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Cortisol and stress response. You’ve
heard these words thrown around all your life, but what does it mean how does it
work so I’m gonna tell you what you need to know hey I’m Dr. Ekberg with Wellness
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so that you don’t miss anything. So let’s talk about cortisol in the stress
response so first there’s two questions what is stress and what does core is all
do once we understand this then a lot of things are gonna fall in place what is
stress we could answer that a thousand different ways but let’s just really
look at the basics stress is not a bad thing
stress is what keeps us alive if we didn’t have stress the body would have
no reason to respond or really do anything so exercise is stress just
walking gravity is stress it makes us function but then there’s bad stress
then there’s stress that becomes chronic that wears us down and that’s the kind
we’re gonna talk about so stress is anything that the body has to respond to
anything that’s a challenge that the body has to do something to to cope to
adapt is a form of stress it’s also known as fight/flight so if you have a
tiger coming at you if you have a grizzly bear if you have a Mack truck
coming at you you need to move quickly that’s a
fight/flight situation and your body responds with a stress response what his
cortisol have to do with that well when your body has to respond with a fierce
activity like run the hardest you can climb a tree fight what’s the first
thing you’re going to need its energy your body has to produce energy to get
out of that bind and what’s the fastest way to produce energy it is sugar it’s
blood sugar so as soon as you have a stress response your body is gonna try
to find ways to raise that blood sugar so that you can produce energy to save
your life that is the prime
a function of cortisol the body makes cortisol to raise blood sugar because in
a stress response we need more energy and once the body does that there’s a
few more things that happens as a result of cortisol cortisol is also concerned
the stress response is concerned with survival in the moment so healing fixing
stuff down the road is not a big deal it’s not high on the list of priorities
so inflammation healing the first response in healing is inflammation and
the body says no let’s do that later so cortisol is anti-inflammatory
cortisol works to down-regulate that part of the immune system that
handles inflammation and at the same time if the body is going to raise the
sugar if the body’s gonna try to make more sugar where does it get it well it
gets it from protein primarily it’s the second fastest way to get energy because
protein can be converted into glucose so cortisol acts to break down protein
in an attempt to raise blood sugar so again you’re saying well that seems
awfully stupid protein and muscle that’s a good thing right well if you have to
save your life then you worry more about saving a life in this moment because you
can always rebuild the protein tomorrow or next year so the stress response is
all about survival in the moment and that’s what cortisol is about also so
even though these things may seem destructive they will save your life in
the moment that’s what the stress response is all about what happens then
if the sugar is unstable so this is one people talk about stress but they
usually think about emotional stress and they don’t so often think about the
physiological response what are some of the other things that can invoke this
response so let’s look at blood sugar if we eat a lot of carbs if we eat a lot
of processed foods then we’re gonna have a blood sugar rollercoaster so the body
the brain likes to keep the blood sugar right smack in the middle of this blue
zone here but if you eat lots of carbs you’re gonna go up the body’s gonna make
a bunch of insulin and it’s gonna come crashing down you get what’s called
reactive hypoglycemia what happens when the blood sugar is too low you get
cranky you get cravings you get irritable you
lose focus that’s not a nice place to be so the body says oh let’s raise let’s
generate some blood sugar how does it do that it does it with cortisol so every
time that your blood sugar drops below ideal your body is gonna make more
cortisol and what does that mean what’s the significance of that it means every
time you have low blood sugar you are creating stress you are in a high stress
mode chemically you’re getting all of the destructive consequences of a stress
response simply by having low blood sugar and that low blood sugar is only a
result of that high blood sugar in the beginning so stabilizing blood sugar is
one of the most critical things that we can do to reduce the stress response and
reduce the cortisol so what do we do about this well – how do we balance this
system naturally you adopt a diet of whole food whole natural food the way
nature made them the way we’ve been eating them for hundreds of thousands of
years which means you reduce the car if you have a lot of inflammation if you
have a lot of sugar problems then look into keto and we got some videos on that
here where you can learn more about a extremely powerful I wouldn’t call it
extreme because it’s still a very natural and pleasant way of eating but
it’s extremely powerful way of reversing inflammation and insulin resistance
and you can also do breathing exercises because a lot of this stress is also
emotional one of the most damaging forms of stress is when we feel we have to be
on the go all the time all the time all the time we have this racing thoughts in
our minds that just won’t shut off we’d give anything for just a break
well breathing and meditation can give you that break you can you can reset
that stress response in a 5 or 10 minute session of breathing and meditation you
notice how you get cravings that are toast totally out of control when your
blood sugar drops that’s that’s a cortisol issue it’s the cortisol it
gives you those cravings etc if you have any questions let me know if you have
any comments let me know I’ll be more than happy to try to discuss this either
in the question section or with a new video please share this video because
it’s all about health it’s all about getting the population of the world
healthy so that we can stop having all these degenerative diseases we can learn
how the body works and start working the right way again thank you so much for

18 thoughts on “Cortisol And Stress Response (What You Must Know) – Dr Sten Ekberg Wellness For Life

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  2. Dr.Ekberg you never make a bad video all your videos are full of valuable information. Thank you so much. Can you also make a video how sex hormones are affected by cortisol being dysregulated. What are the difference between High cortisol and low cortisol I think I have them both thanks.

  3. Dr. Ekberg, Thank you so much for another fantastic video. Can you do a video on how keto helps the brain with seizures. Thanks

  4. I have very low blood pressure. Cardiologist is running a lab on my cortisol level. I have passed out recently. Can doing Keto for a year have caused this?

  5. Hej Dr Ekberg! Thank you for yet another informative video… this indeed is an issue for me ie stress so great timely video to understand…

  6. I know i have requested a ton of videos but can you do a video on low blood pressure causes and how to naturally correct it? NO ONE has done one on this topic and so many people struggle with this

  7. Yet another fabulous video. Thank you dr for your efforts. As usual, very informative. I subbed after the first vid that I watched from you👍

  8. I find it funny (well not "funny" funny) that more than likely I will be brought down by something called cortisol, it just sounds so innocuous. I was always kinda hoping Id meet my fate wrestling with a bear.

  9. I started the keto a week ago. Before I started it I would have low blood sugar symptoms if I went too long without eating. I started making sure I ate carbs bad or good throughout the day so I wouldn't feel these symptoms. Simce starting keto I've become less hungry and am able to fast and feel fine until I eat and now I'm having reactive hypoglycemic symptoms. I cheated one night with brown rice and felt severe reactive symptoms while on the keto diet. I started feeling it after eating berries so I eliminated fruit completely. I'm still feeling it after eating and not sure if it's the carbs in vegetables? What do I do to correct this issue? It seems like keto made it worse but I know a diet of sugar and carbs is horrible too.
    In 2016 I was in the ER with severe dehydration after drinking so much coffee and no water and was put on iv.
    Since then my kidneys are sensitive and hurt if I drink coffee, tea or dark soda.
    Can that have had an issue on adrenal glands and messing my body up? It seems like around that period the blood sugar issue started

  10. is keto something everyone should do even if you don't deal with overweight, inflammation or insulin resistance? i understand the reason behind cutting back on carbs (greedy food industry lies) but some of the keto dieters make it sound like it's the only natural way of eating. now i don't want to denigrate it or anybody but it reminds me of veganism back when it started popping up so i am a but skeptic about it.

  11. I had the gastric bypass and 2 years after got diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and put on hydrocortisone. It's been another 2 years on that and still extremely exhausted and my body hurt all over it.

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