Day 6 – Rest/Nutrition

– Hey, what’s up? Day six and today is no training day. So you deserve your rest, because you’ve been
training five days already. Now I want to take this
opportunity to talk about something that I haven’t talked
about in most of my videos, and that is nutrition. You see why I haven’t talk about this, is because first and foremost
I am not a nutritionist. I am just a certified personal trainer, fitness coach and fitness personality. However, today I gonna break the rules, I gonna share what I
really know about nutrition that help me and my client, in order to lose weight and gain weight. This video, you won’t be
getting any diet plan from me, because I think that
everybody works differently. Your energy balance, your
lifestyle and your commitment, right, so it’s very unfair for me to give you any diet plan. However, here are the few things I can really share, what works in general. Now, the first thing
first, that really works in order to lose weight and
gain weight is this word, you want to remember this and
that is your Energy Balance. You see, whatever diet
you’ve seen in the internet or you came across people practicing, there’s one thing in
common that have to be done and that is create a calorie deficit. I don’t care whether
you’re on a ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, paleo
diet, Walker diet or whatever. One thing in common is calorie deficit. That means first and
foremost, you need to know how much your body needs in
order to maintain weight, or to lose and gain weight. So to find this is very
easy, just go to Google and search for BMR
calculator and this is where you get your number of energy balance, in order to maintain every single day. In this world, there is no such thing as the most accurate, 100%
accurate calorie counter. Studies have shown that
the most accurate one, also will get like 10% error
and this is not even including calculating your activity level. Are you active, are you
not active and so on. Now this is not the end of the world, since nothing is accurate. What you can really do is, first of all, calculate the numbers of calories when in Google or in any BMR calculator, get the number and work from there. To create deficit if
you wanna lose weight. I would say deficit 500
calories is a good start. Alright, so work from
there, make sure you eat around that calorie range,
if you are not losing weight, that means, you are eating too much. If you are losing weight, then this is the number
that works for you. So there you have it, this
is the most important aspect in order to lose weight or gain
weight, your energy balance. So next is the type of nutrition. Definitely you already know that protein is the one that builds muscles. And other nutrition like
carbohydrates and fats is the one that gives you energy. Now to clear things up
these carbohydrates and fats is not necessary bad, only if you know how much you are eating every single day. So this leads to the earlier
point that I mentioned, the energy balance and calorie deficit. Protein, try to get as
much protein as you can. I will say, a good rule of thumb is try getting at least 2.2 grams of protein per kg of your body weight. In other words, it’s one gram
per pound of your body weight. Now, next is what type
of food you should eat. When it comes to food, there
are hundreds of types of food and definitely it’s impossible for me to cover every single thing in one video. But what I can really help you here is try to choose food
that as real as possible. What is real food? Real food is like eating a real chicken compared to eating a processed chicken, such as ham, patty, meatball,
chicken ball, and so on. Right, if you make your
chicken ball with real chicken then it’s okay, but if eating
out, you are eating out, you eat nuggets instead of chicken filet, it’s not a really good idea because you don’t know
what is in the nugget. So try to go for real
food, the best as you can. And for carbohydrates, try to
go for brown carbohydrates, or darker color carbohydrates compared to white carbohydrates. Well, white carbohydrates
are not necessarily bad, but white carbohydrates
have higher glycemic index, therefore this will spike your
insulin, your blood sugar, and makes you crave for more. But if you are the person
who have very high metabolism and you don’t find any
problem having craving later eating white carbohydrate,
then good news for you, it is okay to go with white carbohydrate. Now another example of white carbohydrates is like refined sugar. White sugar is not totally evil, but I would say try to avoid them as much as possible in your dieting. Now, when it comes to dieting, obviously, you wanna do what works best for you. You definitely don’t wanna take the risk of going for refined sugar
and it’s simple carbohydrates and this will lead to craving. It’s not so good. So brown carbohydrates, go for brown rice, brown bread, brown pasta, whole grain and brown carbohydrates
normally weigh heavier compared to white carbohydrates,
so in other words, they contain more nutrients, fibers and other minerals as well. For fats, that means oil, cheese, milk, I will say the best is try to stay low, keep them low because
fats is contain higher in calories compared to
carbohydrates and protein. Right, well, you can look up other diets, like ketogenic diet is high in fat, but this is not the topic for today. So there you have it,
these are the type of food you should go for and the type
of nutrition you should focus and that is your protein. So last of all is supplement. So what supplement you should consume. My recommendation if you are
just starting out training, supplement is not really necessary, just like I mentioned earlier about food. Food is what gives you the real gain. So for example if you eat chicken, chicken definitely have solid
protein in chicken, right, there is no such thing as you eat chicken there is no protein in that. However, for supplement,
maybe a scoop of protein may not have 20 grams of protein in there. So at the end of the day, you
won’t go wrong with real food. But hey, if you ask me you
already do your best in eating and training and you still find that you need additional boost, supplements can come into play and this is where
supplement can really help. Number one is convenience. Supplement comes in a powder form, which makes it so much
easier for you to consume your nutrients compared to eating them. It helps this way in order to lose weight, especially for fueling you protein intake or supplying additional
