Whats inside?? – Stress Toy Madness *Aggressive grunt-groan* *Intro plays* Ah. Good day everyone and welcome to today’s video! Yes, we are cutting open stress balls again. I went back online, found some weird ones, different than we’ve done before. I’m very excited about this one in particular. It’s a “pimple”, we’re gonna call it. So it’s gonna kinda be like popping a pimple. Um, so we’ll get to this jiggly-jiggly… later. ah, I can’t wait! Okay, so we’ll put that there and then there’s another one that I’m excited to cut open…… Hello! ๐Ÿ˜€ Without further damn do, let’s get on with today’s cutting open stress balls. Let’s go. Okay, so the first one that we’re going to do is, I feel like one of the most classic stress balls. Um, I can’t remember if we’ve done this before but I used to make these when I was like in elementary school You would get like a balloon and fill it with flour. I have no idea what’s inside this, it kinda feels like sand So we’re about to find out! Let’s cut it open! I’ve got my ‘skissies’ . Let’s get to town. Alright we’re making an incision. I’m getting flashbacks; I feel like we may have cut up something similar. Come on. The incision! Come on doctor, you can do it. Oh my gosh, it’s actually really tough to get into this Oh my gosh, it’s actually really tough to get into this. ok *Gasps* Is it double layered? Holy crap! Look at that, there’s another layer! Okay. Alright. *Claps* Were getting into this! Oh you thought you were going to trick me didn’t ya? Oh yes I’m opening the hole. Ohhhhh *Higher pitched* Ohhhh *Gasps* Oh my gosh there’s diamonds in here! Holy crap! *high pitched voice* wow look at it pouring out! What is this stuff? Did I like…smuggle diamonds into my house? (oh my god) You know how like in those movies like they have like diamonds in like weird things or like cocaine or stuff like that? I feel like someone smuggled diamonds in here. This is so crazy! Wowwww it’s so magical it’s like fairy dust! That is by far the most unexpected thing to come out of a stress ball! Oh my gosh you don’t have to be stressed anymore. Guess what? You’re a bajillionaire you have a bunch of diamonds! Oh my gosh, it like burns my skin. So it’s an emoji, I feel like… I don’t know it just feels like foam…um i thought it was gonna be squishy inside. But you never know until these things show up at your house. But I am still curious what is inside so we’re gonna cut this heart face emoji open. Ugh come on.. Maybe it’ll have- oh yeah it’s literally just foam, so this is what it looks like. Cute. Moving on! Ok this one again I thought was going to be liquidy. I think it’s just air inside but you never know what could be in there. It’s a brain with eyes. So first things first. We need to chop these eyeballs off. You don’t need them. You’re a stress ball. *squeaky voice* PLEASE NO! DON’T CUT MY EYEBALL OFF! Oh! It literally just deflated. that was actually, really depressing. Well! Thats done! Up next is the very odd and kinda terrifying thing. I don’t know what it is, but it has like a face within this like BLACK stress-ballness? *In stress ball voice (high pitched)* “Hey everybody its me! “Mr. Stressball!” Okay thats actually really freaking terrifying. I dont know what its made out of, it feels very soft but also like, really squishy. I like it! OOOHH it feels really good to squeeze! OHHHHHHHHHHH. It actually like, it feels nice! I’m so sorry Mr. whatever you are, but I need to know what’s going on inside of you. Just going to chop off his…. ohhh. Ohh it kind of, like, slices off really nicely! Ohhh its shiny inside! Oh he’s shiny! Wow! Look at that. I literally just cut his face off. So it’s like this shiny- Oh it almost looks kind of like an Obsidian crystal. It’s really freaking pretty. Sorry, sir! Here, I’m gonna like walk you over to the crystals. Sniff it!! [Laughter] Oh he’s got crystals on his face. Um, so yeah, that’s what’s inside this one. Shiny… piece of.. whatever material this is. Okay! Going back to a classic stress ball! Um, we do this in every episode because I had, like, a bunch of these, in all different colors, so today we’re doing the green one with the blue slime inside, and these are always so freaking fun to pop, and so satisfying. Okay, so we’re gonna make an incision first. And then we’re gonna squeeze it out Hey c’mon! Oh there we go okay! Oh you guys ready for this??? c’mon Oh poppin’ it like a pimple, a blue pimple pus coming out, squeeze it. Oh yeah… look at it drippin’ out. Oh! Wow! That was almost squishy! Oh my gosh, this is actually really satisfying! It just keeps goin’ til’ it can’t go on no more. That’s what it gotta do It’s kinda rough and then it like, smooths out. Well.. that’s all she wrote! know we have a fun little popin Gakety Gak. I’m gonna put it in the crystal and see what happens. *Small gasp* Mixing stress ball materials Ow.. it’s, really starting to burn my skin off! Like I’m having a chemical reaction. Okay. Moving on to the last two which are are our big final ones. This, I don’t know if you guys can tell who this is. But I guess they make him into stress balls. So I’m just curious what’s inside the stress ball! I have no interest in cutting this at all. *High pitched* Oh! Wonder what happened to your nose? My goodness! Careful! Oh. My goodness, look at your upper lip. It is completely gone. Oh that eyebrow! Oh my goodness! What is inside here? Let me just, pinch that off. Okay. Ah! Well! Just a bunch of… Foam.. inside. *Sigh* Certainly was a great stress relief. Goodbye. Okay, the final one is the pimple. “Pimple.” [laughs] We’re gonna call it that for the YouTube video. I’m really excited! It feels really squishy, and nice, and cool, and.. *squeezes* I’m so excited to see if it’s water or if it’s slime inside! So we are just going to make the simple incision on the pimple. *Gasps* Oh wow! Okay, so the pimple head is completely solid That is one strong pimple! *Gasp* OH GOSH! Okay, okay it’s liquid! Oh, oh it’s oozing out. Oh! Oh wow. I wish it was slime that was coming out but this is.. This is what’s happening everyone. It’s just.. just gushing out. I don’t know why it’s that color. *Joey makes grunt noises* [Silent laughter] Oh it’s a shiny little pimple, okay. Well! This was a lot of fun. I got a lot of enjoyment, and a lot of stress released. Um, so if you guys enjoyed this video and you wanna see another one, Give this video a thumbs up and, subscribe if your not already! And I will see you all tomorrow! *Outro Music* SUBTITLED BY: CATHERINE ATTARD

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  2. When I was a kid I always thought it was a โ€œpimpleโ€ but now that I rewatch this I realize it wasnโ€™t I was to innocent when I was a child

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