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No one likes to feel stressed out or impatient. Doing some yoga, or taking a warm bath or lighting some candles are all wonderful techniques you might have tried before, but we’re going to be exploring some different strategies in this video. Now I, like anybody else, experience stressful and overwhelming moments, and at times things can feel pretty intense. So I find that utilizing one or several of the following techniques have helped me to wind down from tense emotional or mental states and I welcome you to try any of the strategies you feel might help you as well. I’ve also got a little treat for you but I’m gonna wait to the end of the video to share that one so stay tuned. For now let’s dive in. When I’m feeling impatient or stressed, I tend to naturally start working faster and as a result, become less aware of my inner state and my surroundings. The drive to keep working is strong but when I sense the tension is starting to peak, I take just two minutes to stop what I’m doing, close my eyes and tune into the sensations. I do a quick body scan to become aware of what areas I might be holding the tension. For example, I might be clenching my jaws or rounding my shoulders. I then put my hand on the target area to bring awareness to it. I welcome slower breaths into the belly instead of shallow breaths into the chest, using this moment to silently ground and recenter myself. We’re all familiar with the comfort that warmth provides – Sunshine, a fireplace, a cozy blanket or a big and comfy sweater But some of these things are not the most practical items to utilize if we’re experiencing stress at work or school. So one easy way to introduce the calming effects of warmth is a warm beverage. This could be some mint leaves or a lemon wedge in warm water or my go-to, as you may have noticed by now, is tea. Now I feel that there’s a couple of reasons for the calming effects of a warm beverage. Because the drink is hot by nature, it encourages us to slow down. We can’t drink it quickly or run with a cup of tea in our hands, so we’re prompted to really take our time for that brief moment we decide to take a sip. Another reason might be that drinking tea or another warm beverage often becomes part of a person’s routine and routines in themselves can help to promote a feeling of calmness. And it might go without saying and added plus to drinking beverages, whether hot, warm or cold, is that they help to hydrate us which is always great for our health. You might have heard that, more than anything, being less stressed comes about from having a positive mindset but it can be really hard to have a positive mindset when the mountain ahead looks too overwhelming to tackle. So if you’re chasing one of those really huge and amazing goals that’s gonna require a lot of time, then consider the possibility of splitting up the task into several mini goals so you’ll have several causes for celebration. Giving yourself consistent positive feedback will help you grow patience, stay encouraged and find more joy in the process of achieving your goals. I think we’ve all experienced this at one point or another : working in the same spot and on the same thing for hours, where the minutes bleed together and the emotions continue to intensify. When this happens, I like to break the cycle by getting some new perspective and this can be done in a couple of ways. For example talking to someone or changing the environment. Often I like to do both simultaneously if it’s possible, so for example I’ll ask Robin if he wants to go on a 10-minute walk with me around the block. Talking to someone about what’s on my mind, whether it’s related to my work or not, is always appreciated because the person I’m talking to commonly offers new perspective, insights or reassurance. The fresh air and change of environment also helps to snap me out of the mundane activities I’ve been focused on and this little break helps me return to work feeling refreshed. Now sometimes our stress and anxiety doesn’t come from our workload related to our jobs or our studies but sometimes it can come from the relentless pressures that we can place on ourselves and it’s easy to just say “well stop demanding so much of yourself” But it’s hard to do this when we’re constantly bombarded with pictures and images of people who seem to have it all together. Sometimes we’re engaging in the comparison game without even realizing it and it can have a real negative effect on our mental and emotional state. So take some time, whether it’s a few hours each day or a day or two each week, to just get off the grid – logging out of social media and just taking that moment instead to focus on ourselves. Remember that we control technology. It’s not the other way around. Now I admit this next tip seems ridiculous but I’ll be honest, I try to do this as often as I can, because you know, I always say practice makes perfect. So instead of trying to practice patience when we’re already feeling stressed out, let’s instead try to practice patience deliberately every so often when things are running smoothly And when we’ve got some extra time. For example taking the stairs instead of the escalator or letting someone go ahead of us in the line when we’re buying groceries or taking the longer route home if we’re walking or biking. Instead of seeing it as a nuisance we can use this opportunity to shift our mindset to instead see it as extra time that we’ve set aside for ourselves, just to enjoy the simple things. Experiencing stress is an uncomfortable feeling that none of us enjoy, but remember that stress itself is not unnormal or bad. What’s important is how we deal with the stress. So if you found any of the tips that were shared in this video helpful, go ahead and give it a thumbs up and of course, we’re all very different when it comes to how we deal with stress so if you have any stress management techniques of your own to share, I welcome you to do that in the comment section below. I also mentioned I have a little treat for you – Pick Up Limes is doing a giveaway of the very cute tea set you saw featured earlier in this video, so if you’d like to enter to win, see the link in the description box below – it’ll take 30 seconds or less of your time. Alright, thanks a lot for watching, Pick Up Limes signing off. We’ll see you next week

