Crazy DELICIOUS NOODLES – Full Street food tour in Ho Chi Minh! (Saigon)

Ho Chi Minh City home to 13 million hungry individuals and a food culture that runs deep with their people today we're gonna explore some the crazy delicious food across the city stay with me we're gonna start with a place called Compton back in and they serve something called Compton and it's a pork shop together with rice it's one of the most popular places here in Saigon to get that let's eat okay so just finally sat down in calm come back en it might not be correct and I am so hungry I have not eaten breakfast yet so I just want to give our this plate on the plate here you will see a nice piece of grilled meat you will see a fried egg and you will see some pigskin and you will see a meatball filled with rice and intestines and also a pie filled with intestines and some pickled vegetables let's get started and it's gonna take a big bite of this huge meat ma'am didn't expect anything else because this big bowl of juices where the meat were laying looks just amazing waiting marinate this meat has to be very secret because there's so much flavor in there you've got the slightly sweet and spicy outside and inside it's very tender and soft I kind of find it funny that they give you this huge chunk of meat but to give you a fork and a spoon okay so I'm gonna try the meatball which is rice and intestines either it tastes really bad or really good there's no in between that is better than Swedish meatballs I'm actually really pleasantly surprised I was a little bit skeptic she sat down with me and explained to me what it was inside and I was like might not be the best think the skin will be good on its own it needs to be combined with something so I'll take the meatball right here and I'll see if it's right I didn't really like it it's just stuff it's alright but I mean the meatball is own it's a lot better it's kind of like slimy okay let's go with that pie it should have roughly the same flavor as the meatball it's kind of the same ingredients except that in dividers as well that's right not some nice time my beliefs were correct the flavor is very close to the meatball but that's good because I really like the meatball trust the chef here guys this is how an egg yolk should be inside running but not too runny this is everything you have been waiting for it's gonna happen I'm gonna combine everything you need let's try the combination of the sweet and sour vegetables and we have the soft skin from the pig and we have this really nice grilled meat together with some rice I immediately felt the creaminess of that egg that smoke from the grill really penetrates that meat it's a really nice well-rounded smoky aftertaste and that meat yes perfect so I got a little bit of a street food snack here in the local market and I'm trying something called Boonen Bao basically some dumplings what he calls it and it's made from wheat and eggs and he's deep-frying it and he's putting pork and eggs inside let's give us a try oh it's a little bit sweetness in there because there's onions and then you have this really nice pork meat in this egg as well have explored the market around here and I found this really nice noodle shop inside here and I'm gonna try their noodles it looks so good I don't even he could taste it to know that it's gonna be good so here we have some nice rice noodles and some thin slices of beef and we also have a fish cake and some green onions looks really awesome so I've added some lime I've added some chili and some veggies in there and I have to give this a try that is exactly how noodles should taste the noodles are absolutely perfectly cooked they're really soft and savory so nice thin slice of beef in here as well and some extremely sweet coffee to go with that last but not least we gotta give this soup a nice slurp you can feel the chili and you can feel the linemen they're really wonderful broth here okay let's continue explore it okay so here we have Bank Co which is a pancake made of rice and water and turmeric and then they're adding some pork and some shrimps and some bean sprouts I have curled up in a corner there's so much people here but I found a place to record I'm just gonna stuff myself with this greasy creamy pancake that is really greasy and I could use a little bit more salt but it's really crispy and there's a lot of flavor I think we need a little bit of that pickled vegetables together with the pancake to lift things up a little bit these are pickled veggies they lifted up the dish a lot but the flavor is very mild and it does make sense because they're just adding regular batter and they're just doing adding some vegetables and some shrimp and some meats in there so there's actually nothing fancy going on it's very simple it's not gonna surprise you in any way but it's pretty good having a flip-flop situation the applause situation no flip-flops eat to eat so there was a big line outside bond men shop it's one of the most famous here in Saigon so of course there's gonna be a line I decided to go to the flower market instead I'm gonna try it right now look at these guys this is so nice okay so here we have a bunch of different vegetables you got some pickled veggies and you have some fresh cucumber and some carrots and of course you have some nice slice of Chile and this really thick pate here we have a different type of pork sausages different variants looks really really nice and also some slices of meat in there I'm gonna take a huge bite here a lot better than I thought this fake pate that's inside this one mean man that's good just listen to this sound it's so crispy this bread really really nice that is so spicy they just had these huge chunks of sliced chillies it brings this sandwich to another level this is a live cash [Applause] the immensity and the diversity of food here in Saigon is absolutely crazy I found myself in a place called Boonville Niang right and they serve a noodle dish and yeah let's eat finally sat down and I'm ready to try wooden bow have a big bowl right here ok so here we have the famous noodle dish called Boonton bow and apparently inside here we have a big pork leg and we have a crab cake and we have some rice noodles and also some veggies in here bean sprouts then we need to add some of these fresh herbs usually they serve all kinds of noodle dishes with some fresh vegetables on the sides you can put in yourself though now rather the chili I've added a lime I've added some fresh vegetables and I'm ready to eat and try that dish ok let's try a big chunk of these noodles together with some beef and some herbs wonderful flavor the mint really kicks in you can really feel the freshness of that noodles are really really wonderful they are perfectly cooked and there's so much flavor inside them as well in the moments I've been waiting for trying that rabbit really really good you could definitely tell the crap flavor in there let's try some of that really nice meats from the big bone here absolutely falls apart they have been boiling this for a long time I can tell heaven on earth right here right in the streets of Saigon thank you a lot for watching this video Saigon has so much good food and it has food everywhere every corner you can find food and most of it is really good if you enjoy this video please leave a like and subscribe to this channel that would help out a lot and as always guys

33 thoughts on “Crazy DELICIOUS NOODLES – Full Street food tour in Ho Chi Minh! (Saigon)

  1. Perfect Launch with Cơm Tấm Sườn and a coup trà đá(Ice Tea)! Welcome to Việt Nam, bro.
    Love and Peace from Việt Nam🇻🇳✌😁.

  2. Fantastic video. My mouth is watering watching this 😋😋😋. You look like Derek Hough from Dancing with the stars/World of Dance 😁

  3. This guy totally missing the point of Com Tam. Com Tam literally Broken Rice. Every grain of rice is broken in half. You are eating the special kind of rice, easy to digest and yummy. The kind of noodle you are eating originated from the middle region, where the weather is very cold in the winter, so most dishes there are spicy to help warm up their body. Most dishes in the south contains coconut milk, the only region native to coconut trees.

  4. All food in vietnam at his video
    1. Cơm tấm 3 ghiền ( 3 ghiền is a brand)
    2 . Bánh bao chiên and bánh tiêu
    3 . Bún bò
    4 . Bánh xèo
    5 . Bánh mì Huỳnh Hoa

  5. What a savage. Allah will never forgive you for insulting Islamic sensibilities by chewing that skostoskig pork with such orgasmic fervour at 1:43. Banh xeo is often paired with a load of vegetables and herbs by the locals so you clearly ate that wrong man.

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