37 thoughts on “Dead Kennedys: Soup Is Good Food

  1. My dad is a Bridgeport operator. I used to be, until I read the writing on the wall. This song gains more relevancy every day.

  2. I played this song right after reading this; https://crooksandliars.com/2019/04/amazon-automate-everything-including?utm_source=social&utm_medium=facebook&utm_content=14275

  3. I was given this album on cassette tape, this was the A side and Angry Samoans Back From Samoa was the B side. I can listen to both right here but I miss that goddamn cassette.

  4. I like DK but automation is a GOOD thing. It makes products cheaper! Now the anti-gov sentiment YES FUCK THE GOVERNMENT!

  5. Amazon Called me one night and said they didn’t need me… felt this song in my soul after the call… FUCK YOU AMAZON BFI3

  6. hahahah
    "We're sorry

    But you're no longer needed

    Or wanted

    Or even cared about here

    Machines can do a better job than you

    This is what you get for asking questions

    The unions agree

    'Sacrifices must be made'

    Computers never go on strike

    To save the working man you've got to put him out to pasture

    Looks like we'll have to let you go

    Doesn't it feel fulfilling to know

    That you-the human being-are now obsolete

    And there's nothing in hell we'll let you do about it

    More than 30 years, it's still relevant today! Even more so

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