CSPD confirms active criminal investigation into Wellness Walk-In Tubs; Owner denies wrongdoing

mother of this terminally ill seven-year-old girl says he was sold false promises richard Minsky hired wellness walk-in tubs to install a custom made accessible bathtub but he says the company fraudulently billed for services that weren’t done and left him with an unusable tub for his daughter as chief investigative reporter Eric Ross reports this case is now part of an active criminal investigation mizanskey isn’t the only customer who feels wellness walk in tubs took advantage of them while the owner denies any wrongdoing it’s ultimately up to police to decide whose story doesn’t hold water [Music] life is no easy task for seven-year-old Abigail she has a condition called the cardi syndrome which is only a thousand in a whole world it’s a rare neurologic disorder that impacts the brain Abigail has frequent seizures and doctors say the average life span for girls with a cardi syndrome ranges from just 8 to 18 years old she can’t sit on her own she can’t stand on her own she can’t speak with the help of a special grant from the resource exchange a Colorado Springs organization helping people with disabilities Lozinski hired wellness walk-in tubs to build a specialized bathtub for Abigail the tub was put in but Abigail can’t use it there’s no seating for her she can’t sit in it there’s no support no stability so it’s just kind of a piece of furniture Lozinski says the company was supposed to install a mesh type harness similar to a hammock instead the company installed this multi-point seat belt which mizanskey says doesn’t provide full support then came plumbing issues this was the plumbing dad he had used for her tubs so right on this side of the bathtub there’s an electrical outlet that he had installed the electrical outlet had no surge protection or GFI protection or anything like that so this pipe right here is pretty much a rubber hose which from my understanding from Pikes Peak you can’t use this wasn’t even glued or secured the only piece of glue he has on it is right there so if this would have popped off with the pressure and the water would have shot up it would have hit the electrical mizanskey says with the electrical and plumbing work so close together he feared a leak could have electrocuted and possibly killed his daughter he provided us an invoice from a plumbing company where a technician named Billy said the bathtub was installed using parts not approved for above-ground plumbing the account notes also said the water lines and supplies for the tub were not installed per code and put the tub at risk for future leaks news 5 investigates also discovered proper work permits for the job were not obtained something wellness walk in tubs charged for in this itemized bill he knew he wasn’t supposed to doing major electrical work without a licensed electrician he knew he wasn’t supposed to be doing plumbing without having a plumber hi I’m Sean from wellness locking tubs this is Sean Welch the owner of wellness walk-in tubs he said he couldn’t talk on the record about a particular customers issue citing privacy concerns but when we asked about contractors performing electrical and plumbing work in an email Welch says he uses licensed plumbers and electricians where necessary and points out that it’s up to those licensed contractors to ascertain the necessity of a permit outside of their liberties within their licensing it’s unclear why that did not happen in this case I ordered a custom eight tub Jesse Montoya is another customer who feels she was taken advantage of now she didn’t order just any tub she ordered a ten thousand dollar luxury tub with a $1300 cozy package option to this day I still don’t know what a cozy package is and they keep saying cozy package cozy package I have no clue what that is in a full luxury tub with a cozy package isn’t luxurious enough let’s not forget about a special add-on for micro bubbles he said Michael bubbles is gonna make your skin feel so well you’re wonderful how you ever lived without it but she has survived without it more than a year after giving wellness walk-in tubs a $6,500 downpayment she says the day before the company was supposed to install her tub they called and cancelled the appointment on the day before they called me and they said that they were too busy so I asked him well does that mean you’re gonna come in three or four days or they said we will let you know well she disputes this claiming montoya came in weeks after placing her order to change the door design on the tub montoya is adamant that’s not true but without getting into a he-said she-said argument here’s what we do know a contract was signed between miss Montoya and wellness walk-in tubs on March 14 2018 on March 23rd montoya cuts a check for $6,500 on April 17 the tub was supposed to be installed a few weeks later on May 1st Montoya still has no tub and demands a refund I asked Shawn for the deposit back and he was never in the shop he was avoiding my calls he never answered I kept calling and they said he’s gonna call you tomorrow or tomorrow and every game Welch has refunded all but one thousand dollars of Montoya’s money and respectfully declines any further refund citing the company’s cancellation policy I know so many people that are living from paycheck to paycheck from I’m meaning social security checks to social security check and I’m afraid that if they get into a situation like this it might happen to them and they can afford to even lose $10 in circling back to MS in ski’s case in addition to filing a police report Lozinski also filed a complaint with the state alleging wellness walk in tubs charged Medicaid for damages they caused during installation and falsified invoice records now the state does not comment on active investigations but did say they take complaints like this very seriously Colorado Springs police maintain they are actively working this criminal case meanwhile Welch says he’s done nothing wrong and told me he’s in business to help the disabled community he also adds these complaints represent a very small portion of this clientele you could read more about this developing case right now on our website koat.com always watching out for you Eric Ross news 5 investigates

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