energy boost for your workout, or another way, if you have
problem gaining weight, maybe a mass gainer can help. Right, however, supplement,
they are not magic, they only work for 3 to
5%, yes, only 3 to 5%. The rest is all about what
you eat and how you train. Okay, now, straight to the point, what supplement do I really
really recommend if you want. Number one is whey protein, right. To those people if you find hard to hit your protein
intake every single day, whey protein is the one that
you should consider, right. Go for hundred percent whey
concentrate, it is good enough. Right, number two is pre-workout. This will help you to improve your focus, lift you up a little bit of motivation to crush your workout, but the
problem with pre-workout is your body will adapt to it really fast, so you need to cycle off once a while And the last supplement
that I recommend to you is creatine monohydrates. Now, creatine doesn’t really
work well for beginner, but if you’ve been training
for quite some time and you really train intense,
I would say Get Ripped Series day one to day five is just
nice not really intensive yet but if you train anything beyond, then creatine monohydrate
can really help you to improve your
performance and to help you to improve the muscle glycogen uptake to push harder in the gym. Obviously if you are looking
forward to train more intense, to bring your fitness
level to the next level, the iron mastery can definitely help you. So remember guys, supplements
in supplement store, they look fancy, they look attractive, however they only work like 3 to 5%, the rest is all training and
what you eat every single day. So to summarize everything, number one, your energy balance is what matter most, doesn’t matter what diet you undergo. Number two, is the food
and the type of nutrients you should focus and that is protein and complex carbohydrates,
real food, right, in general. Number three is supplement. Now supplement is not magical, once again, however, it can give
you a little bit boost for those people who need it. Before I end this video, I still have something to
talk about for nutrition. You see nutrition, I can talk all day long because this is where
you get massive results. So if you are still here,
then good news for you, because I’m about to share
five tips that can help you to eat better in order to
lose weight to get ripped. Now, tip number one
that can really help you to diet easier and effortless
is your environment. You see it’s really good to
rely on our willpower at first, discipline, your dedication, but over time you just get fatiged. Human, we have limitation in willpower, so why not use environment to
help you to achieve your goal. So environment, what you can really do is you have to clear your fridge. If your fridge have a lot of junk food, definitely it will require
more willpower from you and you’ll get fatigued,
you’ll get so exhausted. Right, so clear your
shelf, clear your fridge, I know it is hard if you are
living with other people, but try to talk with them, this task, you know, say that this
weight loss regimen, this is very important for you and perhaps maybe you can influence them as well. So tip number two is convenience. If junk food is convenient for you, you will eat more junk food. If healthy food or the food
that really works for you is convenient for you,
you can easily access them and this is where you get
it and stay committed. So one thing I find that what really makes my diet convenient
is planning ahead. I normally marinate my chicken, prepare what I’m going
to cook a day before, so next day I’ll just
but in the air fryer, I just put in the grill
and cook it, it is so easy. Same goes for vegetables
I prepare in advance. Another way is you can
probably cook for days. You can cook for three days in advance as long as they are still fresh and this will definitely
create less hassle instead of cooking every single day. So tip number three is
go for high satiety food. So I already mentioned
the type of food earlier. High satiety food means food
that makes you feel fuller. Now, three food that can
really make you feel fuller is, number one, high in protein, right, if you go for real protein
like chicken breast, turkey breast, meat, real steak, definitely you will feel fuller. Same goes for carbohydrate. One carbohydrate that I find
is very high in satiety, and that is boiled potato, right, give this a try, although white potatoes, some say is very bad, however, if food that can provide high satiety, then it is good for you. Number three is fibers, in
other words, vegetables. Get in as much vegetables as you can, because vegetables they
are so low in calorie, yet it is very hard for body
to break it down, to digest, so it makes you feel fuller and yeah, vegetables have other form
of minerals, micronutrients, that provides many health benefit. Number four is when you
eat, try to eat mindful. That means don’t watch TV,
don’t watch your youtube. Mindful eating is very important because if you are eating, if you are present, most likely you will feel fuller because you are present, you
are there every single bite and this will help you
to feel fuller also. Now studies has also shown
that people who eat mindful compared to people who watch TV and eat, the difference of feeling
fuller for these two group is difference by 37%, right,
so eat mindful, right, don’t watch TV, don’t watch hand phone, just being mindful your
eating can really help you to feel fuller and feel delicious also because you are there you
are really tasting it. And finally, the last tip
that really works for me is time restricted. Alright, so time restricted is a strategy that very similar to intermittent fasting and that means you wanna shift your eating time to a window eating time. This will help you to eat
only in the restricted time. Example, if you are
eating from 6am to 10PM, eating 2000 calories, you
feel fuller and therefore this will help you to eat less in general. So for more information
can definitely google and search for time
restricted diet strategy, or check out the iron mastery because everything is inside there. So there we have it,
I’ve been talking so much about nutrition already, hope
you learned something today, you may wanna watch this
video over and over again because I truly believe
that it takes some time for you to learn to
digest every single word. Alright, so I hope you have a great time. Tomorrow’s gonna be day seven,
still is gonna be a rest day, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Peace.

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