Destroying Giant Stress Balls (Satisfying)

100 thoughts on “Destroying Giant Stress Balls (Satisfying)

  1. What other creative ways are there to destroy stress balls that we haven't thought of?
    Looking for something less calming? Try this:

  2. Those 4k dislikes were people that don't want to waste their money / people saying they could have given it to them instead

  3. Me when im watching an unskippable 5 seconds long: 🙁

    Me when im watching a channel full of ads longer than 10 minutes : 😀

  4. Make a destroying giant stress balls part 2 the first thing to put in the giant stress ball is kinetic sand. It would be really good to be satisfying

  5. visual funzies and all.. but try triple or quad balloon wrap so it will be harder to bust. like 3 bladder protectors for your balloon stress balls.

  6. 6:33 I physically gagged. That is absolutely grotesque! The pink balloon and dark red insides! I re-watched it six times!

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