body resilient nice and strong head
to toe last one here and then a hard one to is we’re going to challenge rotation
here this is tough they’re just challenging a little bit flexing make
them fight you want real core work here you go
you’re not gonna feel anything like this guaranteed you haven’t done this before.
If you have you’re onto something good last one
and there’s your challenge. So realistic challenging the whole body challenge
overhead this is a great activation drill this is great strengthening drill
so you can use it where you see fit but you’re gonna challenge everything so
this could be a prime for overhead lifts and movements, throwing motions, rotation, a great exercise.

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