just for kicks and giggles I'm gonna stand right over here let's see what happens I just heal up immediately it's ridiculous okay I'm gonna try standing in front of the train with this glitch three two one so right now it's not a jailbreak there is a glitch that lets you get pretty much infinite health godmode inside of this game all right it's absolutely ridiculous it requires two players to do it and also to mobile garage but trust me it's a hundred percent worth it so I'm gonna show you guys how to do the glitch here with my old account and myself here I'm gonna have like my main account the left side all to come the right side so you guys know exactly what to do you also need a ninety thousand cash for the ambulance already ambulance if you already have it so yeah let's go ahead and get started alright so as you can see over here I have both of my accounts okay so what I'm gonna go ahead and do my right account over here this is the alt I'm gonna go ahead and spawn in the ambulance okay now the ambulance is very very important and you'll see here why I'm gonna go ahead you see right here just my old account here not my user names is currently a son of the ambulance here on India driver seat and my main account over here is inside of the stretcher in the back now I'm just gonna go ahead and just circle around here wait like about a minute or so because I believed us how long it takes 40 a regeneration thing two timeouts but basically what we want to do is just keep on loop spawning ambulances until you get like ten of them stacked in a row it will take about like five to ten minutes to do the glitch but once you have the glitch working it should work for a really long time unless you team switch okay so don't even think about team switching whenever you do this so guys and I'm not sure if you'll prevent the guests getting arrested okay so now I'm gonna go ahead and just jump out my all to count me to leave my main account inside here and I'm gonna go ahead and come on over here and spawn myself an ambulance again wait zero seconds and a boom now whoa my old account just fell out of the map that was really strange but you see my main account here it was just lying down and if I come over here to my main account I'm gonna go ahead and just jump out and go shoot and you can see that the health is slowly regenerating okay you can see I'm gonna shoot down quite a bit of the pistol but you can see it's slowly be generating all this healthcare now that's kind of what we're gonna do except it's way too slow if you're running into like the presidential ball just like blindly you're probably still gonna go oof so that means we're going to go ahead and come over here and do this again on main account we get back into the structure all the count comes over here and we go to the ambulance respawn the ambulance my main account still glitch jump out again same thing to all to come in and just come over here you can see I'm going to shoot the pistol and now you can see it regenerates twice as fast but twice as fast isn't quite enough I'm gonna just skip forward until we do it like five times or something like that and I'll show you the result so just did the glitch about five more times and now I'm gonna go ahead and show you how much damage and how fast I read like you know regain health and stuff like that because he I'm shooting my main account the pistol and it's basically infinite health okay you look at this I'm pretty much healing immediately after getting shot there's like no way any amount of police officer are gonna be able to move me okay they're just they ought to be like 13 cops or something to get me to go I'm not sure if it will work against like the train or something like that will but like a bunch of those tests sneer at the very end but I'm gonna go ahead now get a bunch of people inside of my game and tell them to shoot me down and I'm gonna see how they react to this so what should be the very very first store we should go rob probably the jewelry store now I'm gonna go and just look like straight up walk right through the lasers without taking any damage okay you can see I'm at full health again just gonna casually come over here and we're gonna rob the jewelry store okay you can see look how fast I'm healing up this is absolutely insane okay the reason why I said no arrests is I believe you're still like vulnerable to arrest okay you can't just like you know knock it arrested unless the steam Oh breaks a cop's handcuffs which happens to me all the time okay I like I don't understand why that happens it's like a random glitch hopefully ASIMO fixes it in this update s coming soon but anyway you can see I'm just standing in the lasers I'm just gonna walk right through and immediately heal up okay look at that it's absolutely insane think I have like about eight or so of the things stacked right now but I'm gonna go ahead and just casually walk through the jewelry store like literally carelessly okay this is as careless as you can get inside of this jewelry store you can't get any more careless and I'm still that will help it's absolutely insane all right we're gonna keep on just coming all the way over here look at this no damage well actually I take some damage but it instantly heal so now I'm gonna go ahead and just come on over here I'm gonna get a bunch people try to move me all right look they're all trying to move me they're literally all are trying to shoot me down right now but look how fast I'm healing it's absolutely ridiculous there's no way any of them are gonna move me okay like literally no way I'm literally just gonna stand here look at them and of course somebody arrest me I'm pretty sure if you get arrested it does not reset so yeah all right let's see somebody come to the prison trying to move me now because I can't do the team switch menu or else a recess I'm gonna have to manually walk all the way over here and I'm just gonna see okay somebody punched me okay I'm just gonna say punch and you can see here still when people are punching me my health is instantly going back to maximum so that means even after you get arrested it's still worse okay this guy's gonna go over here and try to move me okay the little bacon hair of some salad hair on as well go ahead try and move me just gonna say everybody get your guns out try to move me right now okay come on okay yeah this guy I'm a shotgun literally impossible to go oof literally impossible here we go boys to the bank opening up the stage two men fall Minh Falls kind of easy I kind of wanted it to be presidential ball but that doesn't really matter you can see I'm just gonna go ahead and just casually walk right through the bank no jumping