Diet वर असणाऱ्यांची लक्षणे | Every Person on a Diet Ever | #bhadipa

Makhana, brown rice, brown sugar… Perfect! -Av… Avo… -Avocado. -Hard to pronounce. -So? Dieting? -Yes. New year’s resolution. -It’s August. -We go by the Hindu new year. -Bill, please. -Yes. Here. -7233? -Yes. -Do you have EMIs? -No. So I’ll just do an egg diet this month. There are no eggs. Take an egg-xit. -What are you eating? -Omelette. Diet! Have some green tea with your diet. -What is it? -It’s green tea like you said. This much won’t make any difference. Have some more. This is not enough. Go, have some more. -What is that? -Green tea. This much won’t make any difference. Have some more. Go. Do you have to eat all this in front of me? Why did you get this? No, no, no. No, move, move! Go, go… Go! What are you doing? Move it! Oi, what are you doing? -What? What are you shouting? -We said we’d diet together; why are you eating this? -Eating what? -This. -This? This is Tata Sampann My Gudness snacks. It’s 62% pulses. You’d understand if your mom had fed you pulses when you were young. Anyway, you can eat this anywhere, at any time. -Can I have some? -No, we only have one packet. And I’m going to have it. No sharing, okay? -Just a chip? -No. -Just the seasoning? -No. -Just the smell? -Nope. -What happened? -It’s time to have my apple. What? I want this done by evening. -What happened? -Time for lemon juice, sir. -What? -Ten percent of… -What happened? -Detox water. -What? -Water. -Sir… -Yes. What happened? Time to fire you from the job. It’s a pleasure! -So, how’s the diet going? -It’s fine, but no results. Follow Rujuta Diwekar. She’s Marathi! She always says, ‘Eat whatever you want, just don’t eat dirt.’ Why would anyone eat dirt? -No difference, man. -Chuck aside Rujuta. You should follow the Dixit diet. My friend lost 5 kilos that way! Don’t have tea, no snacks allowed between meals. -What are you doing? You want to lose weight, right? -Yes Follow a Keto diet. You can’t have fruit. Put it back. Come on. -So, did you manage to lose weight? -No, I didn’t, Leave Dixit now, it’s out of fashion. Follow Siddham Shetty’s diet. -Shut up! I’m going to ignore all your advice. Look at yourself. What are you doing? Me? I have decided. Liposuction. You’re on a diet, right? How come you’re eating a burger? Just for one day. It’s my girlfriend’s birthday. #CheatDay. Hey! You having sweets? Yeah, we had a puja at home. #CheatDay. Are you having rice? -My grandpa’s death anniversary. -Okay. #CheatDay. It’s been six months! You’re just stuffing your face, calling it ‘cheat day’. You’ve eaten so much, 4 people must have starved. What’s that? Did you steal chips from a birthday party? Not at all! Boss, I’m having Tata Sampann ‘My Gudness’. Made from dal, it’s exceptional! -What are you saying? -It’s healthy! -Can I…? -No. -I’m your friend. Friends can tell you off! -No. Not giving you. Goodbye! No, you can’t have it. It’ll get over. Do let us know what you thought of this video. If you haven’t subscribed to BhaDiPa, do it now. It’s free. We have two more channels- Bha2Pa and Vishay Khol. If you haven’t subscribed to those, do it because that’s also free. Oh My Goodness! You seem to have lost weight. -Which diet are you on? -The ‘Gudness’ diet. -Okay. -I eat Tata Sampann My Gudness. It’s healthy! -Let me have some… -Where do you get it? -Everywhere in Pune. -Give me some. -Give me please. -Buy your own. Don’t look at me with greedy eyes. Go buy it for yourself.

100 thoughts on “Diet वर असणाऱ्यांची लक्षणे | Every Person on a Diet Ever | #bhadipa

  1. Dieting बाबत तुम्हाला मिळालेला 'फुकटचा' सल्ला कोणता?

  2. Thoda incomplete vatala. Ajun khup pages add karta ale aste. The gym part of a diet. Maida/no maida part of a diet. And lots more add karayla hava hota

  3. तुम्ही जाहिरात कंपनी टाका ना ह्यापेक्षा. काय ते म्हणे कन्टेन्ट.

  4. Enjoyed this video very much. But we also miss aai, jui and Ani and Babu. Where are you guys? We are missing you.

  5. तुझे सगळे सल्ले शेट्यांवर मारणार आहे मी😄😄😄🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣

  6. Kharch Wajan kami karaychay tr follow
    Seriously please try this diet and watch this..

  7. आशु फळ आणण्यासाठी कापडी पिशवी मध्ये घ्यायला सुरुवात केली पाहिजे प्लास्टिकवर बंदी घालण्यात आली आहे 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. What i suppose to do if i want to perform some act ? I have written some stand up script i m just seeking for place to perfom.

  9. लय चुत्यागत विडिओ ए राव.. हॅशटॅग मारून मुटकून 😂

  10. व्हीडीयोत डाएटचे जो सल्ले देतोय एकंदरीतच त्याचा देह पाहुन त्याच्या काँन्फिडन्सला मानलं 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  11. Wow!! Very well written!!!! Casting is on point!!! Hahahah great jokes!! Forvever love BhaDiPa!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. दरवेळी ओढून ताणून प्रॉडक्ट प्रमोशन नका करत जाऊ यार! 😏

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