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♪ If you’ve got nothing to do ♪ ♪ Well, I’ve got a couple
of tricks for you ♪ ♪ So take a look at these vids ♪ ♪ Cause it’s Life
Hacks For Kids ♪ – Hi, I’m Gillian. (sighs) School, homework. Life can be tough. How can you relax and unwind? I know, try my de-stress
like it’s recess hacks. Nothing is better
than a warm hug from your bestie
for calming down. But, if they’re not around, this next hack is
the second best, because it feels like a warm hug when you wrap it around you. It’s my worth the
weight blanket. For this hack, you’ll need two fun, old blankets, marbles, a hot glue gun, scissors, and duck tape. Cut squares out of the
corners of your two blankets. Cut fringe along all the sides
of both of your blankets. Set your blankets aside. To make it feel like
your friend’s arms are wrapped tight
around you in a hug, we’ll add marbles
to our blanket. This will make you
feel more calm, than any other blanket could. Lay out a long strip of tape, about three to four feet long, sticky side up. Lay out a single row of marbles on the sticky side of your tape. Cover up the marbles with
another piece of tape, so you’ve made a
sticky tube of marbles. Make 12 of these marble tubes. Hot glue your
marble weight strips onto the inside of
your blanket in rows. Lay your other blanket on top so the fringes line up. This way, your marble
strips will be covered. Use your fringe to tie
your two blankets together. Double knot them so
that they’re tight. Phew, that was a lot of knots. This blanket’s like the weight
of the world on my shoulders, in a good way. Now, I need something
to relax my tired eyes after staring at the
whiteboard all day. I know, it’s my
cool down eye mask. To make this hack, you’ll need an iron, rubbing alcohol, a funnel, blue food dye, water, scissors, tape, parchment paper, a plastic binder divider, elastic, a marker, and paper towel. Use parchment paper to measure
how big your mask should be. Right here. Then, draw a mask
shape on the paper. The top line should
be along the crease of the parchment paper. Cut out your mask shape. Leave about a quarter of an
inch around the outsides. Don’t cut the straight line. Put your masked-shape paper under your sheet protector. Line up the straight
edge of your mask shape with the straight edge
of your sheet protector. Trace the lines of
your mask-shaped paper onto your sheet protector. Set your parchment aside. Cut your plastic shape out. Put your clear sheet protector inside the parchment paper. Make sure your two
shapes line up. Use a low setting on your iron. Iron along the open
edges of your mask, outside of your
permanent marker lines. Irons are hot, so make sure
to ask a grownup for help. Leave one end open. Mix three parts water, and
one part of rubbing alcohol. Add some blue food coloring. Stir it up. Tape your sealed mask to a funnel. Pour in your blue liquid. Once it’s filled, seal
it closed with your iron. If you have any holes, use tape to cover them up. Using your glue gun,
attach your elastic band to each side of your mask. Put it in the freezer. This is rejuvenating. (sighs) Oh, whoops. (chuckles) This next hack is a no-brainer. It’s my tingly
tickly head massager. To make this hack, you’ll need a whisk, a hot glue gun, safety glasses, washi tape, and
needle-nose pliers. Before you do this hack,
put on your safety glasses. Using your needle-nose pliers, snip each loop of the whisk. The whisk points are
sharp, so be careful. Bend each whisk arm
out at the base. This will make it
easier to work with. Apply a large dollop of hot glue onto the tip of your
first whisk arm. You have to move
the whish around so that the glue
hardens in a ball. Kinda silly. You can use your thumb to
separate each tip from the next. Do this to each whisk tip. Be careful, it’s hot. Bend each tip out a
little more on the base, so that it can fit
over your head. Now, all your have to do is
decorate it with washi tape. This is a real head-scratcher. (sighs) So there you have it, three hacks to make you feel
calm, cool, and collected.

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