Dieser 35€ Fitness Tracker macht eine Smartwatch überflüssig!

In 2014 smartwatches were still thriving
Future predicted The Moto 360 was one of the first watches
Android Wear. At the same time appeared also the Xiaomi Mi
Band, a fitness tracker by a excellent low price. While one watches Android watches meanwhile as
Flop can be called fitness tracker or in particular the MI band becomes one
big bestseller turns out. Now there is the Mi Band already in the 4. Generation, whether it is still 35 euros with the
Best Fitness Tracker is, and if it even can make a smartwatch obsolete,
I want to show you in this video. Have fun. Unlike the previous versions, looks
the packaging is much more appealing. That’s probably because of the tracker meanwhile
also in German retail next to Fitbit and Co. is offered. The bracelet is included in delivery
Charging cradle with USB and a user manual in German. Of course, what really stands out is the new one
almost 1 “big AMOLED touch display. With 23g the tracker is heavier than
the predecessors, in everyday life but still so easy that he almost does not notice me on the wrist
and the workmanship makes a good impression. The black silicone strap can also be
exchange, since the actual device only this round part here is what’s easy
lets go out. So there are many from Xiaomi and 3 manufacturers
different colors and even models with Metal or leather bracelet. The innards are up to date
brought from 2019, So the band now works in Bluetooth 5.0 in the
Low energy standard, Still has precise position and acceleration sensors
an optical heart rate monitor, vibration motor is 50 meters waterproof
and the manufacturer promises 20 days of battery life (here it depends strongly on the use
from) It’s a pity that it continues
no GPS and NFC out there. One has probably in favor of GPS
the battery life and the price a good one Decision made because of the GPS
from the mobile phone. Above all, the band thrilled with the 12-bit
Color display, which has a brightness of 400 Nits reached and with a resolution of
120 x 240 pixels in the tracker area of ​​this Price range is something special. So can be found on the homescreen next to the
Steps still have room for the time and the date. There are also different watchfaces
to choose from, one with 3 applications even completely self-styled, I like
but so good and through the many black Surfaces is due to the AMOLED panel
Energy saving. Nevertheless, the display of course remains one
the largest energy consumer, why it also shuts off pretty quickly. With the capacitive homebutton, that wakes up
Tape on or you just turn it “with Watching the movement “quickly
It works pretty well. Here is the band on the strongest brightness
set and is also in direct sunlight read. The only criticism is, the contact
with water the touch screen is not correct anymore reacts and it comes to incorrect entries. -Besonder
while showering annoying! Useful is how much right now
about the band can be adjusted so that one do not always resort to the smartphone app
got to. With a swipe on the display you can between
different apps / or select functions. Fitness First Typical applications,
Under status you can then go back Distance, calorie consumption, and activity
Read warnings. Next is the possibility manually
to measure his pulse, in the app can be also continuously measure the heart rate,
but at the expense of the battery life. It continues with training sessions, here
you can choose between different sports Pick and workout directly from the tape
from start and end, then as extra Activity is saved and in the app
can be viewed. Since the tape has no integrated GPS, needed
you can connect to some sports here to smartphone. At the next applications like the weather
Here it is clear that the MiBand be more just wants to be a pure fitness tracker. Especially with the function, notifications
From the smartphone you get the main task a smartwatch already very close. Among more there are many features like
eg Alarm clock, music control, timer, and mobile phone tracking. So you can see the band so well
“Stand alone” without the smartphone app use. I have worn the tracker for 4 weeks permanently
and find the features and encouraging ones Effect the device in everyday life on one
has very positive. In my view, such a fitness tracker
Not necessarily for professional athletes thought, but rather for ordinary people,
a feeling about their sports activities wanted to get and thereby motivate
to do more sport. The inactivity warning also fits in that
Reminds you if you have been too long Sit around to stand and move. One should also keep in mind that
the information Above all, I also liked how
Well the band is the main duties of a Smarwhats can take over: when a call vibrates
it on the wrist, you can see who turn it off or reject the call. Notify appeared directly with a
slight vibration, and you can see if it’s worth it to get the smartphone out of the bag. The alarm function is also extremely pleasant,
where you actually only through the strong vibration is awake. Sure, a smartwatch can do a lot more.
-But actually that’s exactly what the functions are which one ultimately uses. -The rest is done
one better or better directly to mobile phone. In addition, the tracker comes a much longer
Battery life has, and you do not like at most watches must charge overnight,
but instead can track sleep. Extensive is also the associated Mi
Fit App, in which all data is stored and can be evaluated. The application serves as a hub for all fitness
Devices from Xiaomi (eg I still have the Smart Scale) here the manufacturer builds
a whole ecosystem. similar to the smart home devices. The 93mB application is just like that
Tracker meanwhile completely translated into German. So you can get the Mi Band directly from China
order and save a few euros, I link but you under the video both sources
Far East and Europe. The application shows the visually appealing the
Progress and more details about one larger period. Leave footsteps, calories and sleep data
summarize in days / weeks and monthly data. I found the possibility interesting, above all, interesting
the sleep data with the same age benefit in the same region. really
cool. But one big criticism is that, actually
Advertising is displayed in the app. Must confess that I’m not particularly disturbed
Has. Also, the band is configured via this
and functions like the notifications individual apps, alarm clock, inactivity warning
etc. can be configured as desired. At this point is then the battery life
affected. The indication of 20 days is quite realistic,
In my test, I really wanted everyone Testing functions, including continuous
Heart rate, alarm, all notifications with vibration and display brightness also strongest
Step. etc. In such an operation, the term is shortened
on 8-10 days, which I still for the extreme use still very good.
– otherwise, if you do not have all the functions needed should like the predecessors one
Duration of over 30 days also possible his. My conclusion: Xiaomi also offers in the 4. Generation for the price one of the best fitness
Tracker in the market. The band shows impressive from my point of view
why smartwatches fail: you have none favorable price and much too short battery life. Thus, fitness trackers are in my view
the best smartphone extension. I would also like your opinion in the
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5 thoughts on “Dieser 35€ Fitness Tracker macht eine Smartwatch überflüssig!

  1. Danke für das informative Video! Die "50m Wasserdichtigkeit" braucht man aber nicht sonderlich hervorzuheben, da diese häufig mit einer entsprechenden Tauchtiefe verwechselt wird. Wie schon im Video gezeigt, kann sie damit maximal beim Duschen angezogen bleiben. Zum Schwimmen kann man sie also nicht einsetzen, da sie dazu mit "100m Wasserdichtigkeit" ausgestattet sein müsste.

  2. Sehr schönes und Professionelles Video…kannst echt durch deine kompetente Erklärung und Videoqualität Kaufentscheidungen positiv verändern.

    Ps:Ist die Uhr mit einem samsung gerät verbindbar und können alle Features benutzt werden?

    Ich habe herausgefunden das es mit anderen Geräten kompatibel ist aber kann es auch anzeigen wie viele Kalorien ich verbrannt habe?

  3. Ich hätte da eine Frage.
    Kann man das Band auch ohne Handy benutzen also z.B. zur Arbeit/Schule gehen und das Handy zu Hause lassen ?

  4. Wie würden Sie den Schrittzähler bewerten? Ist der zuverlässig?
    Oder zählt der Schrittzähler wie auch bei vielen anderen günstigen Fitness-Tracker automatisch bei stärkeren Armbewegungen mit?
    Ich möchte meiner Mutter nämlich so eins zu Weihnachten schenken und bei ihr hat ein genauer Schrittzähler hohe Priorität.

    Liebe Grüße!

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