10 thoughts on “Department of Health warning families to prepare for coronavirus

  1. Charcoal bags 👍
    Canned goods 👍
    Several boxes mre 👍
    Bottled water 👍
    First aid kit 👍
    Flash light and batteries 👍
    Toilet paper 👍
    Flu and cough medications 👍
    Beer and alcohol just in case 👍
    And you know what for protection 👍
    Propane canister filled 👍
    Bags of rice 👍
    Looks like I'm good 👌🍻

  2. I think this is their way of saying we can't tell you it's here because it will start a panic. They want people to get what they need and not hoard. Grow what food you can. You can grow a lot on a lanai.

  3. WTF!? What you going do? Stay home? How you going pay the Bill's? You gotta go work! Prepare like a natural disaster lol! Hawaii is not ready for anything!

  4. The "state" refuses to test people coming in, yet tells residents to prepare for a pandemic by preparing as though its a hurricane. Wtf?!?! 😳 Yeah, we're screwed guys.

  5. Lmao Why do they keep saying masks are useless for the healthy people, only the sick should wear them. Wear a mask REGARDLESS people.

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