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  1. Hi Sadia , I m from India n I want to knw about
    What I have in my three meals of day so that I will get proper nutrition diet and by they I will maintain my body wait

  2. I watched ur all videos n I love ur way of representing a things so simple like everybody love to prepare its meal so passionately

  3. U know that scene from pirates of the caribbean where Davy jones starts yelling screaming shaking his head wildly when the rains start falling? ….yeh that's me when the pressure hits

  4. I have started watching your channel about a month ago- I love your videos. I am planning on my (first ever) venture into veganism for the month of February. I am from Namibia (when Sadia scrolls through Instagram at 4 minutes 16 seconds, there was a picture of Namibia. As you can see from that picture – a lot of desert. We are also 20 times bigger than The Netherlands, but only 2.3 million people. Which means I will definitely not be able to get all the products as in the video. Are there any suggestions of other youtubers I can follow? To get even more food based recipes? Thanks again for the positive videos!

  5. I usually talk to my husband who is more rational than me.
    He has a different point of view and most of the time he gives me pretty realistic solution to my problems. He also shows me support so I'm so grateful for what he's doing for me.

    hugging my cat is another great way to reduce my stress 😜

  6. Thank you for this wonderful video and for sharing with all of us. These are some wonderful tips! Some tips I may offer as well is walking in nature if possible and doing The Work by Byron Katie. It's 4 questions and a few turn arounds which will help turn feelings of stress, impatiance, anger, sandness and alike into greatfulness, happiness and peace, through getting in touch with your feelings and turning a negative mind into a more positive one.
    This has truly worked wonders for me and my partner to keep patient and happy through almost 3 years of keeping a long distance relationship (I live in Sweden and he in California), and a 1 1/2 year long process of trying to get my partner a Visa so we may live and be together, which proved to be more difficult after the refugee crisis. Katies 4 questions have really worked wonders for us to stay compassionate towards ourselves and others, to just like what is and the situation we are in without stressing it and to be happy while waiting which for me is the very core of patience. I hope this might be usefull for you as well and ones again thank you for sharing 🙂

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  14. Dear Sadia, thank you soo much for this inspiration! I've currently become really stressed through school and social life…. it all seemed just too much to handle at once. Due to this I've developed bad eating habits in the evenings. But this video has really inspired me once again and I'm defenetly willing to tackle the raging habits by getting some calmness in my life…. win win I'd say!

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  39. Your voice is so soothing and stress relieving, and I mean that with upmost sincerity. I spent most of my morning and the better part of my afternoon just struggling not to break down at work (where I am without my dog, my best and most reliable destressor) and now that I am home, with him sleeping in my lap and your lovely, soothing voice in my ear, I feel like I can finally breathe. Thank you <3

  40. I think the important thing is that we understand that we all have stress in our life and the management and premanagement of how we handle vs just deal with stress is what will help our effectiveness. So I totally believe as she said practice using strategies to help us in such situations is truly what will help us get better and better at managing stress levels. We shouldn’t go about life thinking we can’t get stressed or even wish it away, rather use strategies and strategies develop skills and skills are what help us navigate better through life. Waking became a skill after trying as a small child over and over again. Riding a bike the same, driving a vehicle, writing, reading, so why would it be any different in managing stress. Let’s give ourselves more time to practice our effective stress management strategies that we may develop the skill of stress management. Beautiful video pick up limes! Keep the great work going. Your videos are a stress management strategy I use in my life. They are so peaceful and insightful.

    Your bro

  41. sport… different types as in the gym, dancing or some form of martial arts … I try and use a timer while working so that I can take my breaks too and get that gratification of seeing how much I have worked so that I would feel less guilty about taking a break … I allow my mind to wander and stall sometimes but since I am off social media this probably means I do the dishes or take the garbage out… I sometimes go and study in a cafe… I sometimes talk with a friend if available … I try and remember the why and feel how far I have come … Like sure I want to "pass" my German medical licence exam but to be completely fair I am way more fluent than when I started learning for the exam … I can write pages in very little time and almost no hesitance to tell the story of a patient … I can ask all the questions I want to ask the patient and I have a bonus of studying medicine again … so the exam is one hell of an upcoming stress, nothing like I have ever had … but the why and the growth I see during the process is beautiful … I make HUGE amounts of soups so that when I feel like binge eating I binge veggies and proteins …. I loved how you always advise to appreciate previous achievements… self care also helps … like I use a facial mask and it make me feel better afterwards….

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