whatsoever and I survived normally I would have moved that like some point over here but I'm just gonna casually just you know just goof around here I'm gonna stand in front of the vault yeah you know what just for kicks and giggles I'm gonna stand right over here let's see what happens no impact I just heal up immediately it's ridiculous okay let's see get herself four thousand five hundred cash and then we're gonna get outside and just told the cops to just stand here and not do anything hopefully they don't bust me because this glitch doesn't protect you from arrest it's kind of like mad city as well mad cities only prevents you from taking any damage it doesn't stop you from getting arrested and while I wait for do you bank to finish what you guys should probably do is hit subscribe turn on notifications and use code bacon because it's like obviously you should use code bacon and you can see here everybody is getting used by the police officers and I'm still alive here because you know the fire don't do nothing to me I got an infinite health thing and I'm just gonna go ahead and just casually walk out uninjured through all these things look at this way too easy infinite health mode is way too easy I see 100% gonna fascist guys I can already feel it right now ASIMO 3:08 I'm please don't pouch this alright don't don't do it I'm pretty sure you can't okay but anyway let's go ahead and go rob the museum and see what happens alright next robbery Museum okay Museum is notorious for people looting inside especially just one person like Greek crafts I think that's the guys name really likes this thing in here okay so I'm gonna go ahead and just casually walk over here you can see I just run through all these lasers them don't take any damage at all you know what I'm gonna go ahead and just come over here and Rob this banking because I know a lot of people oof when trying to rob these paintings over here you can see I'm taking damage when I'm instantly healing again and I'm just gonna casually just like run over here like this and jetpack out completely uninjured yeah it doesn't affect me at all okay might take me down to read health but I pretty much instantly go back to full ASIMO didn't even catch this we didn't even find it until like months after the ambulance came out okay I think the ambulance came out like fall 2018 or something but yeah it's literally been a while and I'm gonna go ahead and just come on over here get my stuff my museum money just slide right over there and yeah so now the next robbery we go somebody just tased me bacon don't even think about arrest me of course this bacon here arrest me just to show you okay I can get arrested all I want okay you can see it's trying to like dab on me like do some whatever stuff pretty sure I still have that full health which it looks like Joey stores open again okay we're gonna go ahead and try to super duper hard off you over here I'm gonna go ahead and just get myself 5 gallon cash real quick and I'm gonna just so I casually walk through this Lobby this is like the hardest one it's like the ones like the glass on the first floor so as you can see here I'm not even gonna touch my spacebar all I'm gonna do is hold W and shift and I'm just gonna drag my camera around here and I'm just gonna casually walk on right through here without going off okay you like 100% no oof if Creek craft learns this glitch he'll like finally never open to Joyce or again but anyway you can see I'm gonna stand over here and just get myself the last thing and then we're gonna go zone right through like this and we're gonna walk right past this bacon boy too easy I'm just gonna run right through here nobody ever goes that way like nobody knows otherwise you're like a for sure going ooh but guess what not pressing spacebar at all actually can like survive in the gorge except when people arrest you because now they're gonna try to shoot me down like they always do but it's not gonna happen I'm just gonna keep on healing I'm gonna just sit back relax and just wash it like them try to become try-hards and all that good stuff like because they can't move me and yeah so I guess that's basically it for this the glitch over here actually one last thing I'm gonna try standing in front of the Train with this glitch and let's see what happens all right guys thank you our train over here let's go ahead and give it a try three two one rip oof big oof Thomas the Train is a big fat cheater he bypassed my glitch Thomas why are you cheating I don't understand so turns out that this glitch only works against like I believe regular weapons I'm not sure if I still have the glitter on maybe it went away when I went off but I'm gonna go ahead and get someone else to try and you know take me out come on people everyone shoot me alright so turns out the glitch does in fact go away if you do from the Train so whatever you use this glitch as long as you do not stand right in front of a train I think you should be good I'm not sure about rag dolling from a large height I think that might actually a few the glitch really helps against just people like combating you because like they do thirty damage and don't instantly heal back up to full so yeah I guess that's basically gonna wrap it up here if you guys enjoyed this ultimate god mode in infinite health glitch be sure to press like um subscribe let me know in the comment section down below where you guys you know you guys next time

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  1. I heard if you say the youtubers name 3 times they pin you




    Did it work???

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  3. MyUsernamesThis : omg infinite health glich u cant die

  4. Hey user I know a secret spot if you walk into the mint and go into the vault the first bag on the left crawl and go straight forward and keep going and you will be in the secret spot

  5. I know an easier way to do this for free. keep turning from cop to prisoner until it glitches and u get infinite health. it stresses the system and it won't let u rob bc it thinks u r an innocent prisoner at all times.

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  10. You don’t need alt acc just find someone who will help you or pay them to help you. Also become cop then you can arrest whoever because the only way criminals can stop cops is killing them but if you can’t die then you can be number one cop

  11. I have a regdile glitch just be a cop in jailbreak then you get the ride shield in the wires at the mountain base you need to be sprinting and thenyou run into the wires oh and I watch your videos every single day😀🤑😎😎

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