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– [Clinician] You can see little bits of dead skin floating around. – Yeah, you can. – Yeah, this is like the new, uh- – Oh my god, gross. (gasps) – [Woman Off Screen] Oh my
god, how did that happen? – There’s sebum on my lap. (classical music) I’m outside of an AirBnB in
New York City’s West Village where I’m about to have my skin vacuumed and serum-infused at the exact same time. It’s Envy Medical’s
Dermalinfusion treatment, which is pegged as the advanced skin resurfacing treatment
with precision-timed– (beep) Dermal infusion is pegged as the advanced skin resurfacing treatment with precision-timed serum infusion. So that means it’s supposed to eliminate fine lines,
resurface skin’s texture, and all in all, make you look brand new. Let’s go see if it actually works. (classical string music) I’m sitting here with Sona Tolani, the Chief Marketing Officer
over at Envy Medical, to learn a little bit
more about the treatment that’s going to be done on my face. So why did Envy Medical
create Dermalinfusion, which is basically a vacuum for the face? – So the Dermalinfusion treatment is a professional exfoliation treatment. We’re exfoliating at a controlled depth, we’re extracting, and we’re
also infusing the skin, all at the same time. – Do we all have the same
amount of gunk in the jar, or is it different for everyone? (record scratching) (ding, click) – For the most part,
you definitely will see some good stuff in that waste
jar, that’s what we call it. We call it a very disgustingly
satisfying feeling when you finish the treatment. Everybody will usually see some
of the abraded skin cells, you’ll see that in there, some sebum, some more than others,
depending also on your climate. – Alright, let’s go try it out. (classical music) (machine buzzing) It’s loud, now I’m kind of scared. – Are you ready for your
Dermalinfusion treatment? – I am! Get all that gunk out! Oh, it’s really suctiony! – The neck tends to be a
little bit more sensitive than the face, so it might
feel a little tickly down here. – Ahh, it tickles! (classical music) – [Clinician] Does it
feel a little bit better? – Yeah it feels, it was
pretty ticklish on my neck. This feels more like a tiny vacuum. It really feels so tingly and weird, but it’s not a super aggressive suction. – There’s zero down time. This is actually considered
what I would call a red carpet treatment, you
can go right out the door and continue your day. – Red carpet ready, Well+Good here I come. – [Clinician] How’s it feeling, Ella? – It feels good. (vacuum suctioning) – You look stunning. – Do I? Do I actually look stunning? I kind of feel like I just got
scratched all over my face, but in a nice way. I can’t wait to see it. It’s really hard not to look at the jar. All I wanna do is look right now. (classical music) – And you have just experienced your first Dermalinfusion treatment. – Do I look like a baby? – Are you ready to see your waste jar? – Ooh, [unintelligible] my hair. Oh, I wanna see it! Yeah, I’m ready! Ew, gross! Oh my god, you can see there’s like a full blackhead in there. Was that really in my face? – [Clinician] And you can see little bits of dead skin floating around. – Yeah, you can. Do I get to take this home? – You have to drink it first. (laughing) – This is like the new,
uh, oh my god gross. (gasps) (laughs) – [Woman Off Screen] Oh my
god, how did that happen? – I didn’t realize there
wasn’t a lid on it, I’m so sorry! (laughing) There’s sebum on my lap. (beeping) I’m never gonna touch my face again. How do I look? – [Clinician] You look
radiant and glowing. – I feel soothed and sucked and vacuumed, and peeled, and scraped,
and all the things, but youthful, for sure. (classical string music) Kind of felt like a scrapy, pully motion, and every time it suctioned
away from my cheek, it like, relaxed my mouth. So I do feel like there
was a little bit of a lymphatic thing happening in there, and it felt great, and I do
think my skin looks good, but it’s probably one of those things that you need to really do all the time to see the consistent benefits. Compared to other facials, especially facials with extractions, it was really, really fast. You know, when you’re in a
normal, traditional facial, they’re needling at your face, pulling out every single pore, and looking in the
mirror, I really feel like my pores feel like they’ve
been totally sucked clean. Was it worth it? When it comes to cleansing my
pores, I say definitely yes. The vacuum really felt like
it sucked it out of there, the serum that was in
that part of the infusion, I could really feel it tingling
and cleansing out my pores. As for the plumping, it felt good. So yeah, sure, it was worth it. I’m Ella Dove, and I’ll see you next time on What the Wellness. Like what you see? Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Right over there, go do it! What the Wellness? (classical music)

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